Monday, December 14, 2009

So that was Monday...

So a girl walks into a nail salon and asks for a wax.
Girl lays down and esthetician says "Oh wow."

Life without Eyebrows Julie is really tough guys. REALLY tough.

Friday, December 4, 2009

C'est Ma Vie

I returned a top today. I told the salesgirl I couldn't get it zipped up no matter how hard I tried. and I couldn't turn it to the front, zip it, and then slide the zipper to the back. (a method sometimes useful with back zippers.) After explaining my troubles (including the commentary that my chest is in no way too large to prevent a zippered top), the salesgirl looked at me and informed me the "top" was actually a highwaist skirt.

Mademoiselle Fashionista strikes again.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I Feel Like I Should Blog

Things I'm thinking about:

1. Camping!
2. Work. And how I'm not thinking about work. Because tomorrow is a new day.
3. Visitors!!
4. Frank Turner. I think I'm only creatively obsessed. His show quenched a need to hear great live music in a small intimate setting.
5. All the movies I wanna see.
6. How I'll cross An Education off that list tomorrow!
7. How long I will be back into updating this blog and twitter.
8. How much I enjoy the outdoors here and how that's the unexpected icing of this job.
9. Up in the Air. Sure this should be like a 5a or something, but boy does it look sexy!
10. My fam and how excited I am to see them in 12 days.

Two more things I just remembered to be excited about:

1. Friday Night Lights. So glad I'm finally on this bandwagon. It hasn't disappointed.
2. I have pre-ordered a fantastic bike that I won't get to see in person until January 11th. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Oh and also...I was watching the second ever episode of Ally MacBeal - because I never had before, and when you don't have a tivo you turn to free episodic television - and guess who I saw in the background as an uncredited extra? Jon Hamm. He's really turned things around since then, hasn't he? Speaking of Mad Men, I'm really proud of January Jones lately.

I leave you with this. Once upon a time I wrote an Itunes Playlist of sorts to post here on this blog that I have sadly ignored for far too long. (Sad for me, because I like a record of my life, obviously.) Anywho...

Of this particular selection I said:

"I feel like this song is inside me, and listening to it feels more familiar than anything else I know."

Dramatic? Sure. But I can't explain it any other way. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

32 Flavors and then some...

Things I'm loving right now:

A. Overhearing the following two things as I did my line interviews yesterday:

1. "She must write the jokes for Wayne Brady."
2. "I think she's the warm up and the line is part of the show."

SO flattering. Neither are true. I just have a gift for gab and banter...

B. This song:

It's on my peptalk playlist. (The one I listen to in the morning to wake me up and get me ready to chat up the peeps.) But it's also great for impromptu jumping jack seshes. I will forever be in debt to "Adventures in Babysitting" for introducing me to Edwin Starr.

C. This video and the message it contains:

Obama why?
PS I heart funny unkempt Jon Hamm.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Waxing Poetic

So today was to be my first day off since like the third wk of can imagine what this means my eyebrows looked like.

If you know me you know I'm sort of obsessed with the grooming of my eyebrows. Furthermore, you know that I have an on-call relationship with my waxer, Eyebrows Julie. She's amazing. But unfortunately, she's also in LA. I am in Vegas.

So I set out to have someone else control my caterpillars. As luck would have it there was one of those Asian nail places next to my bank-inside-a-grocery store establishments. These, too me, are the only places to get your brows waxed. But they're not all up to snuff.

I knew I wouldn't find a Julie. I also felt like I was cheating on her as I laid on that white papered bed next to the lil crock pot of wax. I reiterated (as I always do when someone else does my eyebrows) that they're really easy. That all I need is clean-up. Yes, please follow the natural arch. (I'm so blessed!) No, no thanks, I don't want them any thinner. I just don't want hair growing from temple to temple.

There's always a little bit of a panic as the first swipe of hot wax crosses over what feels like the exact MIDDLE of my brow. I mean, you never know what you're going to get, and if there is one beautifying thing I am high maintenance about, it's (random, I know) my eyebrows.

To me clean eyebrows really freshen the look of one's face. My face in particular. I always feel prettier when I get my first glimpse of my new brows. Unless they've been screwed up. Then it's immediate meltdown. Eyebrows are important.

So there I was, as Lucy used a magnifying light to identify every random hair in my eyebrow line. This had never been my experience before (not even in Paris!). She commented that the fact I had eyebrows on the side of my upper nose was VERY unusual. She said this with a giggle. But for some reason I liked her so I went with it. Then she started waxing my nose. Like the tip of my nose. Who has hair on the tip of their nose? I mean I've never seen that I have. But there she was, coating my nose in hot wax. As I laid there thinking about pores, and whether this new wax would make me break out, (It better not!) I relaxed into the zen field that for some reason, waxing sends me into.

And then. It was over. Moment of mirror truth. And while they weren't Julie perfect, they weren't half bad. And the only panic I felt was that I spotted a few more grey ones than I've seen in the past. Eventually, I won't be able to pluck the grey ones, as they'll change the shape of the brow. Or I'll have to become one of those people who dyes their eyebrows. Seriously?

This blog brought to you by Random McAllIdoisworksoIcantalwayshavesomethingexcitingtotalkaboutrightnowRandomson.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleepy Tigers

Remember when I used to use song titles for blog titles?
Remember when I used to write a blog?

Here are 10 things I learned at work today:

1. People younger than me have 5 kids.
2. Like several people.
3. Like people who look like they are under 20 years of age.

(I blame the midwest. And Utah. And I can say that as someone who is from the midwest and has been to Utah. In addition, the aforementioned were from the midwest and/or Utah. Proving my point.)

4. There are lots of different ways to say housewife and/or stay-at-home mom.
5. The coldest part of LA is BrrrrBank.
6. Sometimes I like people just because they look like a quirky version of Taylor Swift.
7. And because they're getting married on 9-9-9...a day I would have LOVED to either have a baby or get married. I like numbers divisible by 3.
8. I'm also really into people's names.
9. I like making people happy and being responsible for good memories.
10. I don't like it when people I like don't win.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What day is it?

Remember when I used to blog?

Looking back at a few oldies but goodies makes me sad I haven't in a while. As I was telling a friend earlier tonight, people don't like me sad and serious. They like me fun and bubbly and hilarious. People including me.

I've had an interesting summer. Lotsa traveling, which we all know I love...and I found myself very inspired during a day in June on Long Beach on Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. I had all intentions of publishing the epiphany here, but there have been things that have gone down since then that will require me to edit a majority of it, but the bones are still there. And may one day show up here.

I've seen beaucoups of movies. I've been to some shows. I've lost some L-Bs and chilled with some hoes...(it rhymes!)

So I'm gonna try to come back to this. And have fun things to say. And fun pictures to show. Because I'm fun. And I am having fun. With fun people.

PS...I came across this book in Barnes and Noble and almost started crying. I know it's a collection of essays or whatever, but have you seen the subtitle to this blog?? I felt robbed. I mean, perhaps it's not the most original idea. A whole generation of girls love Judy Blume, but still!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Living Under June

In lieu of a full blog that I keep promising, I offer this slice of life:

MAB: Oh my gosh, there's actually a song called "Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand!"
My mom: Did one of your friends write it?
MAB: No mom, The Who did.

Monday, May 25, 2009

"Daddy I Don't Want You to Leave Anymore"

(if you don't watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 just skip this post...I'll work on another one for you soon.)

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I have mentally blogged several times and not written them down. Which sucks. Because then we would all be caught up.

But we're not because I didn't and here I was watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 having chest pains. I decided to document the changes/difference I kept noticing because I'm sitting here watching it and dissecting it by myself.

1. Separate diary entries. Like they can't even stand to be in the same room.
2. Him continuing to say he didn't cheat. Maybe he didn't...
3. Her palpable anger. Because she doesn't care what he says, she "knows what she knows" (my words inferred from her actions, not hers)
4. Jon wanting a wkend off.
5. Kate yelling at the kids when they tried to interrupt her camera time.
6. The room of girls watching tv. I just feel like that would have never happened before.
7. How fixed up Kate was every time she left the house. Heels and all. It's a marked difference.
8. Jon's sports car.
9. The interaction/lack thereof between Jon and Kate when Jon first got there. I all but yelled at the screen when she so blatantly ignored him.
10.The way Kate calls Jon "him" and he calls Kate "her."
11. Kate wearing sunglasses on the cloudy day as she lamented about the paps.
12. Kate's increased interaction and reference to the filming.
13. Kate's overall "putting on a show" attitude. Keep in mind. I've watched this show since it was an hourlong special and have defended her in the past when others hated her. (Just to put it in perspective of how it's even too much for ME now...)
14. The only diary entry when they were on the couch together.

PS I was thinking it could be your last family picture too Kate...

Where did the female field producer go? It was a guy asking questions this time...

Do I want to know how it ends up? Sure. But do I more importantly think they should stop the show and take care of what they need to take care of? MOST DEFINITELY.

They think they're doing what's best for the kids...But you know what? I can't almost guarantee those kids will remember all this crap and awkwardness and the bad looks and harsh/hurtful words.

My mom thinks it's fake and all for ratings. I feel like I have such a history of watching them that I would have seen that coming. And Kate said tonight they've been having more problems in the last six months (like what, right after the vow renewal??)...I can't imagine ruining your family for ratings, but I also have a feeling they wouldn't be where they are (marital problem wise) if the show didn't exist...but maybe they might. Maybe those issues would have reared their ugly heads anyway. I mean I get the whole people changing part and if you don't change in a way that's compatible...DUNH DUNH DUNH.

Oh marriage. Just when I had a glimmer of something and thought you couldn't get less attractive...maybe the Here Come the Newlyweds reality show will help. Haha..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dear Ingrid Michaelson,

I loved you before Old Navy sweaters came into play.

I loved you before I saw you in person and knew that you had red hair and glasses. Just. like. me.

I love you live on stage.
I love you recorded.
I love that you make fun little youtube videos when you're out on the road.
I love that I feel like you GET me.
I don't even get me.

You are able to conjure up some of the most beautiful, heartfelt, sentimental - and yet sometimes fun and silly - lyrics I've ever heard.

I'm a lyrics person. A words person. I hear a line in the background of a tv show or movie and I'm jotting it down to google later. And then I'm rewinding the scene so I can pay attention to the dialogue. Because while I was supposed to be listening to them, I was listening to you. (Or other fantabulous musicians like you.)

Oh that's right, when I was mentioning all the things I love about you I failed to mention how I love that you play the piano, or ukelele, or guitar...

Is that how you spell ukelele?

Anyway...I think it's safe to say that I probably started Itunesing you as a result of some amazing Grey's episode a couple years back. And then my whole love affair with the Hotel Cafe happened, and well, the rest is history.

Which brings me to now. Tonight. I was watching this week's episode of Grey's. Two songs got to me. I didn't even have to look up to know that the second song - the one playing during the wedding - was you. I may have even whispered: "That's sounds like Ingrid." I'm not sure if it was out loud as I was the only one in the room. I am sure that it was not as creepy as it sounds.

I just really REALLY liked the song. In the words of Lynette Pomeroy, "Nobody DORs after week 11. Nobody!" mean..."Way to go Paula!" I mean Ingrid...You've done it again.

In case you're wondering...the other song that piqued my interest was Matthew Mayfield's "First in Line."

Both are available on Itunes.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

There Are Angels in My Angles

I should know better than to torture myself with babies (Congrats Chris and Laurie!) and weddings all in one day, but I guess we all like a little spoil in our apple.

I've always said that when I get married the one thing I will gladly spend the most money on is photography. I love LOVE photography, and an inspiringly creative wedding photographer is perhaps the most crucial part of my hypothetical wedding plan.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon a San Diego photog and instantly fell in love with her work. It was very journalistic and candid in nature, which I am a huge fan of. I even emailed her. We bonded over Grey's Anatomy (that was back during Season One when I was madly in love with it) and joked that when I finally did meet my McDreamy I would look her up. (Eds note: Apparently she's moved from soCal to Oregon...of

Then tonight, as often happens, I went bouncing from blog to blog until I stumbled onto this. First of all, I realize that the people in this couple are crazy attractive and photogenic, but if I could mimic nearly every detail of their special day and call it mine, I would. His socks. Her yellow strappy shoes. Not really in love with her dress, or the flowers (except for the throwing poms part!) and I'm not totally sold on the whole candy table thing...but I'd take everything else. I love grey and yellow. The group shots in the hotel lobby?? Do not get me started. And if you further stalk into their engagement sesh like I will rightfully assume that I am in love with it as well...her dress? Yes please. The yellow balloon? So cute. The lightposts at LACMA??? Don't you know that once upon a time NDG and I were grumpy, and so we went there and just laid in the lights and pondered life?? I LOVE LAMP. (I would prefer to also throw in some beach shots, but otherwise? Perfection.)

So I think you get the picture. I super love those pictures. But here's what bums me out. That I didn't think of it all - and do it all - first. Sure I can take some of what I see and make it my own, and nobody I would invite to my wedding went to that one. And I hope to have a destination wedding so that would add a bit of flavor as well...but still. I don't want MY day to be a total copycat, you know?

I guess it's a good thing there's still a part of me that freaks out if I think for an extended period of time about getting

Pop culture wise, still reading Jane Alison's The Sisters Antipodes. No excuses for how long it's taking me to read this book. I've also now started studying my Southeast Asia on a Shoestring book. So excited about Cambodia. (it's the first country I've read about in

I haven't seen a movie in a theater in 35 days and I'm in shock. I have a few on my list that I wanna see, but just haven't gotten around to it.

Thanks to Netflix (and in two cases, Hulu), I've seen several movies...I've yayed or nayed them here:
His Girl Friday...Yay...Like there was ever a question as to whether I would like this movie.
The Future of Food...Yay...Farmer's Markets...Boo...Monsanto
Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices...Yay...("Damn the man! Save the Empire!")
North by Northwest...Yay...I liked it that I had just been to Mount Rushmore
Elegy...Yayish...I didn't love it but didn't hate it...I think I remember some sexy parts.
Sophie's Choice...SERIOUSLY? I remember being preoccupied with Meryl's teeth. Sometimes they were capped, at least one time they weren't. I know that's not what I was supposed to be paying attention to. I guess Yay. If you wanna feel like poo. I was too disturbed and stunned at her choice to cry. Which then led me to wonder if something wasn't wrong with me.
Nothing But the Truth...Yay...Sure I figured it out, but I thought it was clever.
Life After Tomorrow...Yay...It was a Hard Knock Life for the girls who starred in the that one girl from Kate & Allie. I loved Kate & Allie. SJP and the girl who plays/played Lily on As the World Turns also show up...

In honor of the passing of Bea Arthur, I'll leave you with this picture of me with my favorite Golden Girls: my gma, her 98 year old friend "Miss Ruthie", and me. Talk about BFF.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Celebrating St Louis

Several years ago when I lived in St Louis, my roommate and I took the same week off work and spent 5 days being tourists in our own town. I think often when you live in a place, it's easy to forget all that city has to offer. It's also easy to, once in suburbia, get so comfortable that crossing the river to head to "the city" doesn't seem worth it. Oh, but it is. And it's in the hopes of continuing my city loving lifestyle that I ventured over the river and into the 314 to find a little fun.


I started off (as promised in my last blog) at the Jewel Box in Forest Park. Where the tulips are in bloom.

There were tulips of every color. Daffodils too. And even tho this tree has not leafed up yet, and the sky looks ominous, I love this picture. (Perhaps those - and it's seemingly natural, yet arranged, symmetry - are the reasons I love it tho.)

From the Jewel Box (the interior of which was more green than flowery), we headed over to the Saint Louis Art Museum. I should mention here that the fantabulous thing about Forest Park is that most everything you do there is free. We paid $1 to get into the Jewel Box, but the art museum is free, as is the zoo (if you park on the street). I can't remember if the history museum is or not. The weather was iffy is the only reason I chose the art museum over the zoo. I LOVE the Saint Louis Zoo. It's much better than the San Diego Zoo that gets so much credit. For me, it doesn't live up to the hype. Except for the pandas of course. I love me some San Diego pandas.

Ok so anyway, the art museum. They're apparently planning this big renovation that according to the models looks like a horrible idea. If you clicked on the link you can see how beautiful and artistic the building is. Well now they're going to add on this super modern part. I'm not a fan of the plan. I was a fan of the photography on display. And an angry sculpture involving a whole bunch of broken glass. They also had a Camille Pisarro painting. I fell in love with his impressionism work when I lived in Paris. It's hanging in the same room as one of Monet's waterlilies, so that room really took me back.

After art, it was time to eat. Our tour of St Louis was going to continue at favorite Crown Candy. Unfortunately the line was out the door, and the place is super small with only like 5 tables so we had to skip it because of time constraints. We instead headed to McMurphy's Grill.

Remember how I used Delancey Street movers in LA because I believe in the rehab cause? Well what that org does for former prisoners, McMurphy's (and the St Patrick Center) does for former homeless men. Such a great cause. I believe it's so important to give people tools that better lend them to success in the outside world.

Next stop: Washington Ave and Levine Hat Co. So fun to just peruse the racks and racks of hats. It's in a super old building and I loved climbing the narrow stairs to the second floor past the antique elevator. I also super loved the Angelina cloche.

Time was almost up but there was one more stop on the spontaneous and unplanned itinerary. The George Fox Steedman Architecural Library. It's located in the Fine Arts dept of the Central Public Library downtown. (which, ironically, was designed by the same person who designed the art museum and the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park). So anyway, this article says this particular room is only open to architects and students, but we asked the fine arts librarian, and he unlocked the door and let us into a whole new old world. I'm a big fan of 1920s era architecture and this room with all of its built-in bookcases and huge fireplace did not disappoint.

I felt like it was a special treat that he let us into see it so I didn't dare whip out my camera. But I'm definitely willing to take anyone who wants to go back.

Friday Night

Ellen and Hannah, two former Reelz coworkers, were passing through the StL on their way across the country. I picked them up at their hotel downtown and showed them that St Louis rocks in the way of treats.

After Ted Drewes, I took them on a glitzy drive and showed them things like Shrewsbury. Then I figured out the right way to go on Chippewa and we headed to the Central West End. I used to LOVE going out in the Central West End. In addition, the weather Friday night was perfection. LA kinda weather. So we walked around for a bit and stopped at one of my old fave spots - Llywelyn's. Since the weather was so nice, we ventured out back to the beer garden and enjoyed some cider.

Not sure yet what this week holds in store...
I'm looking forward to eventually making it to a Cards game...and I know my gma wants to venture into the new Super Wal-Mart by her house, so I will definitely have to temper that with something a little more high brow.

Then next weekend, I'm planning on taking advantage of the nice weather by heading to the lake with my dad and at least one bro. Fishing is the main goal, but don't you know I'll be reading and sunning too...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

All This Time

I've just spent way too long reading my own archives, remembering my old life, and missing it. A lot. My job. My celebrities. My town.

I had a terrific day here today. I spent it with my grandma who, hands down, is one of the best friends I have. We both enjoyed a day of shopping and talking and walking around.

I'm upset that I don't have any movies or concerts or anything to talk about. True, I have three Netflix movies waiting to be watched, and I'd like to see a couple at the theater...but I'm still waiting for my unemployment check to show up so I have to kinda put a pause on the whole extracurricular activities thing.

Such a different life for me right now. And I'm not necessarily freaked out about the job situation. I know it's tough times and I know that I'll get another job. And I'm having fun with family, hanging with my gma, playing with the kids. I'm going to get the opportunity to visit with some old friends in the coming days and I'm looking forward to that too. I guess it's all just an adjustment.

Speaking of adjustments. I'm currently reading The Sisters Antipodes. It's the true story of two diplomats who after falling in love with each other's wives SWITCH FAMILIES. The memoir - it's a true story - is written by one of the four children involved, who was 4 when the switch went down. Crazy.

Going to head to the Jewel Box tomorrow. I love me some Forest Park.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In Case You Missed It...

Did I ever tell you I was on The Price is Right?

Well thanks to all things online and magical, you can watch it here.

We had a hookup for the seats which means we were not eligible to play. We still got a lot of face time.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Attitude of Gratitude...

Keeping you on your toes posting back and forth, but I figure since the other blog should be strictly about traveling that this entry belongs on this blog.

I admittedly do not do well under stress. The past couple of weeks have been extremely stressful sending me into crisis mode. Shocker here: I don't do well in crises either.

So I'd like to give a "shout out" to the people that got me through those last moments. Cleaning, packing, laughing, bitching, listening, witnessing, crying, etc. I know it wasn't easy all the time. Or any of the time. But I appreciated it all.

Dad, Nicole, Melody, Patrick, Barb, Katherine, Kait, the one mover from Delancey whose name I can't remember but whose words meant a lot...seriously, thanks.

I realize other people also listened to bitching and stuff but these peeps kept my head out of the oven and feet on the balcony. However I appreciate and am grateful to everyone. You included.

Nicole also took an amazing picture of us in crazy cleaning mode. In light of this blog thanking her, I hope that she posts it somewhere, maybe Facebook, or maybe just in an email sent to my gmail. Love you mean it.

I also loved the mix tapes, snacks and Japanese charms given to make my roadtrip more enjoyable.

While I'm thanking people, I might as well thank in advance those people who have opened their homes to me as I journey through the western US...

Tara (who is also sending me off with a Barack book (the Dreams of My Father one) on tape so his smooth voice can guide my path), Elena, Heidi, Jill, Elliot's friends in Bozeman (?), and probably a Motel 6 somewhere between South Dakota and Nebraska. Thank youse toose.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And so it is...

I am so so SO upset I didn't take a before picture. So upset in fact that I asked (only HALF jokingly) them to empty the pod and reload it so I could get a before shot. To say we fit a ridiculous amount of all of the furniture I love into this incredibly small space is an understatement.

The morning started with the movers shaking their head at my load and its intended destination and me in my closet, hugging my knees and crying to my dad over the phone. Two hours later, the pod was full to the point that it was a game with the guys asking me what ELSE I had to put in there!

I again used Delancey Street Foundation. I so believe in the cause and think it's a win win for everyone. The guys aren't allowed to except tips so in lieu of money, I gave them all MAB hugs. I'm not sure who needed it more at that point, me or them...who are we kidding...ME.

I spent my tonight (I refuse to call it my last night) eating sushi on Beverly with Lucy Liu. I embarrassed Kait by saying "with my girl Drew" (a la the Destiny's Child song) under my breath when Lucy walked into the restaurant...

I hit the road tomorrow for San Francisco...

For all the tales from the TRAVELS of a Fourth Grade Nothing, tune into my new companion blog, Rollin' With My Gnomie.

See you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All the Things She Said

It's been a while. I know. And lots of stuff has happened (gma bday trip, last day at work, big trip planning, the price is right) (not a job tho, so don't get too excited.) So I have lots of stuff I could write about, but not really into it at this exact moment. So I'll entertain you with a couple of random things I've said recently:

"I might shave my legs this week."

(Sexy, right? I just haven't felt like it lately. I'm not making a feminist statement. I just prefer brainstorming over doing anything that isn't hygienically necessary in the shower. (For some reason I think the clearest in the shower and in bed at night when I can't sleep.) Anyway, it's weird because I'm really particular about maintaining hair in other places (eyebrows and underarms, etc.))

"She can be a lesbian, but she canNOT play soccer."

(This was in reference to my hypothetical daughter. I have friends (and a sister in law) who played girls soccer, and I realize it did them no harm. I just have an irrational fear about the way the legs of the girls who play soccer look. Mainly like tree trunks. Fitness good. Tree trunks bad.)

"These are my people."

(I went to a taping of The Price is Right. You've seen it. You know the crowd. Well imagine that crowd dancing around like it's a wedding reception/prom in the 80s (that's the kinda music they play to pump up the audience before the show). Hilariously awesome.)

I get into moods where I listen to one song on repeat over and over and over. Lately it's been these two:

Monday, February 23, 2009

Awards Wkend Roundup

2009 Film Independent Spirit Awards

1. I was there.
2. Mickey Rourke brought the crazy. and the moment of the night. (fyi it's uncensored)

3. press room. I heart them. No other place I could speak so easily with people like Penelope Cruz, Dustin Lance Black, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the others...

(the rest of these are standout moments from my red carpet experience)

4. Jon Hamm is hot. Hotter when he stands against the wall because he is there to show his support to his lady Jennifer Westfeldt and not take any of the focus for himself.
5. Rachel Weisz did the same thing for Darren Aronofsky.

6. gladiator sandals with ankle cuffs. no thank you. as a matter of fact there were a lot of weird ankle high shoes that I wasn't a fan of. Sorry Rachel Weisz. I know they were fancy because they had the red soles. I learned on Oprah that means they're Christian Louboutin or something...

7. The British reporter who used "ridiculous decolletage" to describe Mariah Carey's busty red carpet look. And the rest of the people asking what the heck she was doing there.

8. I know my Olsen twins! It was so Mary Kate and so not Ashley.

(it should be mentioned that other reporters would come up to us and ask who people are and what movie they were here for. too bad we won't be there next year (or next week!) to help them.)

9. Haaz from the Visitor. Not only did he recognize me but we had a good convo about playing drums in your underwear vs in the buff...(thanks A2.)

(I'm currently super distracted by the sound of a very newborn baby crying outside my apartment. I'm wondering if someone has left one on my doorstep.)

10. Jenny Lumet, writer of Rachel Getting Married, also remembered me and came up and gave me a hug.

11. Anne Hathaway responding graciously and with eye contact when I told her I liked her dress. I wasn't lying.

12. Andie MacDowell's laugh. I think I wrote this note down because I found it annoying, but maybe I liked it. I can't remember now.

13. Alec Baldwin avoiding the red carpet, walking behind the crews and chatting up the homeless and other fans who had gathered along the boardwalk. I was glad to witness the exchange because for a second it made me like him.

And the Oscar goes to...

(I was not there.)

1. Ok with show open but not with Anne's dress change. Preferred the red carpet look.
2. Penelope Cruz! I talked to her yesterday!
3. Old winners giving prizes to new winners is gonna take forever. (see #15)
4. Dustin Lance Black! I talked to him too! LOVED his speech.
5. Aniston presenting off to side so as not to be face to face with Brangelina. Cut away of Ang anyway. Then shot of Brangelina once Aniston moved to centerstage. Subtle. REAL subtle.
6. Stiller as Joaquin.
7. James Franco in comedy skit. The guy's got range tho. He's not just a great comedian.
8. This musical number is time consuming. We get it. Hugh can sing. and dance. AT THE SAME TIME! Beyonce could learn a few things.
9. I wonder if it's the same drummers from the Grammy Radiohead moment. If so this is like their best month ever.
10. Was I the only one that enjoyed the preview for The Proposal? (It was a commercial.) I mean, Betty White! People, get excited.
11. So many produced packages this year. How do you get those jobs?
12. When accepting on a group's behalf, thank everyone's wives and kids, not just your own.
13. How excited Danny Boyle got for the sound editors win.
14. The way Liam Neeson held on to Frida Pinto.
15. I know I didn't like it early on but seeing the best actresses make such great eye contact with the nominees warmed my heart. I loved the exchange between Shirley and Anne.
16. Sophia Loren, meanwhile, looked scary. Goldie Hawn kinda did too.
17. I literally hugged myself when Kate won. Loved her movie. Loved her speech. Loved her dad and his hat and his whistling for his baby girl.
18. The DeNiro and Sean Penn exchanged.
19. How excited Robin Wright Penn got when Sean won. I was not very happy that he forgot to thank her after that reaction.
20. Seeing everyone take the stage when Slumdog won. I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! Jai HO!

In other news, I finally finished reading Julie and Julia. I look forward to the movie. I just enrolled in a travel writing seminar, so that should be fun. Oh and I LOVED Sunshine Cleaning. It was a little more drama than comedy, but it was exactly like the trailer. I laughed. I cried. You get the picture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Icebergs Are For Penguins

It's a song...look it up...

This afternoon I walked into the offices of MPRM (one of the pr houses here) and it felt like the Cheers theme should have been playing. Everyone said hello to me by name, and then I ran into ET Canada's photog and he was glad to see me. I'm really beginning to feel the difference in environment at Reelz. I mean, I certainly noticed it immediately, but I really think it's starting to have its effect on me. Not many people were left after the first round of layoffs, and it seems like barely any of those that were actually show up. It's hard out there for a social butterfly like myself. So, needless to say, it was the reception I needed. The visit was quick as I was only there to pick up my credentials for the Spirit Awards, but it was nice.

Then it was onto a screening of Adventureland. But NDG and I arrived early so we ducked into Book Soup to pass the time. Somehow, even tho I'm a crazy lover of books and old school bookstores, I had never been to Book Soup. The travesty of this escapes me. I was ready to move in. And that's before I looked up to see David Hyde Pierce walk in and peruse the shelves next to me. The girl behind the counter was reading in between customers, and that tickled me too.

Book Soup is set up like an old bookstore, but it has new books. I loved the feel. I stalled in the children's and cookbook sections. I tried to figure out what book I could cook my way through a la Julie and Julia so that I could get a book-then-movie deal. I flipped through A A Milne's books of poetry for children and got excited about the day when it will be ok for me to have entire bookcases devoted to kid books. The latter part of my visit was spent in an attempt to find out what color my parachute is.

The book seems like a good idea. But not at $18.95. Because, HELLO, I don't have a job (and neither does anyone who is really gonna get any use out of that book!). Luckily, I have a library card and a library within a block of my apartment. Done and done. I also reserved a copy of The Year of Living Biblically. Because I'm apparently currently into books about year-long projects. I just need to figure out what my year-long project-turned-book can be.

Adventureland. I liked it. I wanna go there. It really made me wanna ride the bumper cars. The soundtrack is fun. I even liked Kristen Stewart. Yeah I said it. And I meant it. And I think I'd be ok if Kristen Wiig just randomly popped up in every comedy or dramedy ever made.

I see Sunshine Cleaning tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about. Instead of weaning myself off all these movie screenings, I'm trying to jam as many in as I can before I'm not eligible for them anymore. Free movies rule.

Since I don't really like the Adventureland trailer, and I love the Sunshine Cleaning one so much that I tear up basically every time I see it, I'll show you that one. I hope the movie doesn't disappoint me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What She's Doing Now

In the past week I:

1. hosted Day Old Bachelor, which means I cooked dinner for myself and two friends.
2. was declared cavity free, but was told my gums are receding on one side due to overbrushing.
3. broadened my career search past tv production.
4. hit the town at 10p for the first time in probably (likely) years...lasted til maybe 2a...
5. celebrated a friend's bday at Disneyland.
6. ate Sonic...and reaffirmed that my body refuses to accept fast food as an option.
7. watched a lot of Family Guy.
8. saw a tranny walking to church and regretted not being appropriately dressed so that I could follow her.
9. saw the movie The Class and didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.
10. had one of the best celebrity sightings ever...Paul Dooley (the dad from Sixteen Candles!!!)
11. respected NDG's wishes that I not run up and hug him from behind whilst quoting the movie.
12. experienced KDL's homemade pot pie and cleaned my plate.
13. laid in bed and listened to the rain.
14. laid in bed dreading to get out of bed because of how cold my apt is/was/might always be.
15. applied for a lot of random jobs. second asst to executive? sure. foundation writer? natch.
16. covered a story about Osama bin Laden for an India-n news network. (it's called freelance!)
17. tried Tagalong ice cream. Yes please.
18. watched Heavenly Creatures, Chop Shop and Shattered Glass. Enjoyed all three.
19. continued reading Julie & Julia and wondered what's taking me so long to finish it.
20. made a batch of 4-dozen cookies (oatmeal craisin with the occasional chocolate chip) that garnered more kudos at work than any story I've written.

I probably did other stuff but it was probably more mundane. My dentist has suggested a Sonicare to curb my vigorous brushing. This week I have a couple of screenings I'm excited about (Adventureland and Sunshine Cleaning). I'm also covering the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. Fingers crossed that I at least see Zach Braff running down the carpet again this year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prude Looks Like a Lady

Tonight I went to the airport to pick up a more-than-friend. I was shocked at the number of people waiting for the arrivals. I would say there was well over 100 people standing around waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Even for LA, that's a lot...especially since this terminal only services two airlines.

As an avid people watcher, I enjoy this part of it. Someone's loved one walks out those doors and the person goes crazy. Such a variety of reactions. Kids at the end of a business trip are my favorite. (Daddy!) But then sometimes the moms get just as excited to see their grown kids or new grandbabies. Perhaps tonight the influx was related to the impending wkend holiday, but whatever it was in the air.

For whatever reason, I'm not a PDA person. Because I really don't like to see others do it, I don't participate in it. Hand holding, peckish kisses, hugs, etc...I'm cool with. Tonsil hockey and dry humping in public, not so much. Long story short, I saw a lot of people go at it tonight. Like "get a room" style make out sessions. In the case of one couple in particular, (they were garnering stares from other people too, it wasn't just me) her dress was so short and they were so into it, that they very well may have been having actual intercourse right there near baggage claim. They moved their hot action to the wall behind me, so thankfully I didn't have to watch it any longer.

I realize these are the extremes...but does it mean I more than like my guy less or missed him less because I was cool with a smile, peckish kiss, and a hug? Are we already in that comfortable place and past the exciting place? Am I missing out on that animal love that apparently can only be quenched in the throws of public passion? Do I care?

As I was contemplating all these things, I realized that my initial problem upon arriving at the airport was the crowded reception area. The idea of all those people watching me react like I watch them react. (I'll say it again, I'm a fan of indirect attention.) So clearly it's the publicness of the display of affection and not the display of affection itself that I have an issue with. For some reason, that realization comforted me.

Then I came home to find out about the horrible plane crash in upstate New York, and I thought about all of those people in that reception area that experienced something completely different tonight. I think I fly so much, and the people I know fly so much, that I take for granted our safe landings. I mean I know I take a lot of things for granted, but whenever you head to the airport to pick someone up (especially when it's LAX!) you're just trying to streamline the process. I went in tonight because I had the time, and wanted to make the gesture. More often than not we do curbside pickups without a second thought.

So if you think of it as embracing someone who returned to your arms solely by the grace of God, maybe getting a little more amorous is called for. I just think, for me, a tight, lengthy-ish hug conveys it better than a tonsil molestation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Moment in Time

For our graduation, my fifth grade class performed Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time." Back then she was somewhat of a role model and inspiration. At least everyone thought so. Perhaps when she sang "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" maybe she really meant "I Wanna Snort Coke and Smoke Crack With Somebody." BOBBY! Whatever she was then, we know what she is now. A trainwreck. I just hope Jennifer Hudson was imagining old Whitney as she celebrated her own moment in time tonight at the Grammys.

1. When recollecting my favorite mentionables of tonight's ceremony, I have to start with JHud. It's shocking that we may have never known about her without American Idol. I admire her strength. I said it at the superbowl party I went to, and I will say it now. I can't fathom the courage it must take to stand in front of an entire world that knows the recent horrible hell that has surrounded you and changed your life, and still sing your heart out like that. I think it was obvious her performance tonight was a demonstration of gratitude to God for getting her through these last few months. It felt so intimate. I sat on my own couch, tears streaming down my face, never wanting to hug anyone more. I have a feeling she got several good tight squeezes tonight. I sure hope so. PS I love choirs.

2. I also love me some marching band. Which help to dull the sting of Radiohead not performing "House of Cards" like I was thinking they would. What is it with me, them and that song?!?!

3. Coldplay. They just know how to perform. I've been to a lot of concerts, seen hundreds of artists, and the one of theirs I went to a few years ago still ranks in the top 5. They have such a great energy!! I also loved how Chris Martin was genuinely shocked (really?!) and excited about winning awards. And how they apologized to Paul McCartney for the Sgt Pepper ripoff outfits.

4. I actually liked how everyone reacted to Sir PM's presence. Jennifer Nettles will never forget the moment she won a Grammy and was able to thank a Beatle because he was sitting right in front of her.

5. MIA. OMG. Performing at the Grammys on your due date. And dancing around like that. Wow. Big ups. I only wish I could forgive you for that see-through ladybug costume, but something won't let me. Maybe if you would have gone into labor and Lil Wayne, Jay Z and a Freshly-Fro'd Kanye would have helped you deliver the baby on stage, I would have forgotten about it. But you didn't, and I can't.

6. I love how Neil Diamond forgot that it wasn't the 80s and took to the crowd like he ruled it. Admittedly, he still looks the same, and I love me some Sweet Caroline.

7. Miley and Taylor. In the words of Annie Lennox...WWHHHHYYY? I love Taylor. I strongly dislike Miley. The only thing I feel like they have in common is they both dated JoBros. That does not a BFF make, Miley. I felt bad for Taylor because it's such a cute song and Miley butchered it with her white trash look and husky voice. Next to Taylor she looked like she was a 24 yo mother of 3 with a two pack a day habit. I'm not kidding. And that's insulting to any 24 yo mother of 3 with a two pack a day habit. Ugh.

8. Dear Carrie Underwood, what were you wearing? Ps I think your stylist might be jealous of you and out to ruin your beautiful look. The end. As for you Leann Rimes, not that I care, but your dress choice and decision to not brush your hair made it a hands down competition as to who looked better you or Sheryl Crow. Ps Sheryl Crow is like 20 years older than you and looked a MILLION times better.

Ok enough snark...maybe.

9. Katy Perry. I love you. Acoustically. In a small venue. Singing the songs that you wrote from the heart. But I get it. You've got $120 utility bills to pay too (LA is RIDONKULOUS (sp?)). So you went all poppy. I can accept it. And for some reason I liked the visuals of the giant fruit and the whole descending from the ceiling in a giant banana thing. I just didn't feel like you were really into it. And again, that's totally cool with me. But if you're gonna sell out, like it. Ok? Love you mean it.

10. After Robert Plant and Alison Krauss stole the show with all those wins, I was all, is "Raising Sand" really that good? Have I totally missed the bus? Then NDG texted me back: "No. the voters are old as sh*t."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Because You Love(d) Me

Please go here and give me lotsa stars so that I can spend the last half of 2009 in Queensland. What's in it for you? A place to visit in Queensland. Not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling. What's in it for me? A light at the end of the tunnel.

Big hugs.

PS He's Just Not That Into You wasn't so bad. Not an Oscar winner, but enjoyable. The guy next to me with the horrible mucus-y phlegm issue? Well, I wasn't into him. Luckily he wasn't with me, so I just got up and watched the rest of the movie from a different vantage point. It's one of those movies a la Love Actually that has several different storylines, so if you're not into that, probably stay away from this. I like it when lives randomly intersect, so I was good. In addition, I'm pretty sure everyone will find someone or some story they relate to. Because everyone, at some point in their lives, has been lookin for wuv, twue wuv. I hope you find it.

In closing, please view and rate. From every computer you touch. Thanks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Let it Rain

My relationship with Grey's Anatomy has been on the rocks lately. Like for the last two or three seasons. Or maybe since halfway through season two, but who's keeping track? Anyway, I keep watching, wanting so badly to get that first season feeling back.

Tonight I paused it to take a call from a friend who I hadn't talked to in a while. Our discussion turned to our respective relationships and the questions we have about relationships in general. Loves of lifetimes and the realization (or lack there of) of fairy tales and love stories and happy endings. The concept of marriage, the roller coaster of reality, you get the drift.

Basically I'm an overthinker and way too analytical and cynical.

So then like 40 mins later, I unpause Greys, and the very next line - I kid you not - is:

"Don't spend all your time wondering what you are or who you like or whether it's right for you or wrong for you. Just let yourself be happy."

Thanks Shonda.

I also (natch!) liked the whole storyline about applying intense pressure in the form of tight hugs to slow the nervous system. AND when Der told Mer "I want your crappy babies. All of them." There's the Le Sigh I've been waiting for.

And then that cliche proposal almost happened and they lost me. And then the "crossover" that wasn't really a crossover at all this week teased me into sitting through an entire episode of Private Practice, which I haven't watched since the pilot because I don't like it. And I don't like Kate Walsh. Probably because she played the wife, but whatever. I did like it when she said "I don't need the Super Friends."

I also obvi hated the whole vacuum storyline (except for them incl the cute midwife, which should probably be an oxymoron because I'd never want my lady doctor to be a guy I'm attracted to). Anyway, I'm way freaked about vacuums and forceps and would much rather a doctor cut me open to get my baby out.

So they duped me with the whole crossover and I fell for it...hook line and sinker...speaking of, an ark might be in order to get me to work tomorrow. For the most depressing day ever. Somehow I think tomorrow (the last day for the first round of layoffs) will be harder than my own last day. My own last day will be hard because I'll be freaking out financially and for the loss of routine. But I feel like tomorrow is when the reality will hit. I've met some great people (and got to continue friendships from previous employers) and this town is really small and I really do think we'll KIT and all that, but it really is the end of an era. A short, 2.5-year era, but still an era. I mean, we launched a network. Started from scratch. Only to have it crumble beneath us, by no fault of our own. If they wanted it to rise out of the ashes, they should have relocated to Phoenix, not Albuquerque.

Tangent anyone?

Back to the drama of Seattle Grace... next week is supposed to be a crossover too. Wonderful. Addison - even as an EX wife - still gets to waltz (or "walsh" in) and screw things up...UGH...No fair! (She says while stomping her feet.)

I'm gonna go to bed to a lil Smoky Mountain Rain. Only Ronnie Milsap can help me now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The other night I was laying in bed and time traveled back to elementary school. I started by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and then singing the Dooley school song (remembered in its entirety) and the Texas state song. (yes, out loud. if you ever wondered how exciting sharing a bed with me could be, there it is.) I was surprised at how well I remembered the Texas state song. I wavered between being upset that I couldn't remember the entire thing, and freaking out that I could remember as much as I did. Texas is psycho with the self education, y'all.

Then I started thinking about p.e. and what a crock of sh*t it is. I mean I get the need for physical education and stretching and exercising. The part I don't agree with is the picking of teams. A - what does it matter if you can or can't play volleyball as a fourth grader? And 2 - if you're uncoordinated and not athletic (like I was, and still am) all that team selection ever did was make you feel worse about yourself, resent the entire idea of p.e., and increase the separation you felt with your peers. More often than not I was in the last two to be picked and Coach Alvarez would often make a team take me. I could have cared less to play any of those crappy organized sports. It would have been more fitnessy beneficial to have me stretching in the corner or something. I've done yoga. I know the benefits of stretching. I write this not for pity, but for perspective. Is there a reason they make you do all that crap? I mean I wasn't an overweight sedentary child. I don't know...I guess I just don't want my child (who will most likely inherit his or her awesome lack of coordination from me instead of getting the more attractive sarcastic wit) to feel like crap about it.

So yeah...if I'm not laying awake at night trying to figure out the future, I'm delving into random memories of my past.

I liked recalling Bear Bucks and the time my mom left nursing school to come get me because I was sick or injured or something. I remember how important that made me feel. I also remembered our principal hugging us when we got to school. Maybe I owe my love of hugging to Mrs. Wysong.

In other news, I just saw the movie Amelia with Hilary Swank. I wish I could tell you to see it. But I can't. Richard Gere was a joke. I did love seeing Ewan McGregor's face, but I'm not sure that had anything to do with the movie. It didn't know what it wanted to be. A love story or the story of a woman's adventurous spirit. I basically only really enjoyed the last 15 minutes of it. I'm bummed the whole movie couldn't have been like that 15 minutes. I would like to know more about Amelia. If only there was an awesome movie about her. Wunh wunh.

I applied for the island job today. It could take up to two weeks to find out if my audition tape will be in the running. At that time I will send the link out. Until then, here's a couple of outtakes. You should know that I was getting tired of doing all this on camera stuff so started drinking wine about it. You can imagine the change in atmosphere. Before I forget, I wanna thank Team MAB for helping making the video happen. From ideas to shooting to cheering on to editing. I've got great friends.

Unfortunately we didn't have time for outtakes in the actual video. But they're fun to watch now.

Wait for It

We made my audition video tonight for the Best Job Ever.
It's pretty awesome.

I'll show it to you soon. And beg you to view it over and over and rate it highly and tell your friends to do the same. In the meantime...a little "making of" action.

Apologies to NDG for doing what she asked me not to. If you (NDG) really hate it, I'll remove it. Thanks for your help. I had super fun.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

For the Movies

(It's a sexy rock song by Buckcherry. Check out those varied musical interests!)

I've seen a lot lately, so I'll just kinda start with the most recent and hope I remember to include everything.

Fanboys. So here's my dirty little secret. I've never seen Star Wars. Like the good ones. I saw Episode 1 while living in Paris because my male charge was obsessed with the series. But as for the classics, I never got around to them. They're in my queue, so I'll see them eventually. But I reveal this because Fanboys is a movie all about Star Wars. Said fanboys are obsessed with Luke, Leia, Darth, the Wookies and the rest of the them and make a trek to Lucas ranch to see Episode One before it's released. The movie has been in Hollywood turmoil since it was made like three years ago. From what I hear the version that will be released next month is closer to the original idea and not the second reincarnation. So here's the thing. Having never seen SW, I was pleasantly entertained by this movie. It was an enjoyable, heartfelt movie with a great 90s soundtrack. I laughed out loud several times. I would recommend it if you're looking for something fun, and it would be a good date night movie.

I'm using some of my spare time to clean movies off my DVR that I've randomly recorded thinking that I might wanna watch them someday.

Longford. It's based on the true story of a Lord in England who befriends prisoners, including a female child killer. His friendship with her is obviously not looked kindly upon by the public. So yeah, it's super cheery. The performances are really good and the storyline fits in well with my interest in all of those true crime shows. But the movie is deep. So I guess if you're in the mood for something deep...

Woman on Top. I'm not sure why I recorded this movie. It stars Penelope Cruz and was on IFC. It wasn't horrible, but wasn't great. The male lead is that guy from "Good Morning Miami." I feel like I see him and his family all over town, so I was like "really? you're in this movie??" Random.

The Wrestler. Wow. There are obvious reasons this movie is nominated for academy awards. Mickey Rourke became Randy. Marisa's fabulous, and I'll be one happy girl if my body looks anywhere near that good in 11 or 12 years. Director Darren Aronofosky shot the movie documentary-style which super works. Unfortunately I had no idea of the brutality of wrestling. So the first half hour was really tough to watch. I have a method of staring at the exit signs in theaters when I don't enjoy what's happening on the screen. Luckily I was sitting in the comfort of my own living room so it was a smaller screen to avoid. I also immediately messaged Melody and asked her not to let my nephew watch wrestling anymore. I mean I used to be afraid he'd put some kid in a headlock, not take a staple gun to his face! So if the first third of the movie is physically brutal, the rest of it is emotionally brutal. I was so stressed out and tense it was ridiculous. I was like "This is why people only see funny movies!!" But I feel like the sign of a good movie is when you can get emotionally involved and attached to the characters. The Wrestler succeeds.

Gran Torino. I loved this movie. I know. I wasn't expecting it. When it ended I actually sighed outloud, "Oh Clint!" Then I was asked "Are you crying?" To which I proudly replied, "No! I've got something in my eye!" Truth be told, I laughed AND cried during this movie. I liked the old man growl. I liked his racist remarks because it reminded me of how my grandpa was (altho I like to think my grandpa wasn't quite as racist, you never know).

So I've seen all the nominated movies now. It was such a great year for performances.

I'm currently reading Julie & Julia, which is soon to be a movie starring Miss "I've got doubt!" herself, Meryl Streep. I'm enjoying the book, and it kinda makes me wish I cooked. Or at least had a copy of Julia Child's infamous cookbook. I think the latter is a much more acceptable goal. Although in my most recent effort to use all the food I already have before going and buying more, I discovered that I have a lot of baking ingredients, which I have now founds recipes for. I mean, if anyone can live off oatmeal craisin cookies and lemon bars, it's me, right?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

All Will Be Well

Today's song title comes to us from The Gabe Dixon Band.
I love this song...and it's kinda my mantra right now...The next line in the chorus is "You can ask me how but only time will tell."

So I've come up with a backup plan. Something to look forward to should a job not present itself by April 1st. I'm with Reelz until the first week of March. I'm giving myself the month of March because that will be three months that I've been looking for a job.

Should I not have a job by April, I'll be hitting the open road. I've decided that it would be a better use of (WAY less of) my savings than to spend around $1550 a month to sit in this apartment. Don't get me wrong I LOVE this apartment. And this town. But times in the biz are bad right now, and I really think that taking some time off and away is the answer for me. (It usually is.)

I should mention now that I will not at any point stop looking for jobs nor do I consider this a permanent exit outta LA. I love my friends, the ocean, and the weather too much.

My tentative plan is to crate my stuff up and store that crate/pod here (that way when I come back or if I get a job somewhere else, either way, I can have my stuff.). I will then hit the road heading North...mostly along the coast, stopping in San Francisco to see friends, Napa Valley to drink wine, do the Avenue of the Giants and drive through trees. Yosemite? Lake Tahoe? I dunno...Then I'll make my way to Portland (!!!) and Seattle and over to Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons and the Black Hills and Badlands and Mount Rushmore and the Corn get the picture...doing whatever I want all day long. Journaling, (blogging?) and taking pictures along the way.

I'll eventually end up in St. Louis. Most likely on a twin hideaway bed in my grandma's sun porch. She doesn't know it yet, but she'll be cool with it. From there, I will collect (and save) my unemployment checks, travel to New York, Chicago, Knoxville (oddly enough that's where HGTV is!), and Nashville, and keep the job hunt alive. While at the same time spending quality time with family. (instead of expensively sitting on my couch in my pajamas watching Netflix...which I will have done for the month of March.)

Should September arrive with no job. I will first and foremost be super upset I lost. Because my backup plan is much more fun when I think about it ending on an island in the Great Barrier Reef. Truthfully I haven't thought any further than September because I figure I will either have a job (somewhere!) or be in Queensland.

And I'm gonna keep that dream alive for a little bit longer...

So wow...I finally got it down on paper. It looks crazy, but it's something I've been wanting to do, and this may just be the opportunity to do it.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Wall

While driving home from the PGA brekkies this morning (which I very much enjoyed, thanks T!), I spotted a new mural on a building along La Brea.

On the side facing the street are depictions of Rosa Parks, Dr Martin Luther King and President (!) Barack Obama.

On the southside of the building is the following inscription: "Rosa sat so King could walk. (I'm paraphrasing because I'm not sure if he was referred to as Doctor, Martin or King.) King walked so Barack could run. Barack ran so we could fly."


If it's not raining tomorrow, maybe I'll go by and snap a picture.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Add It Up

Let me preface this all by saying: I know I am lucky. I know there are millions of people in the world worse off than I am.

Since a employer-sponsored meeting with the unemployment folks, I have been crunching some numbers. And, well, if I thought I was freaking out before, now I have the numbers in front of me and WHOA! somebody needs a central line of xanax.

(Note: Xanax does not sponsor these blogs. I get no reward for mentioning the drug by name. However, should a xanax rep be reading this and think that would be appropriate...Awesome.)

Ok so the way it works (in California at least) is that when you're laid off and need unemployment assistance, they look at the amount of money you earned the previous year. (In this case Sept 07 - Oct 08.) So they take that year and divide it into quarters. Then they take your most profitable quarter and base your amount off that amount. That being said, the highest award given is $450 a week (before taxes) for anything over $11k a quarter.

As I said, I have been blessed to be in an industry whose salaries correlate with a comfortable cost of living out here in Los Angeles. And again, I repeat, I KNOW there are people worse off. But I make considerably more than $450 ($415 after taxes) a week. Obviously I understand that unemployment is not there to keep me at my current comfort level, but that amount barely covers my rent. Seriously.

The last time I made those wages, I was just out of college, splitting a $680/month rent + utilities. I didn't have a car payment. Then I moved to San Diego and barely made much more but somehow managed to pay $650 a month in rent. (PB&J baby!) Well now I pay $1450 a month. Plus utilities. Plus a modest car payment.

You can see my panic.

It's a double edged sword because altho I fantasize about sitting at home in a housecoat anxiously awaiting the mail-lady with the next Netflix delivery, I also know that that won't work. Well, not after the first month at least.

My parents have graciously offered to let me move home, and the more I look at the job market, the more I'm trying to accept that idea as a (TEMPORARY) option. People are suggesting I downsize apartments, get a roommater, or move out of my fun vibey hipster neighborhood, but moving costs money too. Deposits and moving companies...yuck! Don't get me started on the roommate thing. I'm pretty sure the next situation like that I'll be involved in is cohabitation. Like with a boy.

I AM lucky in that I live month to month. (See how that wanderlust and fear of commitment comes in handy??)

So we'll see. I'm really hoping something falls in line before March. That's when the freak outs will really hit as my last day on the job is March 8th. I've got some savings, and I know that I'm going to be fine, and that everything will work out how it's supposed to. I just would prefer a heads up.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up bright and early to attend the PGA Breakfast. (That's Producer's Guild of America)...not sure who I'll meet, but I'm definitely taking business cards. And I'm seriously considering heels. (Gasp!) Let's face it, I just hope the scrambled eggs are yummy.

Footnote to Mom: I am really not popping xanax like they're tic tacs. I'm exaggerating. I just like to purge these thoughts from my mind, so I write.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You

What if I went all Grey's Anatomy and only titled my blogs after songs? That would be fun.

I'm sitting here waiting for everybody and their brother to call me back and say that my resume is unbelievable and they need me in their office...STAT. Until that happens I'm watching My First Place and House Hunters dreaming about the day I'll get to buy a house. And when I feel like it's time I take a time out, I pick up the book I'm currently reading...The Soloist (the book the movie is based on)...and fall back in love with a story all about strings.

My place also currently smells like freshly baked cookies. They're cooling on top of the stove as I type.

So I know I haven't released by 2-ot-9 to do list, but basically this is it:

1. find a job.
2. improve posture.

(alternates, based on the success of #1)

3. TRAVEL. (still need the Grand Canyon, and well, if I get that Australia job...woo hoo!)
4. finish laser treatments.

Yesterday was an amazing day. I loved watching history happen in the company of coworking friends. I'm pretty much obsessed with Malia and Sasha and the love that is so incredibly visual between Barack and Michelle. At Last. Wow. Not even Beyonce could ruin that lovely moment for me.

And did you hear about the scavenger hunt the girls got to do at the White House last night that culminated in finding the Jonas Brothers behind a door??!! How I wish I could have been the person to get to plan that hunt. And/or see their faces at the big reveal!!

While the rest of the country has been in a deep freeze, we have been having the best January ever. It's supposed to rain tonight or tomorrow or something, but just in case you were wondering why I struggle with the idea of ever leaving soCal...

The weirdness at works means I don't work full days. Which means I get to do things like go to the beach after work. The sight, smell and sound of the ocean is like nature's xanax. Seriously.

I found a purple sand dollar.

There was a fire. And hot dogs. And smores. And stars. And waves crashing. And planes leaving town.

Then my cousin James came to town and we took advantage of the weather every chance we got. Like walking through a bit of Griffith Park to get to the Observatory.

This is our reflection in a mirrored wall at the Getty.

The gardens at the Getty:

I mean seriously. You could see the ocean! And mountains! And downtown!

In "sometimes I'm driving to Chinatown and hear a weird noise and find a nail in my tire" news...James got to see a slightly grittier side of the city, rarely exposed to tourists.

The Vitess guys were awesome tho, plugged my tire for $15 and sent me off with a warning about the hyper police in the area. California is in some dire straits, and they've decided more tickets is a way to get some revenue in. We've already been warned about IOUs for tax rebates, and understandably, the unemployment fund is dwindling as well. Hopefully it's not empty before I get my share.

In these times, it's refreshing to find an entire dinette on the street while walking to the grocery store. Because sometimes you have an empty dining room, and although it didn't bother you by being empty, the fact that it's now nicely arranged makes you feel slightly more complete.

Best $10 grocery trip ever.

Tomorrow is Oscar Nomination Day. And the one year anniversary of Heath Ledger's death. A year ago tomorrow I was (verbally!) consoling P Diddy in a lounge at Sundance. I had just interviewed John Stamos and Phylicia Rashad in a surreal moment only a fellow child of the 80s would understand. And then the alert came across the room via Blackberry and everything changed.

Tomorrow I'll be up - and at work - super early (5h30a anyone??). And I'll write a story about the best actor and best supporting nominees. And like Jan 22, 2008, I'm pretty sure I'll be talking about Heath a lot.

Fingers crossed for Kate Winslet. And Sally Hawkins (I obviously don't need her to win, but I think she belongs up there with Kate, Anne, and Meryl). And for "The Reader" to have a Best Picture nod. And for Milk to get some love. That's really all I'm asking for this year.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Real Talk with Katy Perry

So apparently I'm going to talk about Katy Perry all the time. To be honest, sure, I thought UR So Gay was humorous. And I can understand the catchiness that is I Kissed a Girl. I'm most onboard with Hot N Cold when I randomly sat next to her hair dresser on my way to StL for Christmas I was excited to learn she would be playing my fave indie music spot here in LA. The Hotel Cafe.

Last night I learned at her show that she started out at the Hotel Cafe. Last night I also fell in love with everything that is Katy Perry in a small venue. Despite having the flu she played the sold out show like a champ. She looked good. She sounded good. She interacted with the crowd and "got real" with us.

The music was great. She did a few songs just her and the guitar. Other songs there was an accordion involved (and we all know how much I love those!). She did play Hot N Cold, but a much cooler, acoustic version. Everything else seemed real indie roots and I just loved it. (She's got a bigger venue show coming up here in LA that will probably be more rowdy.) I just found the Cafe to be the perfect place to really hear what she had to say. And then I fell in love with this song and thanked her for writing a song that seemed just for me.

The only problem is that I much prefer her acoustic stuff to what is on her album. Which sucks because you can't find recorded versions of it. Which makes me fear that her Brick by Brick will be like Sara Bareilles' Satellite. A song that I rarely - if ever - get to hear.

I'm sitting here at work. Because although we've been laid off, we still have to come to work for the next 60 days. The combination of there not being much to do and there not being a lot of incentive to do it makes this the most awkward environment ever. So this is what it feels like to be a lame duck. I bet Bush just wished it was next week already. I know I do...ZING!

Ok so the Golden Globes...let's start with the ceremony.

1. Kate Winslet squared. So happy for her. So. SO. happy.
2. Sally Hawkins. She's my Glen and Marketa of this year. The person who recognizes and talks to me on all the carpets. Such a sweetheart and well deserving of this award. I enjoyed Happy-Go-Lucky. I also liked her interaction with Emma Thompson.
3. I basically liked Emma Thompson all carpet and ceremony. She was awesomely hilarious.
4. Mickey. Oh Mickey. You thanked your dogs AND you're friends with The Boss. Does it get any better?

Slumdog and Mad Men. Kudos.

Red Carpet Moments:
1. I spent much of the day obsessed with Lara Spencer's (The Insider) posture. She's very tall and lanky, but has the most incredible posture of anyone I've ever seen. The way she carries herself is mesmerizing. I then learned that if I worked out my upper back muscles, I could have posture like that. I'm seriously considering it.
2. I saw Elizabeth Perkins taking pictures of Ricky Gervais with her camera phone. I told her he would probably take a picture WITH her if she asked.
3. I saw Tom Brokaw. And Tom Cruise. And the Mad Men cast. And a whole lot of other people.
4. Drew and Jessica as Grey Gardens. Hilarious and hideous all at the same time.
5. We saw a lot of people as we were one of the last outlets before the door. We weren't getting any interviews, so we both just decided to be fans.
5a. I yelled to Kate Winslet that I loved The Reader. I then wanted to continue to yell that it wasn't that I didn't like Rev Road, I just loved The Reader MORE, but that's a lot of stuff to yell out when they're whisking her past you.
5b. I yelled to Neil Patrick Harris that I LOVED him on SNL. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!! The digital short that NBC Universal just pulled off youtube may be one of the best things I've seen on tv in a while!!

5c. Tom Hanks came running through at the last minute. I couldn't pass up the chance (and really had no filter at that point) so I just yelled out "Run Forrest Run!" He laughed and other people started chanting it too. (Yes that was a risky and non professional move, but OH SO FITTING. And he thought it was funny.)


I had a panic last night after receiving one email saying one of the friends of friends I've contacted is limited by a hiring freeze and then having a meeting with another company that does not currently have any jobs available. AWESOME.

I know I'm good at what I do. I know I have a lot of people pulling for me and passing along my resume. But it's those quiet moments laying in bed at night when the reality hits and I'm like WTH (like that one better, mom?) am I going to do? Like really. I think I may need more xanax.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A word on awards...

Favorite moments from the Critic's Choice awards:
(in no particular order)

1. Seeing Brangelina on the carpet. Never gets old. I also for some reason got excited about seeing Richard Gere. But that's just because I never have before. Other notable red carpet item was how fabulous Evan Rachel Wood looked.
2. The end of Anne Hathaway's speech when she talked about her daddy. I teared up because I could say the same exact thing about mine. (Sorta paraphrasing but almost exactly: "And finally, I'd like to thank my dad for showing me that there are good men in the world, and that I am worthy of the love of good people.")
2.a. The reaction in the press room to Angelina's stink eye during Anne's speech.
3. Running into Josh Brolin in the hall backstage.
4. Talking to Anne, Sean Penn, and Danny Boyle in the press room.
5. Being told by a publicist that I always ask the best questions.
6. Sally Hawkins (Happy-Go-Lucky) spotting me and waving as she was leaving the press room. I also love how much this moment cracked Gerrad up.

Speaking of G-rad...we (not on purpose) coordinated our outfits and looked like this:

We've got the Globes Sunday. I'm excited.

So today was it for Dailies. Weird. I've never been laid off before. I've never worked on a show that got cancelled. Not a good atmosphere. The top shelf vodka helped. They decided to end the show with the first story of the first show that aired back in September of 2006. It just so happened that story was mine. It was called Actors Firsts, and was about the early beginnings of some of today's top actors and actresses.

I'm really afraid the magnitude of all this hasn't hit me yet. The financial fears are more than kicking in, and I'm making plans to subdue that impact. But the thought of going from spending so much time with a group of people to not seeing them as much...that's what I don't like to think about. We spend so much of our time working that those are the people that occupy our days and our lives...and the days of our lives.

I've obviously left friends and coworkers before. But this feels like the disbanding of a family of sorts. And I'm also usually not good with change unless I'm the one dictating it. I continue to be excited about my next adventure. But I'm gonna miss a lot of faces. Like my beloved officemate Ben. Who I talk about frequently on here and who I respect and enjoy sitting across from more than I could have ever imagined. I talk a lot. I can be flighty. I'm the office social butterfly, and decorate my workspace with lots of toys and pictures of Zach Braff and other boys I like. I have weird personal phone conversations. And yet Ben fought the good fight with the powers that be begging for us to remain officemates. We've been roomies for two years. That's longer than some marriages last. I have a feeling that in my next job I'm going to have a question and I'm gonna look up and expect him to be there and have the answer. Because he always does.

We've definitely had a good run. I know he's cheering me on and wishing me nothing but the best, just as much as I am him.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, that happened...

Sometimes you come into work and find out you don't have a job after March 8th because your company that's all about movies has decided that the real Hollywood is in Alba ker key. (I refuse to learn how to spell it correctly.)

Read about it here.

This afternoon our company president bought us ice cream. Because we're four, and our big brother ripped the head off our baby doll. (I'm serious. They really did get us ice cream.) We ate it while I made jokes to said company president about the lunacy of it all.

I'm not as freaked out as someone who lives in an apartment that costs $1450 + utilities should be. I had been unsettled about the company for a while, and it's nice to finally know what is going on. I had also been getting the itch that it was time to move on, and I feel like today's envelope is proof that someone else agrees with me.

So what now? Well that's a big question. I have a lot of plates spinning in my head at the moment. (And I wonder why my insomnia has returned?!) Is it time to leave LA? Where would I go? Portland? Nashville? Somewhere else? What would I do once I got there? Am I ready to say goodbye to this industry? What else would I do if not this? True to my form, the answer to all of those questions is, at the moment, "I don't know."

I've got 60 days. A lot can happen in 60 days. I've put out a lot of feelers. Unfortunately it's just not a really good time for any industry, and mine is not exempt. I understand that. I understand that this is a sign of the times. And that it is what it is. I also, however, understand that unemployment will not pay my rent.

So I'm gonna tighten my belt. Save as much of my earnings as possible. This morning's $55 street cleaning ticket will not help. (PS Thanks a lot LA!) But seriously. I'm gonna be ok. I am looking forward to what life holds in store and the next adventure.

I feel really bad for my cleaning lady, who at this moment is likely scrubbing my toilet for the last time. I mean, if I'm gonna rationalize paying for my satellite and internet, I've got to give up something...Actually part of me thinks the satellite should be the first thing to go. But then I remember that whole digital conversion thing and that rabbit ears won't work. Quel domage!! It's definitely tempting. After all I could just keep the $12 Netflix membership instead, and pester my friends to let me come over on How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men nights.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Starting a Revolution from My Bed

Don't get freaked out. I told you it's one of the two warm places in my apartment. We're lucky I'm not blogging from the shower. Yet...

OMG The Reader. I hate to hype movies (so quit reading now if you hate reading hype before seeing a movie...I don't give any spoilers tho) because I've found that it's better to go into a movie with little or no expectations and then be BLOWN AWAY like I was with this one. Despite whatever happens awards season, The Reader is the best picture of the year. Filmmaking genius. Amazingly crafted. Subtle. Provocative. Profound. A lot of big words, basically. Some of them are Kait's. subj...a song from when I used to club in Paris just came on my Itunes. It sounds like an old friend saying Hello.

Back to The Reader...I won't lie, at the beginning I was all WTF (sorry, mom, but if you see it, you will agree.) I hadn't read this one so I had no clue what it was about. But unlike Revolutionary Road, I didn't feel lost (as I think one might seeing RR without reading it). And once I got past the initial shock, I fell in love. Right along with the characters of the movie. The rest of the cinematic experience was nothing short of me feeling in my seat what they were putting into motion on screen. I felt compassion. Disgust. Confusion. Love. Tears trickled down my cheeks. My chin quivered. I wept silently.

If I could smelt an Oscar in my apartment and hand it to Kate Winslet tomorrow, I would do it. And still feel like I was tardy. I also would like to give mad props to David Kross and Ralph Fiennes. I've had a thing against Ralph ever since he was such a good asshole in The Duchess...but I forgave him today. These two men play the same character at different ages, and they did such a great job learning each other's mannerisms...the transition seemed seamless.

Here's the trailer, and again, apologies for the build up.

Oh and I forgot to mention that I also recently watched Doubt. I came away wishing Philip Seymour Hoffman preached in real life because he was marvelous at it. Viola Davis is amazing. Her 12 minutes on screen are perhaps the most captivating. And I know every one is saying that, but it's true.

Here's pictures from my Christmas in St. Louis. Enjoy!

Christmas 08 Album