Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This really happened...

I was making deviled eggs with Jett in the sling. The rest of the house was asleep. Don't hate on the pjs in the early afternoon. The day before this photo was taken, I got in the shower at 9p only to change into a different pair of pjs.

The quarantine has lifted now and we're slowly getting out and about.

The fun continues. I can't believe I've already been here a week. Figuring the second week will fly by just as fast. At one point Melody was like, see, if you lived here we could hang like this all the time. I then reminded her that if I lived here we would both be working and not have this time at all.

Hello Friend

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Playing house

It's Day 3 in the StL.

I got in Wednesday night. Within about an hour Hunter had puked and Jett had peed in my hand during a diaper change and spit up on my feet. Yum-O! Then the fun really began.

Jett had given Melody a tough time the three nights before then, keeping her up from 1a to 5a. So I took him for Weds night and he slept like a dream. Like a seven hour stretch with one meal break in the middle. It was pretty magical. We were all excited thinking I had some kind of magic touch.

Two nights later...Jett's all about hanging out night owl style. The good news is he's not screaming, but he likes to be held and talked to and is really alert. Needless to say we really enjoyed Lifetime's Golden Girls marathon. RIP Sophia. Melody and I have been trading off duties and after talking this morning we realized Jett probably slept about 3 hours last night.

Hunter was diagnosed yesterday with strep throat, so we've kind of been in quarantine mode. I'm happy to be here to help Melody and Josh.

Josh went back to work yesterday so I took over cooking duties. We had scrambled eggs for bfast and fried egg sandwiches for dinner. Per Melody's request, but eggs are also one of my strong suits.

Since we've stayed in since I got here, I've only seen my parents and my brother, who stopped by on his way to work. I've talked to my other sister and Grandma tho. In 20 minutes Hunter will have been on his antibiotic for 24 hours and will no longer be contagious. We're all excited about that and will be headed over to my parents for a bbq later today.

I forget how much I'm not used to weather. It's been dreary every day. A couple of shines of sunlight yesterday and so far today. Lots of rolling thunder and rain and lightning. I like to sleep during thunderstorms but little kids - and apparently babies - don't really enjoy it ver much. So yeah, I'd like some sunshine.

Right now everyone's taking naps. I'm gonna finish this up and go whip up some deviled eggs and continue working on the laundry. It only sounds like a lot. Josh has been king of domestication and has really set the bar high for any potential baby daddys I entertain.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shaken Not Stirred

I woke up today thinking we were having an earthquake. It wasn't THE BIG ONE necessarily, but there was a lot of shaking and it kept going. Like it didn't stop until I woke up. It was so real that I went in and turned on the tv to see if it was on the news. It wasn't.

I had kind of overslept so of course in my overthinking state I wondered if somebody (albeit not a physical person) or something (my subconscious?) shook me awake.

I'm telling you. That's how real it was.

Alright. Back to work.

Seeing Pineapple Express tonight. Snacks included. Color me excited.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Paging Rusted Root

As in...Send Me on My Way.

I'm sitting here watching this week's Army Wives. I've kinda mostly packed.

"only pack what you want baby puke on"
"don't you wear the same size as your sister? just wear her clothes."

I'm stressed. Stressed about making sure I've left my ducks in a row at work. Stressed about leaving so much dirty laundry behind and my place a relative mess when I know people will be staying here while I'm gone. Stressed about knowing that upon my return I'll have but a couple days to pack the entire place up in order to live in my spacious airy sun-filled abode.

But I'm SO excited. Excited to meet Jett. Excited to help Melody. Excited to spend quality time with Hunter and the rest of the kids. And the rest of the fam. Excited to see my grandma for the third (!) time this year. Excited to shoot stories in St. Louis. Excited to be able to attend a family reunion.

It was a crazy weekend.

Friday night I babysat a little boy I used to babysit before I went to Paris. When I moved away he was a year and a half. He's now 4. I hadn't seen him in the space between, but as soon as I walked in the house the other night, he said I remember you from when I was a baby! and crawled into the chair next to me for a hug. We questioned him, but throughout the evening he brought up other things about when he was a baby and the different house he lived in. Kids are crazy amazing beings. We had a blast and I know it's weird for a 30 year old to babysit, but he's a cool kid, and I like him.

Saturday morning, because I'm apparently 13, I babysat again. For a different family. It turned out to be more like mother helping which only made me feel more like a preteen.

Then it was off to Long Beach for a bday bbq. It was super fun, but duty called and I had to make the trek up the 405 to Woodland Hills to shoot a Cinewherever. After that it was time for another bday in WeHo. Basically Saturday was a tour of the Southland.

I slept in Sunday, which I told myself was well-deserved. Then I went to meet a friend's baby. She was 10 days old and super tiny and it's hard to believe that Jett is already two pounds heavier than she is. I'm ready for my baby workout.

Last night we celebrated the opening weekend of The Dark Knight by visiting the bat cave at Bronson. I guess they used it in the tv show where the Batmobile would come out of. Anywho, I took one of the most favorite pictures I've ever taken while there.

That's inside the cave looking out the entrance. I have a real "the stone was rolled away" feeling about this shot.

PS There were no bats in the cave.

After the minihike, we parked outside my new apartment and hung out in the new hood. I got SUPER excited. I'm a little nervous about so many eateries that I like to be in walking distance. And there's a gelato place literally around the corner. I said we'll have to set a number of times we go there. Same goes for the pie shop down the street. I'll also be within walking distance of the library and hiking trails. It really doesn't get any better. I went and visited the place again today. I feel good about my choice.

The movers will have a tough time. KDL has suggested I just not watch them shove my couch through the front door. I'm inappropriately still attached and protective of it. Not as much about people sitting or laying on it since my niece peed on it last year, but I don't want it to get damaged.

Pictures to come once I move in after I get back. And get settled in. So tune back in this fall. I don't think I ever did take pictures of the place I'm in now, so, well, I guess if you really wanna see a place I live, come visit.

Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

Yes please to this movie.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Friday, July 18, 2008

There's too many things I haven't done yet

Things we already know I like a whole lot:

The Hotel Cafe
Sara Bareilles

Well yesterday NDG told me that Sara would be the special guest at the Raining Jane show last night at the Cafe. NDG is friends with the girls. I had never seen RJ before, but was excited. I also hoped that seeing Sara back at the cafe where it all began would be a different (read: better) experience than the other 2 times I've seen her this year (in Austin and here in LA as part of the Hotel Cafe Tour).

Well it was.

First I met the girls which was fun. Then Raining Jane tooked the stage and rocked my socks. I wasn't even WEARING socks. Awesome. I hate saying it was like watching the Dixie Chicks because I feel like that's a sexist cop-out, but they were just having so much fun. And they're so musically and instrumentally talented. And they were so great with the crowd. In addition, the Hotel Cafe Jack of all Musical Instruments Brad Gordon played with them.

I love Brad Gordon. There's just something about a guy who you can hand any musical instrument to and he can totally rock it. My favorite? The accordion. Seriously...He walks by and I turn into a schoolgirl. Simply because of his sheer talent.

Ok so after Raining Jane left the stage, Sara took to it. Fears she would repeat the same set I've heard the last two concerts were quickly laid to rest. Her comfort on her home stage coupled with a fun energy with the crowd created an environment so great that I was jealous of myself for being there.

Just a great back to back show. 2 hours of greatness. RJ followed by SB.

Sara didn't sing Satellite or Between the Lines, but she did cover The Beatles' "Oh Darlin" which was fab. She also interjected stories and made the whole thing pretty conversational which I enjoy in a small venue. When she sang The City she brought up Chaska and Mona of RJ to join her and it was magical.

I immediately came home and purchased everything Raining Jane had to offer on Itunes.

Last year I went to something like at least one show a week. This year I've toned it down considerably, but every time I go to one I realize how much I miss it. Luckily shows at the cafe are only $10 and for experiences like these, that is money WELL spent.

I'm trying to get everything situated workwise before I leave Weds and I feel like I'm gonna forget something. Two weeks is a long time to be away. And knowing I'm moving right when I get back is a little mind rattling. But it will all happen and I'll get through it.

Talked to Melody today. Sounds like she and Jett will be able to go home Sunday. Everyone is doing great. She's excited about my visit as am I. I'm so happy to be able to help her this time around. Especially since she can't really lift anything heavier than the baby (who is plenty heavy enough on his own) for the first 6 weeks. I will get her through week 3 and then Josh will take off the next 3 weeks. It really works out.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I blame Steve Miller

I know I know. It's been a while. But don't worry. Lots of things to tell and share.

Title refers to the birth of my new nephew (shown here). I can already hear myself sing "oh oh oh big ole jet airliner" as I cuddle his nearly 10 pound, 2 foot self. Dear Jett, 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 3/4 in long is a one month old. Not a newborn!!!

Hunter's a big bro and that's exciting.

Melody's a champ. They had to do a c-section because he was so big. I talked to her less than an hour after delivery and she kept telling me how it was the best experience ever . She also kept saying "I love you, man." Ahh morphine.

I'm now an aunt 7 times over. 3 boys and 4 girls. Ned, the oldest, will be 10 (!) next month.

Several people were laid off at work today. Some say 17, some say 30. The trades have yet to pick the news up, so I'm not quite sure. We had a company wide meeting and they said everyone at the meeting was safe, and will be a part of the Reelz future. You'll be happy to know I was in the meeting.

So yeah, that happened. I'm hoping for more information as the days pass, but definitely not banking on it.

I'm writing this much-awaited blog on my new MacBook. That's right. So long PC world. I was left no choice but to buy a new computer after I accidentally - I swear! - misjudged a surface and DROPPED my other one. I mean it had its problems before the fall, but the fall broke the LCD in the screen and basically rendered it useless.

The silver lining is that I was able to get a sweet discount that included a FREE! Ipod touch which includes internet capabilities. It basically looks like an Iphone and does everything an Iphone does save make calls and send texts.

Note to new readers Janet and Robert: I should have sent my computer with you after all! Then I wouldn't have dropped it!

Speaking of Janet and Robert (my cousins), they came out for a visit last week. They're my first visitors since Melissa brought Lindsey out last August, so I cleaned up the place real nice for them.

We had a great time doing touristy things like the Hollywood handprints, and the Venice canals, and the Hollywood sign, and Mulholland Drive, and Santa Monica Pier. We walked from Venice to Santa Monica which is quite the haul, so Robert and I rode a bicycle built for two to go get the car for the return trip. I think the favorite restaurant was Tender Greens, but I'm pretty sure they enjoyed Elvis Thai as well. (Think cheap, but yummy thai food and an Thai Elvis impersonator.)

We also celebrated KDL'S bday this weekend. Loteria style. One of my highlights was hanging in the kitchen with the owner whilst preparing the vegan cookie platter.

So, I'm moving again. (I'm sorry this blog is all over the place). I love how my dad pointed out this will be the third apt I have had since returning from Paris in 2006 (and that doesn't include living with Moe for 3 months!). I'm pretty stoked about living in the area where I've found this new place. (A French cafe and privately owned bookstore are among the several shops and eateries in the area.) Best of all it comes with a parking space and my very own washer and dryer. In. My. Apartment. Who would have ever thought that could excite me so much??

The idea of moving isn't something I'm looking forward to, but it's a process, and I'll be excited when it's done and I'm in my new hood. Unfortunately I have to give up my beloved vintage fridge for the cause, but I'm trying to be a big girl about it.

I'll move in right after my extended vacay back home. I leave a week from today and will be in the StL for 2 whole weeks. (To help with Baby Jett.) It's the longest time I'll spend at home since I moved to San Diego 5 (!) years ago.

Just so you know I'm currently watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" while pop rocks sizzle in my mouth.

So back to my trip home. I've banked up enough comp days that I will be getting paid all but three days of my vacay which is exciting. In addition, I've talked them into letting me work from St Louis one of the days.

I'll be shooting a Cinewherever segment Aug 1 at Union Station. They do movies under the train shed. The movie is "Singing in the Rain." Come one come all.

What else what else what else is going on???


I watched Frozen River last night. It's a good drama garnering Oscar buzz. I do the junket on Monday. I'm also enjoying The Other Boleyn Girl. In addition I watched Dazed and Confused the other night. If you haven't seen that recently, it's time to watch it again. Thanks Linklater. and McConaughey.

Alright alright alright.

The only gossipy thing I'll reference is Suri Cruise's continued use of a bottle. I think I've talked about it before, but for the love of God get that kid a sippy cup! She's over 2 years old!

I'll try to be better about keeping up with the blog. But I've pretty much caught you up on everything.

PS If you were a part of the extravaganza that was my birthday cd. A million thank yous. It turned into a 5 disc set with something like 94 songs. (pix to come) Crazy.

I am loved. I am loved. I am loved yes indeed.

Oh - I am now totally caught up with Army Wives, and still addicted. I also now enjoy the weird game? show Wipeout! Thanks Julie.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wife Swap

So I've officially traded in my addiction to the deceivingly fakeness that was Farmer Wants a Wife for the professionally written fakeness that is Army Wives.

I've been going through the first season on dvd. Which brings up another point. TV shows on dvd are the best idea ever. It's like taking tivo to the next level. No FF required. The only bad thing about it is that sometimes you look at the clock and it's 3am and you've watched 4 episodes while laying in bed when you should be sleeping because you have to work in the morning.

Run-on sentence much?

The idea is to get caught up and start watching some of season 2 which is currently airing and saved on my tivo.

Mad Men came out on dvd this week.

It's super critically acclaimed and award winning and even shoots on my lot, but I've yet to see it.

True story:

I'm in an elevator last week when a sharp dressed man gets onboard. I make conversation by saying "Oh, what show do you work for?" (figuring he's an extra or something) To which he answers "Mad Men." To which I say "Oh the lead on that show is from St Louis and so am I." To which he responds "Hi, I'm Jon" and extends his hand. Then he asks me about what part of St Louis and we have this convo and I feel like an arse for not recognizing him. As he got off the elevator, I leaned out and tried to save myself by saying "Congratulations on all your awards!" He said thanks (with a smile!) and walked away.

Jon, this Netflix queue add's for you.

I was mildly productive this evening before getting sucked back into the Wives. I pulled 3 trash bags of clothes from my closet. It's amazing to me how I think I live simply and then I'm able to subtract that many things and still have a full closet. Too. much. stuff.

I talked to Melody today. I'm super excited that I'll be there in 21 days and so will Jett. I don't think she takes me seriously when I say I'm going to bring him home with me. Babies fly free.

Vegas was fun. Maybe a little too much fun. But apparently that's what Vegas is about. I didn't win or lose big. I still wanna go one weekend and only see shows. Luckily I'm close enough that that is an actual possibility.

Excited about a 3 day weekend (even tho I have a shoot Saturday night). Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I love me some communal viewing of fireworks. Enjoy your independence and watch out for those sparklers.