Friday, March 28, 2008

When they say "critics," they mean me...

So I'm sitting here wondering how much longer I have to sit here looking at the glorious scene outside my office window before I can break free and begin my journey down to San Diego. That's right, I'll be spending the next coupla days in the whale's vagina. Ew...wait... I love the feeling I get when I arrive in the 619, and am super excited to hang out with my peeps there.

My "Run FatBoy Run" ad is everywhere. It's so exciting to see my name on a full-page ad in the LA Times. I mean, I was excited enough about the quarter-page ad last week! My dad let me know this morning that the ad is also in today's St. Louis Post Dispatch. So I'm just going to assume it's nationwide. It's also playing on the TV ads. The announcer says "Critics say: Run, don't walk" and they show that part of my quote and my name. It's real fast, but OMG they played it during "The Simpsons" and people watch "The Simpsons!" I guess I just feel like now I'm vindicated and that this silly little blurb proves to people that I'm actually doing something. Not that I thought I had something to prove, but it feels good and I'm basking in it for the moment.

Even if there are contrarians. At least something comes up when you google me now. Truth be told I DID enjoy the movie. So there.

Yesterday I interviewed Daniel Waters (he wrote Heathers!) and Mindy Cohn (aka Natalie on "The Facts of Life") about their new movie "Sex and Death 101." Ok, so I didn't LOVE this movie. I think it's probably rentable. But I DID LOVE them. Not since the Dax Shepard/Will Arnett experience have I not wanted a junket interview to end until this one. We were having a fun conversation. I thought maybe we could all hang out. The time flew so fast I couldn't get Nat to help me recall this one line from the FoL theme song that I finally had to youtube.

I also saw "Chansons d'Amour (Love Songs)" this week. People are saying it's this year's "Once." I am not one of those people. I liked the movie. And LOVED the soundtrack (it's a musical). But it's no Once. That being said, I love Once like my dad loves Shelley and will most likely never call a movie "this year's Once." You never know tho.

One movie I did LOVE love is "Son of Rambow." It's this year's "Once." Just kidding. It's a totally different movie. But it IS super cute. I definitely think people should see it.

I also watched a screener and a couple of Netflix things, but I'm bored of this discussion, and they were nothing to super write home about so we don't need to get into it.

I finished reading Steve Martin's autobiography. I love him. Next up on the reading list is "Fight Club." Mostly because I've joined a book club and that's what we're reading this month.

Wow. This blog has really sucked the energy out of me. I need to pep it up...Can't go wrong with Seth and Paul!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I finally made the LA Times!!!

Blurb is the word. Word. Check your papers. Maybe it's nationwide.

I know it's kinda hard to read my name on this lil jpeg, but mine is the monkey in the middle.

Currently serving wine in my office to accompany all that cheese. Kudos to my officemate Ben for spotting it in the SUNDAY LA TIMES (!!!) and bringing it into work for me.

The Season of Dreaming

I think it was my sister Melissa who used to say "Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Happy Everything!"

This week she's called me three times to see if I have a Jonas Bros connection. I don't.

I had a good weekend. A great Easter. The pastor opened the service by saying "It's raining in Seattle, snowing in Chicago, but a beautifully sunny day here in Los Angeles." And it was.

(It was also snowing in the STL...where they experienced an Easter service sans "And God Cried." I can't imagine!)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm completely loving A Fine Frenzy right now. I think she's coming to LA soon. I think I'm gonna check it out.

Back to Easter. I went to church at the Hollywood Bowl again this year. Perhaps I'm starting a tradition. If so, it's a good one. Last year it was chilly and overcast. This year I got sunburned in the 85 degree morning heat. I couldn't cross my legs because I was beginning to sweat in my pink polyester pants.

The music was great. Classic hymns with full orchestra and band. The message was good and I remember now why I visited the host church again last year even tho its location isn't convenient.

Omg. A Fine Frenzy is at the Roxy next week. Sold out. Thank goodness for Craigslist...

So after church we had brunch at my favoritest LA restaurant Joey's Cafe. Fancy restaurants need not apply. Give me a corner cafe where the waitstaff recognizes me as a regular and I'm a happy camper. My fave waiter was working outdoors, and we sat inside, so he didn't wait on us, but he did stop by for a chat and an EXCELLENT beach recommendation.

El Matador Beach. North of Malibu.

I should post my own pix here. But I am at work and don't have them, so I'm gonna google image to see if I can find one that does the experience justice.

On a sunny 90 degree first-of-its-kind day of the year, PCH traffic is really yucky. It took us like 2 hours to get there. But it was worth it. We passed the time with singing, talking and homemade mad libs.

Ok so this guy Craig Wolf takes good pictures.

Gorgeous, right?? We didn't stay til sunset, but I've vowed to make this my beach for the summer. There are all of these caves and inlets and enough privacy that people sunbathe nude. (Not that I'm into that, but I do like a sparsely populated beach.) Part of the lack of people could be attributed to the short hike and 200 stairs that separate the parking lot from the beach. SO worth it tho.

Ended the night with Brat Pack flicks on the moontower. Temps were still in the 70s as we laid on blankets and watched first "Weird Science" and then "Say Anything." If yesterday was a hint at this summer...BRING.IT.ON.NOW.

Happy birthday Julie.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

everyone says it, and most everyone knows it's true.

I was reminded again of the statement's validity when I learned last night that my now deceased apartment manager (who lived across the hall one door down) kept a dead cat in his freezer and a casket full of bones in his apartment. I KNOW!

the crappy thing is that his stuff is still in the apartment. the building's owner gave his friends TWO MONTHS to remove his belongings. I don't want to be there when they pull that shit out into the hallway. Speaking of, NOW we know why it smells so bad in there!!

God knows what ELSE he kept in there!

I was talking to the new manager (as opposed to the one who was new last week and "accidentally lost" my rent check when it FLEW OUT OF HER CAR?!) and she filled me in on the detes. She also couldn't believe that I hadn't seen the gynecology chair sitting in the hallway. (I assume it was sitting out there while I was in Austin because that's something I would have noticed.) Lovely.

This new girl has a lot of good ideas for transforming the place. She said the owner is cheap so constraints are tight, but we agree on what needs to be done, so that's good.

I've still got my eye on Craigslist. And I watched two episodes of House Hunters set in Seattle last night. I'm saving up. Still leaning toward Portland. Yes. Even though I've never been there. Thinking about using Swell Season as an excuse to go. I loved Austin but who needs all that humid heat?

I'll leave you with this, which was sent to me from my friend Bo. I like it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Idea Machine

I'm avoiding work for no reason. Waiting for my officemate to journey to an edit or screening so that I can check out Judy Greer's sitcom that I tivo'd. Ooh, maybe it's online!!!

Before I check it out tho, I'll tell you about Baby Mama. Well really I will show you the trailer in case you haven't already seen it, link you to Nicole's blog so you can read what she said, and try not to hype it too much whilst telling you how pleasantly surprised I was.

Here's the trailer:

I went in hoping to get at least 5 LOLs, perhaps an ROFL...and well, I ended up LMAO. That's all I'll say. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Dear Amy Poehler, Let's be friends. The kind of friends where I morph into you. Thanks.

It was the first screening of the movie, so Dax Shepard (along with his gf Kristen Bell) and Romany Malco were in our screening. (If you just watched the trailer, you would know that Dax and Romany are in the movie.) Dax and Kristen sat right behind us. Romany sat a couple rows in front of us.

I have met all three of these people. Dax has rubbed his bare foot up my bare leg and serenaded me. Kristen and I (along with others incl her ex Kevin) have hung out in Vegas. Romany has taken the opportunity to hit on my friend Nicole at an event where I interviewed him. (once we saw romany's date showing off a blinding engagement ring I leaned over to nicole and said, "that coulda been you.") What I am getting at is WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY HI?!?! Lol. Just kidding. Sorta.

At least Emily and Nicole finally agree with me that Dax is a blond Zach Braff and that his placement in my top five is perfectly reasonable. Even with a feminine headband holding back his golden locks, my brother has it goin ON. (For some reason I'm really into quoting Salt n Pepa lately.)

This has been a good week for the old top 5. Paul Rudd made a surprise-to-me appearance at the Judd Apatow panel the other night. He looked like this:

I'm not a bushy beard girl, but there is just something about him that makes me go mmmmmmm. Nicole held me back so that I didn't make a fool of myself.

The panel was fun. Tom Arnold brought the awkward in a big way. He was on some sort of drug and we learned way too much about his sex life with Roseanne. The highlight in addition to Rudd's presence had to be watching Jason Segel watch the naked break-up scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." (which stars one Kristen Bell, see how my week come fulls circle like that?) PS I would also recommend FSM. It really makes you wanna go to Hawaii. And Paul Rudd's hilarious in it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Videos Less Writing

But I did write this story and do the interview. Judd Apatow loves Reelzchannel. It's true. The same day I did this interview I went to an awesome panel with Judd and his friends. I would love to talk about it but I feel like if I'm gonna write that much right now, I should just write a story for work. You know, seeing as I'm AT work right now and all.

Saw Drillbit Taylor yesterday. It was decent. Seeing Baby Mama tonight with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Trying to contain my excitement for fear I'll be disappointed.'s the it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

If We Lived Here We'd Be Home Now

You should know that it's 7 degrees short of a boy band in Austin right now. That's right. 91. 8 days ago when we arrived it was in the 30s and raining. What a difference. It's a muggy hot too which makes it feel even more sweltering.

I've been meaning to blog for a few days now but now that I'm waiting in a hotel lobby for my Super Shuttle to the airport, I can finally jot a few things down.

Tuesday. We did some stuff. Oh yeah, we shot a story about how popular it is to make movies in Texas right now. Then Amber (our pa/my new bff) and I partook in some free pre-awards show beverages. Post show I had 30 minutes to write our SXSW wrap before feedtime. Pressure. That night we caught a bit of Moby's DJ set at one of the parties. On Thursday when I talked to him even he admitted it was a weird vibe that night. Weird - in this case - not being good.

I was also able to pick up my wristband for the music portion of the fest on Tues which was super exciting.

Wednesday. Gerrad and Jon left. I switched hotels and meandered around a bit before catching a VAN MORRISON show. I evidently really like him because he sang neither Moondance or Brown-eyed Girl and I still enjoyed it. From there I went over to the venue REM was scheduled to play at midnight. I knew if I wanted in, I had to get there early. So I waited just under 5 hours to stand 15-20 feet away from Michael Stipe. Wouldn't you? It also meant I got to listen to - and enjoy - Jonathan Rice and Papercranes. I also got to hear Dead Confederates but didn't enjoy that show as much. It was pretty hardcore. I mean not as hard as it could have been, but music that vibrates my insides for consistent long periods of time isn't my cup of tea.

Then came REM. I've never been to an REM show. It was so much fun. He did a great job of mixing new and old songs and he's Michael Stipe and he talks and it's like this Bono feeling like "if you lead, we will follow." They didn't play Orange Crush or End of the World, but he DID push an elephant up the stairs.

Thursday was my day. I've often mentioned how I love the sentiment of Princess Anne in Roman Holiday and how she would like to do just anything she likes all day long. I had nowhere to go. Nobody to answer to. No one to have to agree with. At one point I was walking on this tree-lined sidewalk and their was a fountain and I just And it was exhilerating. I couldn't come up with anything else but free. My feet hurt and I'm apparently coming down with a cold, but nothing mattered as I meandered around downtown. I'm not sure what it means, if it means anything at all. Does it mean it's time for me to move again? Does it mean I'm too stressed out? Or did it simply mean that, there I was, on a beautiful day, enjoying it, alone, my way? Whatever it was, I loved the feeling of that moment.

SO, what'd I do with my day you ask? Well I revisited the ginormous Whole Foods. And then I watched Sara Bareilles and then Ingrid Michaelson perform at Waterloo Records. It's very Vintage Vinyl and I liked it. I had never seen Ingrid live before and she really impressed me. She knocked my socks off with her version of "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You."

From the store I walked over to the venue where the Hotel Cafe Tour would be performing. It's called The Parish and several locals say it's the city's best venue. I had a little bit of a wait, but again, it was all worth it. I'll try and go down the list of performers: Buddy, Greg Laswell, Jessie Baylin, Kate Havenik, Priscilla Ahn, Joshua Radin, Jim Bianco, Cary Brothers, Meiko, Ingrid and Sara. I'm not entirely sure I'm not forgetting someone. It was 6 straight hours of music. There were a couple of join in singalongs like they always do (and I always enjoy). Ingrid continued to impress by covering "I'm a Creep" while playing the ukelele. Sara closed the show and disappointed me by playing the EXACT set list she had played at the store. Same order and everything. Wunh wunh. Priscilla's cd comes out June 10 and it's definitely worth a listen. Josh's will come out in June and July but from what I've heard I can't help but wonder if it will be a collection of songs about the end of he and Schuyler.

Oh also. Before the show, I stopped by this little quikstop across the street to get something to eat. I got a corndog, a banana and animal crackers for $2.42 or something ridiculous like that. I looked at the guy behind the counter and was like, no, I want all of it and he's like, that's what all of it costs. WHAT? Amazing prices here folks. Then I got to the middle of the street - and the line - and started eating. That's when I realized the phallic nature of my meal.

Ok so this morning I had to be up early for a junket. I've been feeling progressively worse over the last 24 hours and being in a smoky place all night last night didn't help, but I toughed through and interviewed Stop Loss director Kimberly Peirce and one of the movie's stars. Kim told me not once, but twice that I brought up a good point. The junket photogs even commented on how good my interview was. I didn't think it was award winning or anything but who knows.

My shuttle's about to get here, but I have to mention the fun Amber and I just had. We went down to SoCo, which is a shopping district here. We wandered into a toy store where we found these cool looking big wheel type things. I shrieked in glee when I saw that the recommended age was 3-103. Then we both got on them and rode around the store for about half an hour. I took some video of it so hopefully I'll be able to load that. It was hilarious and awesome. They're called Plasmacars. It would be awesome if like a roller rink would have a night dedicated to them or something because the only problem we had with buying them is we're not sure where to ride them. I considered the fact that I have hard wood floors and could just put all my furniture up against the walls and have a good track. The cars make great sharp turns and are fun to just spin around.

We hit up a few vintage shops before getting ice cream and calling it a day. a FUN day.

Overall feeling on Austin is a good one. It's got a great vibe. But boy is it HOT when it's HOT and COLD when it's COLD. weather, ugh!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Update

My favorite parts of the day have not been:

Seann William Scott bailing on the press day, forcing us to cancel our planned fun ice cream shop shoot.

Nor was it the - just moments ago - information that the Forgetting Sarah Marshall crew would not be having any sort of press line or interviews while here. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE.

It's raining here, which is dreary, but I got to hear two claps of thunder, and it was the rolling kind, so I liked that.

I also ran into Mark Webber again. I told him I had been thinking about his movie Hottest State since we're in Texas. He said he thinks about it when he's here too.

Nothing much else happening. Just finished writing our daily story. Would like to see Battle in Seattle tonight, but not sure if that will be possible with the feed schedule as it is. Which is a huge bummer.

Tomorrow we're going to do a story about the popularity of shooting movies in Texas. Fresh off the heels of There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, several movies are currently in production. Brad Pitt is in one of them (Angelina was spotted in a local Barnes and Noble today. Not by me.) So yeah, fun stuff. And then we'll have the awards and a big closing party and then I'll be on my own for the music portion of the fest. Yeah-uh.

The Hotel Cafe Tour show is obvi still my focus, despite stiff competition...(which makes me wonder, should I put forth more effort to see someone I haven't seen play more than three times??) We'll see...I'm also planning on exploring the "SoCo" (South Congress) shopping area I've heard about. I switch to a slightly less convenient, but slightly more fancy hotel room on Wednesday...hope the weather improves.

PS Austin is apparently the home of Whole Foods. There's like this huge flagship store that is likened to a museum. It's totes on my list of places to see. Oh, and today we shot in this loft that made me wanna have a loft and the guy had a beautiful golden retriever and it made me want a golden retriever. He also oddly had inflatable furniture in the fancy loft. I did not covet that. I did worry my furniture isn't hip enough for a loft, but I also know that one step into a bungalow or Craftsman home would reaffirm my desire to live in one of those anyway.

Perhaps I'll get to have a homey-decorated Craftsman in one place and a sparsely decorated loft in another so that both sides of my Gemini personality can be happy.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something clever

Grey gooses (geese?) are so cheap here Jon and I are convinced we would be alcholics if we moved here. Seriously. $5 for GREY GOOSE? We'll take the bottle.

Town was pretty dead tonight so we pub crawled down 6th. I didn't really enjoy Coyote Ugly. I kept being afraid they would make me get up on the bar and do a girl on girl body shot. I understand how that might sound fun within a certain energy, but when there's not but like 5 older men leering at the bar, it doesn't really seem appealing.

We ended up at the Dizzy Rooster which I guess was popular among the Real World Austin kids. Speaking of, the building where they lived has been turned into a restaurant.

I guess today's highlight was Sally Ride. I mean of course it was. FREAKING DOCTOR SALLY RIDE. I was super disappointed she didn't still have her 80s hair. I also apologized to her for not following a math and science path. No, really, I did.

The only movie we saw was Promoted with Sean William Scott and John C Reilly. It was pretty good. I'm super excited to hang with SWS tomorrow. Boy looks good. Much better in real life than on film.

I guess I should probably go to sleep. We have a full day scheduled tomorrow and the weather is not supposed to cooperate.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Harold and Kumar and Josh Brolin...Oh My

I keep reminding myself that I need to spring forward. Yuck.

I called it an early night and got back to my room before midnight. The party I wanted to go to was far away. Taxis aren't easy and it's too cold, and I'm too ty-ty to bar hop. I was up til 3a last night, so it's not like I'm a complete party pooper.

Today's highlight interview has to be Josh Brolin. Although it was obviously neat to see Neil Patrick Harris in the flesh. Some would call it legen...wait for it..dary. I heart How I Met Your Mother...and Doogie. Back to Josh tho, just a super cool guy. Fun to chat with, even when he teased me about being so excited about Van Morrison's presence at the fest. Well it was more the way I told him about Van's presence that he teased me about. But seriously, VAN MORRISON?? He plays the same night as the Hotel Cafe Tour...basically everyone i would want to see plays that night. Ain't that always the way? I still have to get a wristband.

I saw two movies today. Toe Tactic and Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay. The latter I watched while sitting next to John Cho and Kal Penn. It was fun to glance at them at the embarrassing parts. The movie was long, and has some good moments, but I think I still prefer White Castle.

No rebuttals

Just got in from the opening night festivities. Even when the open bar part of the night ends, Grey Goose only costs $6. I love this town.

The big event of the evening tho was a great convo with Ashley Johnson. You know, Chrissy Seaver?? Even tho Ive seen her a couple times the past couple days, we had never spoke. So first we had to talk about the crazy girl behind Jon and I on the plane. Then she had to do her interview. And THEN I had to gush about Growing Pains. I told her about the tote. And the trading cards. She told me what she thought about Chrissy going from a baby to a 4 yo. I resisted informing her she was the Raven Simone of GP, brought in for cuteness purposes. She ended up liking me/us a lot, but understood we would rather go to parties than sit through the midnite screening of her movie.

We tried to see Harold and Kumar today but the screening was delayed until we couldn't stay for it. We did however get to experience the fun of a brew and view, wherein you order food and drink from your theater seat. i ordered fried pickles because i could and i like them and they were good.

there was air hockey, there was lobster bisque, there was jim sturgess, there was vanessa hudgens, there was abra moore (wow she looks familiar), there was an HOUR long taxi wait, there were vintage stores...i think you're all caught up.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Detangling SXSW

The rain seems to be over. It's sunny which is nice, the wind was a lil brisk, but definitely better than the rainy cold day yesterday. I still have to admit I am more ill-prepared for this trip clothes-wise than any trip I've ever taken.

I thought while I take a quick detangling break I would update on sightings and things.

First, the son of the guy who runs our feed facility is a savant about laundry. His wealth of knowledge on fabric softeners alone is amazing. He's like 4. He prefers Gain Free and Downy Cashmere, but said I didn't have to get the Cashmere kind, there's a floral one that he prefers the scent of. Hilarious.

Saw Chrissy Seaver again today. And we're going to interview her tonight. We interviewed Jim Sturgess this morning. He was super nice. Then we were sitting at the Four Seasons when TESS HARPER of Man in the Moon fame came in and sat down near us. I basically had a coniption (sp?) fit. I loved listening to her talk. We saw Illeana Douglas and Kevin Pollack too, and then MORGAN FAIRCHILD came and sat down with Tess. Girl was looking good too. All fixed up. Which was not what Tess was. I was bummed because had Morgan not come up, I would have said something to Tess. Something along the lines "I love your work."

Then we had some crazy weird Amazing Race taxi adventure. And then we secured a shoot location at a famous ice cream shop. I have a great plan for Seann William Scott and me. I hope it works out.

All right I gotta run to see Harold and Kumar. Looking forward to it. We've also got the opening party tonight. Yeah-uh!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Austin's Weird...Weather

So yeah, I'm here. In Texas. FREEZING MY ASS OFF. Unfortunately I packed for sunshine, not Sundance and the weather is more like the latter. BIG wunh wunh. I have a feeling I'll be wearing a UT sweatshirt and coat with fringe in no time.

We gotta go do some maintenance things and hopefully eat some bbq, but first...the plane ride...

Chrissy Seaver boarded the plane behind me!!! I lamented not having my Growing Pains tote with me. I use it daily at work, but I brought my backpack on the trip. That being said, the whole scene might have been awkward had I had the bag on me, so who knows.

Then DURING the flight, a guy and a girl sitting behind Jon and I got to know each other better (they were strangers when they sat down). Alcohol was a factor, but good LORD. I apparently slept through a 45 min makeout sesh that culminated in some sort of under the coat activity. I was awake, however, when they tried the whole "mile high club in the bathroom" thing. Flight attendants caught onto them and interrupted. The rest of the flight consisted of her loudly singing songs about effing, demonstrating phone sex, and offering sexual favors. It was pretty awesome and horrific all at the same time. To each his or her own I guess. I mostly felt bad for the elderly gentleman sitting next to them.

Ahh young love.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good News Bad News Time

Good news:

Zach Braff breaks up with Shiri Appleby. (I didn't say it was gonna be good news for EVERYBODY.)

Bad news:

...because (acc to tabloid reports) she's ready to start a family and he doesn't want to get married until he's 40.

Good news:

Patrick Swayze is in the news.

Bad news:

...because he has pancreatic cancer and allegedly only 5 months to live. (this better not be some kinda sick publicity ploy!)

I interviewed (my old pal) Woody Harrelson, Chris Parnell, Ray Romano and Cheryl Hines this morning. Somebody forgot to tell them they're comedians. Except for Cheryl. She's always nice. And at least Ray tried. Woody and Chris were out of it.

I never mentioned how well the Married Life junket with Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams went. I was really happy with it. Rachel has a super cute new do, and is just as friendly as you would expect her to be. Chris has a limp fishy handshake which I didn't enjoy, but he was nice enough.

I watched "Then She Found Me" last night. It was written, directed and produced by Helen Hunt, who along with Bette Midler and Colin Firth stars in the movie. It did nothing for my mood at the moment, but I enjoyed it overall. Bette and Colin were my favorites. The ending was not. Not that it's bad or anything that's not expected...I'm actually not sure why I didn't like it. Oh, Matthew Broderick is also in it.

I also tried to watch Mister Lonely (a movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator). It wasn't good and luckily the dvd broke like an hour into it, so I got to stop watching it.

Right now I'm watching a short that Josh Brolin wrote and directed.

In a couple hours I have back to back screenings. First "21" and then "Stop Loss." Lots o movies.

Then tomorrow it's off to Austin. I can't wait. Bring on the bbq. Fingers are also crossed for an overnight thunderstorm.

Ok this short just ended and deserves a big wtf. WTF?!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I have mouse traps on my desk work. Placed by good ole officemate Ben. He says recent discovered "evidence" proves the sticky traps provided by the building just aren't cutting it. He added that the traps are nontoxic (except for where the mouse is concerned). He also promises to remove any captives by the time I get into work each morning.

So there's that.

I did the Married Life junket today, and it's a BEAUTIFUL day here in LaLa land, but before I get into all that, let's do a weekend rewind. St Louis style.

Got into the 314 Fri night and was welcomed by an excited Hunter (his reception this time was MUCH better than at Christmastime) and Melody (who wears my hand-me-downs as maternity clothes).

The first cute thing Hunter did: at the airport, he was wearing a red and black plaid flannel (think Elmer Fudd and remember that it's true what they say about midwesterners and plaid). Well a grandparent-age couple in baggage claim was also wearing the Elmer Fudd jackets. Melody told Hunter that he was going to have to go home with them since he obviously belonged in their family. Hunter went right up to the woman and set the corner of his jacket up against hers as if to say "same same." (She was midwestern nice and thought it was cute.)

Second cute thing Hunter did: on the way home, Melody and I were talking about Jett's pending arrival and she was voicing her concern that he'll be bigger than Hunter (who wasn't small). All the sudden Hunter, who had been playing his Nintendo DS and we thought not paying attention to our convo, says "Dear Jesus, please make my mommy's baby tiny." It was super cute.

Third Hunterism: "I wanna play craps!" as we drove by one of the casinos.

Ok, so that night Mel and Hunter stayed with me at my parents. I got to feel Jett hanging out in the womb and Melody did a great job of describing what it felt like from her perspective. I had a random nightmare that night. (I can't recollect the last time I had one.) Melody was like, "I'll tell you what I tell Hunter. I'm here, everything's gonna be ok." The next day it was donuts for breakfast (a sat am tradition for as long as I can remember), and then it was off to stop by and see Melissa at work before heading over to spend the day with the birthday girl aka my grandma.

She made us milkshakes for lunch and my uncle and one of her friends stopped by. Then before long it was time to meet most of my family for dinner at a downtown St Charles restaurant. Matthew's fam, Melody's fam and my parents met us there. Ned's glasses are super cute. The fact that he, at 9 and a half, has a moustache freaks me out. They call it peach fuzz, but you can see it when you look at him. He's pretty sure he's going through puberty. After dinner (who asked for the play by play??) it was back to my parents' for cake and ice cream in honor of Tammy and Laney's bday on Weds. Basically if it wasn't Hannah Montana or High School Musical it didn't get the Laney seal of approval. I can't believe all the little kids are 4 now. Where did that time go??

Spent that night with my grandma. Woke up in the middle of the night to her talking in her sleep, saying: "Don't you EVER do that again!" Luckily she eventually woke herself up talking so she could fill me in on the dream she was having. We made breakfast together (my scrambled eggs and her bacon and toast) before heading over to my aunt's for the big bday celebration. It's weird because even tho I'm the only one out of town (literally) some of them hadn't seen each other since I was last in town for Christmas. I'm pretty sure good times were had by all, but I know my grandma was happy we were all together.

My flight home last night was super turbulent. Luckily they were playing "Enchanted" so that kept me calm. I do love that story.

I'm not afraid to admit that right now I'm enjoying Taylor Swift and I'm reading "Blankets," a graphic novel. Last week I read the second installment of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Sometimes you just need to keep it light.

I leave for Austin Thurs am. I wish I could figure out what I need to do before then. Sounds like the stuff that lists are made of.

One of my fave bloggers is ending her run with Damn the man, save the Empire!