Sunday, March 9, 2008

Something clever

Grey gooses (geese?) are so cheap here Jon and I are convinced we would be alcholics if we moved here. Seriously. $5 for GREY GOOSE? We'll take the bottle.

Town was pretty dead tonight so we pub crawled down 6th. I didn't really enjoy Coyote Ugly. I kept being afraid they would make me get up on the bar and do a girl on girl body shot. I understand how that might sound fun within a certain energy, but when there's not but like 5 older men leering at the bar, it doesn't really seem appealing.

We ended up at the Dizzy Rooster which I guess was popular among the Real World Austin kids. Speaking of, the building where they lived has been turned into a restaurant.

I guess today's highlight was Sally Ride. I mean of course it was. FREAKING DOCTOR SALLY RIDE. I was super disappointed she didn't still have her 80s hair. I also apologized to her for not following a math and science path. No, really, I did.

The only movie we saw was Promoted with Sean William Scott and John C Reilly. It was pretty good. I'm super excited to hang with SWS tomorrow. Boy looks good. Much better in real life than on film.

I guess I should probably go to sleep. We have a full day scheduled tomorrow and the weather is not supposed to cooperate.

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