Sunday, August 31, 2008

Shred it and Forget it

Can shredding be a hobby? Because I sure like doing it.

Things I've done so far this holiday wkend:

1. Felt yucky.
2. Saw Rachel Getting Married. I liked the part where the wedding guests chanted the bride and grooms names (his guests chanted his name, hers chanted hers) as she walked down the aisle. I'd like to incorporate this idea into my beach wedding dream fantasy, but "Mary Anne" is a mouthful. Perhaps just "M-A" would suffice. 
3. Shredded lotsa things.
4. Got oil changed.
5. Tried to get computer situation remedied. Ended up getting treated like poo. Hello Pasadena.
6. Got new glasses. Hello Glendale.
7. Got a new do. NDG affectionately refers to it as a modern mullet...and totally cute.
8. Dinner at Freds. A restaurant not some guy's house.
9. Watched Dave Chappelle stand up until I fell asleep. Hello crazy Saturday night!
10. Got eyebrows waxed.
11. Tried a vanilla chai latte on ice. 
12. Regretted it.

The only thing I have left for this weekend is a trip to Descanso Gardens and an apartment cleanup (Which would include finally taking pictures). I should also pack for Canada, seeing as I leave on Wednesday.

In addition, I've planned another trip back to the 314 (636) to be exact. I keep seeing signs for Beverly Hills Chihuahua and I can't imagine seeing it without the kids. So, come the second weekend of October, I'm flying thousands of miles to take my favorite little people to the movies. Laney thinks I live in a movie theater anyway.  My sister Melissa is calling it the most expensive movie ever. I say it's money well spent.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Whisper Rock

Perhaps I'm constipated in my soul...

(I'm borrowing that line from The Brothers Bloom. It's part of a petite - and wonderfully poop-based - monologue that Rachel Weisz's character gives. I heart Rachel Weisz.)

I had the weirdest hour in a while yesterday evening. On my way home from work I opened a bag of M&Ms in my car only to have them spray everywhere. I'm sure it would have been a fun sight from a passerby point of view, but having meltable things in the crevices of your car is not very "melts in your mouth not in your hands" cheery.

THEN I get home and take off my glasses to brush my hair. And they come apart. They're a $300 pair of Donna Karan glasses that are not even a year old. Needless to say they shouldn't just randomly come apart. I've worn glasses for 28 years now and I've never had that happen. I made a call and found out that they're still under warranty...YAY...but that only means that I get half off a new pair...uh WHAT?? I guess I shoulda read the fine print.

THEN...yep the fun weirdness isn't over yet...I walk into my bedroom and find an entire colony of ants (like hundreds of them) all over my underthings. I freaked out. Wasn't sure I was seeing what I was seeing (at this point I didn't have glasses on.) I immediately began ferociously spraying Raid at the pile of dirty laundry whilst alternately gagging at the sight. the thought of the sight. and then the actual sight again. I immediately took the aforementioned underthings to the dumpster and bagged up the rest of the Raid-sprayed clothes. I haven't decided yet about washing and reviving them but I think I might try since the ants were largely concentrated and grossly focused on the underthings in the group.

I had gotten too confident since returning from San Francisco. I had set traps and honestly thought I had the issue under control. The ants proved to me yesterday that I don't know what I'm doing and that I should always expect the unexpected when it comes to insect invasions.


After those three things happened I left the house with some trepidation a la "what ELSE is going to happen?" Seconds later the question was answered when I scraped the side of the house next to my narrow driveway for the first time. I realized right away and caused minimal damage, but still. Seriously???

My excitement for the Joshua Radin Record Release show at the House of Blues was waning yet remaining. I picked up KDL and we headed to the show. Where we promptly ran into an E! crew I knew. They confirmed for me that ZB was there. Which I knew was more than a good possibility, but confirmation is always nice.

I walked up to the merch table to purchase the cd and was told it wouldn't be out til sept 9. um, isn't the whole point of a record release show to get the cd out to fans ahead of time? oh well.

The show kicked off with "Today" which continues to be probably my favorite JR song. He wrote it while riding a train through France. I'm a romantic. He was backed with a full band which is different when you like a guy because he's amazing at just sitting up there with a guitar and pouring his heart out. I mean I still liked it, and his new stuff sounds great. I wasn't the biggest fan of his back up singer, but again that's because I'm used to him singing with Schuyler Fisk, Priscilla Ahn, or Ingrid Michaelson.

At one point KDL and I ventured upstairs as we had seen several Scrubs cast members go up and figured that's where we'd find ZB. And find him we did. Standing behind Shiri Appleby and playing with her hair. I think it was a good thing Joshua Radin was playing with a full band because it felt like the water-filled glass of my heart fell out of my chest and loudly crashed to the floor. It's funny the love that you can see in such a simple gesture. It's not as funny how much better I am at unrequited love than requited love.

More than slightly deflated (which I recognized even then as inappropriate) I went back downstairs to enjoy the rest of the show. Which I did. Especially when Josh came out for the encore alone and acoustic. He played Winter on stage and then walked out into the middle of the crowd to play the first song he ever learned on guitar. This is a Hotel Cafe move that I am very fond of. He spent most of the performance looking up at his friends in the balcony. I caught a couple of glimpses of the Braff but quit looking when Shiri leaned over and kissed his head and I again felt like some intruder on their cute little love story.

I'm getting way too dramatic.

I see Rachel Getting Married today which I'm super excited about. There's already Oscar buzz for Anne Hathaway which is exciting.

Tonight I have a friend's going away party at a beach bar.

This weekend I really need to get my oil changed and am now planning to clean my place really well so that I can spray some high powered bug killer all over. Seriously considering bombing the place while I'm gone in Toronto, but not sure how exactly to go about it or if it would really work or just ruin all my stuff.

Any advice anyone would have for ants who instead of searching for water or food enjoy women's underthings would be greatly appreciated. You can safely assume I will immediately get out of the habit of piling my dirty laundry on the floor. ANNOYING.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Of Screenings and Sightings

2 days 4 screenings

First stop Pride and Glory. I liked this. I declared it to be my favorite Toronto screening so far. That being said, it felt long. And I was reminded of The Departed more than once. I also hate being reminded that cop corruption happens. With two brothers on the force I like to think that policemen really are here to help, but I realize that's not always the case.

The screening was on the WB lot right next to the Pushing Daisies stages. I think I've convinced you of how much I love Pushing Daisies, so I was super excited. Moreso when on my way out I encountered Kristin Chenowith (Olive!), Chi McBride (Emerson!), and Lee Pace (Ned!!!). I like it that I still get starstruck. I can't wait til that show comes back on Oct. 1. If you've not seen it. CHECK.IT.OUT. You've never seen anything like it.

Second movie. Miracle at St. Anna. I was excited about this movie. The trailer intrigued me. Probably because it involved Derek Luke and I really like me some Derek Luke. You can imagine my demeanor once he showed up at the screening to watch the movie with us. (PS Lo of The Hills fame was also there. I was introduced to her and we shook hands. Afterward I silently wished I owned and had been wearing a "Team Audrina" shirt. You should know she's not in the movie. You should also know that I'm not even watching The Hills this season.) Alright so I'm sitting in this movie with Derek Luke just a couple seats behind me and good LORD was it painful. Gerrad described it best as Spike Lee's Schindler's List. Except it's not as good. I agree we need to be aware of the plight of the buffalo soldiers. And it's only appropriate for a war movie to be gut wrenching and violent. But Dear Spike Lee, does there have to be violence against babies?

There had also been a violence against babies scene in Pride and Glory so I was already at my limit.

Basically this movie made ME hate white people. And I'm white. Needless to say I was glad when it ended nearly three hours (!) after it began.

I have a thing when it comes to screenings - and movies in general - wherein I don't walk out. I don't think I've ever walked out of a movie. Except for the time I was seeing Richie Rich with my cousins the year of the stomach flu Christmas and I had to walk out of the movie to throw up. I always figure I'll get some nugget at the end that will make everything make sense or tie everything up when basically it's because I don't wanna miss a thing. Ever.

Movie #3. Appaloosa. Dear Ed Harris, I am so sorry. I am so excited that you wrote and directed and starred in this movie. But I just can't jump onboard with the whole western movie thing. I liked you in this movie. (still talking to Ed). I liked Viggo in this movie. I was really intrigued with his facial hair and his hair parted down the middle. I couldn't help but feel like Jeremy Irons was imitating Daniel Day Lewis a la "There Will Be Blood." I looked at my phone to check the time way too much during this movie. I wish I liked westerns. I really do. Tom Petty "Learning to Fly" was an interesting choice for the credits. Dwight Yoakam would have seemed more apropos. But Petty reminded me of the good time I had at Outside Lands, so I left this screening with a smile.

No. 4. The Brothers Bloom. I LOVE Rachel Weisz. I've also always liked Mark Ruffalo. And I interviewed Rinko Kikuchi more than once during the Babel saga and enjoy her too. I'm not usually a huge Adrien Brody fan, but I was good with him in this movie. So why didn't I love it more? I can't put my finger on it. I liked SO much about it. But I didn't super love it. Everyone was great. I laughed out loud more than several times. It was visually stimulating. All things I like about a movie. Perhaps it was the whole four movies in two days thing. Or the fact that I had been up since like 6a to be at work by 7, and didn't get a nap and was tired. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on an enjoyable movie.

Things I'm excited about:

Joshua Radin's Record Release show tonight.
a 3 day wkend where the to do list incls getting a haircut, prepping for Toronto, and spending time with friends.
In Search of a Midnight Kiss. NDG and I are gonna see it. Yes, I still see movies for pleasure.

PS Luke Russert. You're doing a great job. I like how happy the greats (Tom Brokaw, etc) get while watching you.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Could Have Been So Beautiful...

Party Through It

62 hours in San Francisco. They went a little something like this:

Friday, Aug 22.

Arrive! Friends! Thai! Walk 3 miles into Golden Gate Park. The Black Keys. Radiohead!! No House of Cards. Two audio glitches. 60k fans. Crazy times. 3 miles out. with 60k other people. 40 min wait for pizza on the Haight. It was good.

Sat, Aug 23.

Brunch. Sean Hayes. The Coup. Devendra Banhart. BIZZO! Steve Winwood. Sick Regina. Rude crowd. That hippie girl just passed out and there is a rodent coming out of the ground! Soju cocktail? Fried garbanzo beans. Ben Harper and his Innocent Criminals steal the show. Matt Nathanson. I wish that I WAS Jessie's girl. It's so cold I can see my breath! (In August!) Tom Petty. (4 more audio glitches) GLORIA! They're shutting us out of the circle! Hello friend. Boys pee in bottles, that's why KMB likes girls. Hello Steve Winwood twice in one day don't mind if we do. Wedding reception in the park. What do you mean people don't offer to teach you braille at 11p when you're getting late night snacks at the quickie mart?

I kept wishing someone would have heard my distress about the House of Cards omission the night before and randomly cover it but they didn't.

Sun, Aug. 24.

Vanilla chai and biscuits and gravy. Bon Iver. Good winter indeed. Andrew Bird. Whistler. Cool Kids. Rogue Wave. Broken Social Scene. Wilco. I thought you were the man in love with me? Jack Johnson. Hula hoops and amazing Hawaiian singer. Cold noodles.

I can't help it. I like music festivals. I like meandering around and I like staying in one place listening to good music and reading a book (still Sue Monk Kidd). I like having a couple of people on a list to see and then playing the rest by ear. I like people watching.

I don't like johnny on the spots. I do like them better in the daytime and when I carry baby wipes.

I could have stood the temperature to be about 10 degrees warmer. But that's because I'm snobby and spoiled climate wise.

This was Outside Lands' first go at it and I would count it a success. It's my only festival this year. Bumbershoot would have meant 4 straight weekends out of town (it's next wkend) and I didn't wanna do that to myself.

I'd still like to do Bonnaroo, altho I'm not sure I'm up for the camping and crazyness it requires. The Mile High Fest in Colorado has also peaked my interest...

Finally...Drugs I or someone else with us was offered at some point this weekend:

Pot (duh!), ecstasy, heroin, and meth...Ok seriously? heroin and meth? REALLY? HEROIN? METH? Do those people even remember that they were at a concert at that point?

And with that, I gotta run and get some work done.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Beach! It's a Baby!

From Rachel and Ryan to Gwen and Gavin...basically I like couples who embrace alliteration. Anywho, Gwen finally had that baby. And that baby has a name. And that name is a beach.

Zuma Nesta Rock. (the zuma is the beach part. it's in the 'bu.)

It's a boy in case you were wondering.

If he looks anything like his big bro Kingston, he'll rock the world with that name.

I'm not here to make fun of baby names because one day I'll have a baby and people might make fun of its name.

True story. I have had dinner with the girl who is now the Stefani-Rossdale's nanny. Truer story I offended her with my anti Scientology convo (she was at the time, but is no longer, a scientologist). Truest story I couldn't be more jealous of her gig.

As far as last night goes...

Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist. Loved the book. Liked the movie. One of my favorite parts of the book wasn't in the movie and that bummed me out. They strayed away from the book quite a bit I feel like, but several lines or happenings were similar. Michael Cera was great and the soundtrack? AWESOME.

When I got home I popped in "Hello Dolly!" into the old dvd player. It had been a rough day and, well, Hello Dolly worked to put Wall-E in a better mood so I thought, why not try it? I won't lie, it kinda worked. Oh Walter Matthau.

I actually used the quote: "Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around, encouraging young things to grow" in conversation today here at work.

In fact, I was gonna call this post "Puttin' On My Sunday Clothes," but then Gwen had the baby and today got a bit brighter.

SO that's where I'm at...trying to organize my Outside Lands wkend concert schedule (yes please to SF!), trying to get a little work done, trying to pretend like tomorrow isn't our host's last day...

Tonight...another screening...Rocknrolla. I've heard "action movie" and "Guy Ritchie." Hmmm.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Insert Smile Here

Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams Get Cozy

Thanks People.
Rachel is going to be in Toronto which I'm excited about. I like her. I like him. I like them.

Make me beleeeeeeeve. (she says with her eyes squinted tightly.)

PS You should know that the guest list for Toronto is nothing less than magical. It includes but is not limited to the Clooney-Damon-Pitt trifecta. (which might be awkward seeing as how Jennifer Aniston is on the list too.)

I leave 2 weeks from today. I have 7 screenings I'm scheduled to see (so far) before that. That's a lot of movies. Tonight it's Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. I've read the book and am very excited.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Little Too Late

No good excuses really for the blogging absence. The bummer is I kept thinking of things to write and then I didn't so now those things are gone and all that's left to talk about is what sits on my brain today.

The new apartment. LOVE it. Pictures are forthcoming soon. I've got everything squared away but the bedroom, so I'm thinking I'll take pictures now. Leaving the stack of boxes in the corner not to be seen.

My bedroom (and the entire apt) gets a lot of light, and as someone who is much more comfortable in a dark, blinds drawn, enviro, I'm learning to embrace it. The morning sunlight wakes me up pretty early and I relish the moment of looking at the time and knowing I can go back to sleep for a little bit.

This morning, going back to sleep led me into some weird nightmarish dream wherein I got pulled over and the cop gave me all these weird tickets. I got one for "braking." I got one for "doing something to the lunch lady." (?) I think there was a third one too. And all of them were for like $1100. The weird(er?) thing was that I didn't get a ticket for drugs and paraphernalia. (I guess the weirdEST thing was that I had those things in my car. But it WASN'T my car. It was my "uncle's" porsche. I'm not sure which uncle tho as I was unaware ANY of my uncles carried cocaine or currently drove a porsche.) Like I said. WEIRD. What does it mean? And what the heck does a lunch lady have to do with it? There may have been a paint scaffolding involved. I kid you not. So I woke up (LATE) all weirdly upset, and while driving to work saw a cop pulled over on the side of the road and got a panicky feeling...

Didn't you miss me and my stories?

Things I've enjoyed since I've been gone...

1. Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I don't know that I've loved Woody Allen this much since Annie Hall.
2. Delancey Street Movers.
3. An interview with Kiefer Sutherland.
4. Walks in my new hood.
5. My 10(!) yo nephew Nedro getting his own cellphone and unlimited texting capabilities.
6. 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days. Not an easy mood-lifting movie to watch, but a good one.
7. The Olympics. Dear NBC, When people who don't enjoy sports are suddenly obsessed with watching them on tv and have emotional reactions to crazy triumphs (fingertip finish!), you have achieved something. Shoutouts to Lauren (aka Sparkles) who's in China working at the Games; Nicole B., whose "did you see that?" "are you watching this??" and "i'm totally crying right now!" texts make me feel less alone in my obsession; and of course, Uncle Bob.

I'll probably think of other things, but those will do for now.

Things you'll probably hear more about soon:

Sue Monk Kidd's "The Mermaid Chair." I'm currently reading it. Proximity to the library rocks.
Outside Lands Festival. This weekend. San Francisco. Hell to the yes.
Toronto. I leave two weeks from Wednesday. 11 days in Canada. I heart film festivals.