Monday, July 21, 2008

Paging Rusted Root

As in...Send Me on My Way.

I'm sitting here watching this week's Army Wives. I've kinda mostly packed.

"only pack what you want baby puke on"
"don't you wear the same size as your sister? just wear her clothes."

I'm stressed. Stressed about making sure I've left my ducks in a row at work. Stressed about leaving so much dirty laundry behind and my place a relative mess when I know people will be staying here while I'm gone. Stressed about knowing that upon my return I'll have but a couple days to pack the entire place up in order to live in my spacious airy sun-filled abode.

But I'm SO excited. Excited to meet Jett. Excited to help Melody. Excited to spend quality time with Hunter and the rest of the kids. And the rest of the fam. Excited to see my grandma for the third (!) time this year. Excited to shoot stories in St. Louis. Excited to be able to attend a family reunion.

It was a crazy weekend.

Friday night I babysat a little boy I used to babysit before I went to Paris. When I moved away he was a year and a half. He's now 4. I hadn't seen him in the space between, but as soon as I walked in the house the other night, he said I remember you from when I was a baby! and crawled into the chair next to me for a hug. We questioned him, but throughout the evening he brought up other things about when he was a baby and the different house he lived in. Kids are crazy amazing beings. We had a blast and I know it's weird for a 30 year old to babysit, but he's a cool kid, and I like him.

Saturday morning, because I'm apparently 13, I babysat again. For a different family. It turned out to be more like mother helping which only made me feel more like a preteen.

Then it was off to Long Beach for a bday bbq. It was super fun, but duty called and I had to make the trek up the 405 to Woodland Hills to shoot a Cinewherever. After that it was time for another bday in WeHo. Basically Saturday was a tour of the Southland.

I slept in Sunday, which I told myself was well-deserved. Then I went to meet a friend's baby. She was 10 days old and super tiny and it's hard to believe that Jett is already two pounds heavier than she is. I'm ready for my baby workout.

Last night we celebrated the opening weekend of The Dark Knight by visiting the bat cave at Bronson. I guess they used it in the tv show where the Batmobile would come out of. Anywho, I took one of the most favorite pictures I've ever taken while there.

That's inside the cave looking out the entrance. I have a real "the stone was rolled away" feeling about this shot.

PS There were no bats in the cave.

After the minihike, we parked outside my new apartment and hung out in the new hood. I got SUPER excited. I'm a little nervous about so many eateries that I like to be in walking distance. And there's a gelato place literally around the corner. I said we'll have to set a number of times we go there. Same goes for the pie shop down the street. I'll also be within walking distance of the library and hiking trails. It really doesn't get any better. I went and visited the place again today. I feel good about my choice.

The movers will have a tough time. KDL has suggested I just not watch them shove my couch through the front door. I'm inappropriately still attached and protective of it. Not as much about people sitting or laying on it since my niece peed on it last year, but I don't want it to get damaged.

Pictures to come once I move in after I get back. And get settled in. So tune back in this fall. I don't think I ever did take pictures of the place I'm in now, so, well, I guess if you really wanna see a place I live, come visit.

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