Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sometimes I relate to Katy Perry...

Like when she tells Fabulous magazine:

"I say what I think. I’m a real person, not some manufactured pop tart who’s afraid to step out of the hotel room. I am flawed. I swear, I have the occasional cocktail, I pick my nose and I fart. I’m not running for any presidential campaign at the moment. I’m a sassy girl."

I eat Pop Tarts (Brown Sugar Cinnamon, natch). Since I don't sing in public, I won't be mistaken for a manufactured pop tart. But I relate to teh sassy, and should you be in the car when "Hot n Cold" comes on, I'll singalong. KNOWING that it's cheesy. I also imagine myself in this video with Taylor Swift. That probably makes it worse, doesn't it.

Is it wrong that I'm 30 and I wish I was friends with her? We both like stripes. Probably no more wrong than that I'd like to meet Amos based on two seconds in one of her videos.

The survivors of last week's massive layoff had our first meeting yesterday. It makes me sad that the staff of the new ReelzChannel Movie News doesn't even fill up a conference table. Afterward I was praised by a coworker for being so blunt about my feelings and questions about the new plan. My bosses know what I'm thinking anyway (I have a horrible poker face.) My one boss even told me before the meeting that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just feel like we have a right to ask questions and voice concerns.

I leave Friday for the STL and am looking forward to a break from the life.

In movies news...

The Tale of Desperaux...Boo. I went and saw it because I thought the mouse was cute. I do not in anyway recommend this movie to anyone. Children nor adults.

Valkyrie...I went into this DREADING it. I came away pleasantly surprised. Tom Cruise works for me when he's in uniform. They made it make sense that he wasn't speaking with a German accent, and I think a German accent would have made it worse. Again, I didn't know the story of the true events so this was another learning experience for me. And I felt bad for the guy who had to go around Germany during filming looking like Hitler with the stache and all. The fact that Germans tried to kill Hitler 15 times is crazy to me. The names of all of the officers did get a little confusing. But Tom Wilkinson shines as he always does. I swear that man can do anything. Such a chameleon. I've wanted to hug him since he played the dad in The Last Kiss.

Speaking of Tom, I also watched Recount this weekend. The movie has gotten a lot of award attention and now I know why. The performances are top notch. Unfortunately it also makes you more disappointed in the system and is upsetting because it's like people were just deciding which votes counted for who and then the court decided when enough was enough with the recount (before the recount was over!) and then Gore threw in the towel...no matter who you wanted to win, I would think watching the system fail is never enjoyable.

I'm going to see Yes Man this afternoon. I'm excited because I was there when Jim Carrey bungee jumped off the bridge in Pasadena. And now I'll get to see it in the movie! We'll see how the rest of it treats me.

Then tonight I guess I'm going to do something about sealing my windows. I live in an old apartment and it refuses to hold heat. I conducted an experiment this past weekend in which I cranked the heat up to 80 and let it run for 15 hours. By hour 15 the temperature in the house had risen to a less-than-balmy 70 degrees. Which, while noticeably warmer than the usual 60 degrees that greets me in the morning, is not a cost effective way to heat my place. I know hot air is coming out of the vents, so that can only mean that it's escaping through everywhere else.

I haven't turned the heat on since, just use a space heater and heating pad in my bedroom at night...but that means I walk around wearing blankets and coats and scarves. This morning when I came out of my bedroom it was less than 60 degrees in my apt..I think it said 57. and that is a rude awakening.

I realize it's much colder in the midwest and northeast right now, but my blood is no longer equipped for it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

NDG Wisdom

Nicole just sent this to me. It's funny cuz it's true?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Song

Ok so I totally suck at posting the Ireland blog but you're about to find out a little bit about the past week and why I haven't blogged.

First things first. I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last weekend. And I liked it. A lot. It's like NOTHING you've ever seen before. Yes it is three hours long. But the guy who wrote this also wrote Forrest Gump. Which was also long. And who didn't like Forrest Gump??

The story just blew me out of the water in how new it was. In a time where it seems like every movie is a sequel or remake or adapted from a book, this is new. Although it is adapted from an F Scott Fitzgerald short story, which is derived from a famous Mark Twain quote, but still. I didn't know any of those things going into it.

I was glad for the three hours because it took me an hour to get used to - and stop focusing on - the incredible makeup and start paying attention to the love stories at the core of the movie. I think people of all ages will find this movie relatable.

I then covered the Benjamin Button premiere Monday night. To say it was pandemonium would be an understatement. I have seen Brangelina in red carpet action one other time in real life. It was this past year's Film Independent Spirit Awards when she showed up with a baby bump. For some reason showing up with Brad's parents made the place go ape shit. I now know it's because it's the first time they've ever been seen on a red carpet with Angelina. It's obvious they like her (they had also apparently liked Jennifer Aniston a lot). She actually walked them down the carpet and Papa Pitt had his arm protectively around her and she and Mama Pitt conversed and were equally appalled when the still photogs started booing Sharon Stone.

The energy of the night was super crazy and then it all went too fast and all the sudden Brad Pitt was walking by me answering a question from the guy before me. But he did make eye contact with me. I will hold on to that moment. That and the moment that Angelina talked to me from across the carpet. I also might have kept yelling "I'm from Missouri too!" to Brad's parents. Whatevs. You do what you got to do in those situations. And yelling is often at the top of the list.

So I was all keyed up from my crazy premiere night and then Tuesday happened. Tuesday my company joined the ranks of many in my industry my doing a massive layoff. 63 people to be exact. Which is more than a third of the company. There had been rumors something was going to happen Wednesday, but they decided to get us when we weren't expecting it. Luckily (?) I was not given an envelope. But many of my friends were. Under California law, however, when you let go (it's either more than 50 people or one third of your company, I'm not sure which) you are required to give them 60 day notice. So it's kind of concerning because they thought they were doing this huge money saving thing and in fact they won't start saving money until at least February. It's just all very weird.

In addition to the layoffs, they're basically cancelling the show I work on. Yeah. They're planning on going with a MTV news type thing where it's like 4 3-minute interstitials a day. I'm not sure how it's all going to shake out, but it's been a crazy environment the past few days.

And then today was Golden Globes nominations. I love award shows. I love movies. I love finding out what movies I love get nominated. I was at work at 5:15 this morning. Here's the package I did.

The only top nominated movies I really have left to see are Doubt, The Reader, and Revolutionary Road. I'm reading Rev Road right now, but can't wait to see it. I'm seeing Tale of Desperaux this weekend. Mostly because I just can't get enough of looking at that lil mouse with his big ears on the billboards. I also really wanna see the French movie A Christmas Tale...not sure if that will fit into the wkend sked tho.

Here's hoping for a better week next week. and good drinks with good friends this weekend. Tis the season.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marley and Me and Me

After seeing Marley and Me last night, I'm pretty sure I am not emotionally capable of having a dog. I have a feeling this post might contain spoilers just because I can't talk about the movie without talking about what happens in the movie. If you've read the book you know what's going to happen.

I guess I steered clear from the book because I probably read the description and had the foresight to see myself sobbing while reading it and valued my wellbeing enough not to do that to myself so knowingly.

I did however see the movie. Mostly because others wanted to and I thought it seemed like it was going to be cute. And it was cute. Don't get me wrong. It's actually a GREAT movie. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are perfect. We were all talking afterward how natural they seemed and it didn't seem like acting at all. This is Owen's first movie post suicide attempt and seeing him play with the kids was enough to bring me to tears, not to mention the carefully crafted relationship he seemed to really have with the dogs. (and you could tell when they changed dogs, especially one time, but you get past it.)

The other thing was that this screening was open to the public. This is where it went wrong because I guess a lot of people saw a puppy on the poster and assumed it was a kid movie. For some reason the studio didn't set them straight as they walked their little lambs into the emotional slaughter that was this movie.

As Tory said as we were leaving, Marley and Me puts Old Yeller to shame. Seriously. Not a kid movie. And again, not just because of the dog, but because there are other things that happen in the movie that we actually heard little kids asking about. Things little kids shouldn't have to know about.

It opens on Christmas Day. And it is a good movie. Gerrad and Tory said it followed the book perfectly. Gerrad said it's better than most of the award season movies he's seen. (Frost/Nixon and Milk are very much award worthy tho, but I'm just saying that's how good it is.) And it's very well put together. Just bring hankies and tissues. And no kids.

As we were walking through the mall to leave, we saw a woman with a couple of dogs and were immediately like, "oh my gosh, does she not know what's going to happen?" I was so upset (read HEAVING sobs) after two hours of watching a pretend relationship with a dog that I can't imagine forging my own relationship with a dog and having it reach its natural conclusion after like 14 years.


I see the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight, as I'm covering the premiere on Monday night. I had been hoping to get through a day without crying but I guess that probably won't happen as I heard this one's a tear jerker too.

It's also almost 3 hours. Which means we're gonna be late to the Aimee Mann Christmas Show. But hopefully we'll get there in time for me to hear some "O Holy Night" and feel a little better about everything.


I realize I haven't posted an Ireland blog. I promise you I have notes and the best of intentions. This week has not been a great one and next week is looking to be worse. (Seriously. My boss actually said "Have a good weekend. You'll need it." as we left the daily meeting on Friday. Awesome.) So maybe I'll put it together if I have time tomorrow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Littlest Prince

Now that I know how good kids are at relationship advice, I REALLY can't wait to go home for Christmas.


So maybe I do have a little advice giver in my kid mix. The following exchange happened between my younger sister and her nearly 5 year old son after a phone call between she and I.

Hunter: Who is sad?
Melody: Aunt Mary Anne
Hunter: Why is she sad?
Melody: Her work is making her sad and her friend is making her sad.
Hunter: Call her back.
Melody: What?
Hunter: Call her back and tell her to eat a plate of spaghetti. That always makes me feel better.
Melody: But you don't even like spaghetti.