Friday, June 27, 2008

Breaking News

I know, after such a drought, two blogs in a matter of minutes...but I'm so excited this just can't wait.



For the Toronto Film Fest in September. This is my first time for Toronto and I'm super stoked.

Only thing left on the work list is Oscars and Cannes. Not to be confused with the lil green monster on Sesame Street (which would be Oscar IN a Can).

I also like this because it just keeps giving me more things to look forward to so that I don't get that stagnant feeling. I'm good through the second week of October now.

Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas

I am. Going to Vegas that is. Mostly because there's no place I'd rather be the last weekend of June than the middle of the desert! Yeah-uh! It's KBM's first time so that's exciting. I'm hoping to randomly pull a slot arm while walking by and get the big jackpot. It could happen. IT COULD!!!

I'm also hoping to see Beatles LOVE.
I'm also hoping to maintain my Caribbean tan.
I'm also hoping to drink fruity frozen beverages and sit next to blue haired ladies.

I just wanted to write a quick blurb to say:

Wanted is out this weekend. Don't forget I told you it was awesome and that you should see it.

Wall-E is also out. OMG you guys. I think it's more a date movie than a kids movie, but superlove. Seriously. Get ready for the cutest thing you've ever seen.

I'm interested to see how the crowds will split between these two movies because having seen them both, I would say they have a very similar audience. That is, people who like good movies.

American Teen. Definitely check it out. We all went to high school. Some of us went in the midwest. Be reminded of the angst and shittiness you felt and be glad you're in a different place now (hopefully). My quote to the studio for this movie:

"So relatable even I got a crush on Mitch."

Not a lie. He's 21 now, so I don't feel so awkward about it.

Dark Knight. Yes I saw it. God loves me that's why and how. In reality, I'll be working overnight here in a couple of weeks on a Dark Knight special so I had to see it. Here's the deal. It's good. Visually amazing. Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing. Christian Bale is a good Batman. He just is.

But the limelight in this movie goes to Heath. Not because he's dead, but because he is EFFING amazing. (sorry mom). Seriously. He embodies the Joker like Robert Downey Jr embodied Ironman. He'll get an Oscar nod because he deserves it. Depending on what comes out between now and then perhaps a win. It's the performance of a lifetime and it sucks that he's not around to bask in its glow.

As far as Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel...I love Maggie and I think it's just the fact that we haven't seen her in a movie like this that made it a little weird. Add that to the fact that I just watched Batman Begins the other night and Katie Holmes played Rachel. And she played her well. It was very reminiscent of the whole Roseanne Becky thing. They say she's the same, but she isn't the same.


Farmer Wants a Wife finaled this week. I've never been so ashamed and upset about a reality show. Ashamed I got so emotionally involved and addicted. Upset because who I wanted to win didn't win and I didn't like who did. Upset because the buzz on the internet is that it was all a farce and he really had a longterm girlfriend the whole time. I feel duped.

Except I can't be mad at Farmer Matt right now because he's filling sand bags and fighting off flood waters.


In "all because two people fell in love" news, Happy Anniv Mom & Dad! 38 years. Wowza! After I told you that I didn't think I could commit to anything for that long, my coworkers reminded me that I've committed to brushing my teeth and getting dressed for 30 years. So there's that. Thanks coworkers.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dream Fantasy

Why can't I just be independently wealthy so I can do things like this:

42 countries in 14 months. YES. PLEASE!!!!

Happy Bday Lou. You are my summer solstice.

PS It is hot as balls out here in So Cali. I know I used to joke with the Whites about the people here using the word "sweltering," but for reelz, y' is SWELTERING! It was like 98 by noon here in the city parts. I don't wanna think about the valley.

Speaking of the valley, I had a dream last night I toured a house that was for sale in the valley. (Most likely sparked by an exhausting and disappointing apt search. Yes again.) Anywho, so I liked the house overall, and it was a crazy steal at like 115k, but I kept repeating..."Yeah but it's in the VALLEY." I brought in the usual decision making helpers who all liked the house, but understood my disgruntlement about having to live in the valley. Hilarious. Who in their right mind would refuse a house in southern California that cost less than $120k? $400k for that matter...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flags of our Fathers

I'm a daddy's girl. Always have been. Always will be. Perhaps my singledom is somehow related to the fact that I wonder if another man will ever love me so unconditionally as the one who I made such a strong bond with as a 7 pound, 11 ounce bundle of new beginnings 30 years and 12 days ago.

I have more than a few favorite dad moments. I remember when I was learning to read he would let me sit on his lap and read him the comics. I can only imagine how unfunny Peanuts can be when every word is being sounded out and 5 frames take as many minutes to read.

Then there were the driving lessons. I got my license in Kentucky, which (no shocker here!) does not require professional drivers ed. So my dad and I would drive those country roads ad nauseum. I don't remember any white knuckles or disgruntled comments from the passenger seat. What I recall is how I kept making mistakes and saying "I'm sorry." My dad would always say, "Don't say I'm sorry, just don't do it again."

"Don't say I'm sorry, just don't do it again." What a great life lesson.

More recently, (well (5!) years ago next month (!)) I made the decision to move out west to San Diego. I had planned to drive out alone, but my dad asked me if he packed my car in a way that there was enough space for him could he ride along. We drove 20-something hours and my dad held his overnight bag on his lap because that's the only place it fit. I remember "Crazy in Love" being a huge hit around that time and explaining to my dad who "Beyonce" was. I remember our mutual excitement when George Strait's "Amarillo by Morning" came on the radio as we were driving in Amarillo. I remember talking about nothing and everything all at the same time, and enjoying the comfortable silences that filled the spaces in between. (Yes I can be silent!) But most of all, I remember the fear and the pride and the excitement in his face. I remember the supportive things he said - and still says. I remember wanting that drive to go on forever.

This isn't what I intended to blog about tonight (and I'll get into those things here in a bit). But I was reminded this weekend of a few things. How short life is. How we don't choose our parental situations, and that not everyone is as lucky as I am. How I hope and pray that when I have a daughter she's lucky enough to have a similar relationship with her dad.

I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.


Phew. So on to the other stuff...

I kicked off this weekend with a screening of the new James McAvoy - Angelina Jolie movie "Wanted." I had low expectations. I went in thinking this wasn't my type of movie and wondering why I was selected to cover it.

I came out in LOVE with it. I couldn't wait to talk to James McAvoy. OMG. The quote I gave to the studio was: "Jason Bourne meets The Matrix meets totally awesome." I also said "Like nothing I've ever seen before." Seriously. WHOA. I know Angelina has a lot of haters, but they just need to accept that she is good at what she does. She doesn't even need to speak, she has all these crazy looks that she gives. And McAvoy triumphes as an action star. No really.

I talked to him today about it at the junket. He's super nice. As is Common (yes the rapper/actor). I'll talk to them again Thursday on the red carpet when Wanted kicks off the LA Film Festival. (Obviously there was no Angelina at the junket, and will presumably be no AJ at the premiere because she's in the south of France about to have some more babies.)

I also continued my recent jet-setting ways this weekend with a 24-hour trip to NorCal for the wedding of my friend Chris (who I met in Paris). It was so great to see her again (after 2 years!!). We didn't have crazy amounts of time to reminisce about the City of Lights, but in the little time we did have, she reminded me of a hot makeout sesh with a Frenchman I had on the streets of my favorite city one night. How I let THAT slip my mind I'll never know. Ahh, I was so daring and carefree in my younger days. :) Thanks Chris for all the memories (we should have drank wine out of baby bottles for old times sake!) and inviting me to be a part of your day. You looked AMAZING!!!

I was gonna mix up my first batch of Kitchenaid cookies today, but instead (after I did the aforementioned junket), I laid out, read some Chuck Palahniuk, watched "I am Legend" (which I didn't really enjoy) and "The Monastery: Mr. Vig and the Nun" (which I did).

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


In the same batch of mail I received a coupon for a free birthday dinner at The Sizzler (value up to like $14) and an invitation to join the Beverly Hills Country Club.


I'm not sure I've ever been to a Sizzler. Maybe when I was little is all I can guess. But I've certainly never been in LA, and I'm not sure how they found out it was my bday. NDG, did you call them too??

The country club invite is nearly just as laughable. I don't golf. Or make THAT much money. Or own a house. I feel like you should probably own a house to be a part of a country club.

I'm thinking of replying to the country club invite with a copy of the Sizzler gift certificate, and a note asking them if they still want me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

And Our Hearts They Beat As One...

June 5, 2008 Thursday

The big news of the day is PADI Open Water Certification!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was such a better experience. Great water temp (85 degrees compared to 57 in Cali). I didn't even have to wear a wetsuit! Great visibility (100 ft compared to 5 here in Cali).

Highlights in addition to the achievement included a sea turtle sighting, the wreck dive (peering into portholes) and all the itty bitty fish my instructor found and pointed out.

It was a fun group of people including daddy to be Josh and Carlos who was training advanced and lent me his rash guard when I did start to get cold.

Dinner was Chester's jerk chicken and it was yummy.

Super tired.

Can't believe my time here is almost over.

I could not work forever.

June 6, 2008 Friday

If I had contact with the outside world I would tell my dad that I'm thinking of him. June 6 was my Grandpa Bargen's birthday.

Instead of starting with the am, I'm going to start with the most recent events.

Currently I'm finishing Paris When it Sizzles. A moment ago I was chillaxing, reading in my patio hammock.

I love it when Audrey's character Gabrielle says she came to Paris to live. That's always what I would say.

I ate tonight at Over the Edge on the north shore. Had a great convo with Phillipe, the cafe's owner. The restaurant was a recommendation of my inn's keepers. When I arrived, Phillipe was encouraging about my solo status. "Eating alone like a big girl!" It didn't sound as condescending as it now looks on paper.

I enjoyed a conch steak. Phillipe then came over for a convo. We talked France (his native country-natch), the island, tourism, hurricanes, and cultural diversity as it pertains to the raising of children.

He also informed me that the conch was rumored to be an aphrodesiac. I responded, "a lot of good that does me eating it alone." He told me someone down the road would profit from it.


I started my day at Boatwain's Beach Turtle Farm. I enjoyed seeing the different sizes of turtles, otherwise the park is far from its Discovery Cove dreams.

Afterward I went to Seven Mile Beach. There were no cruise ships in port so it was basically empty. It's insane to see what a cruise ship or 3 does to the shoreline population on that side of the island.

It could be the conch talking, but is Wm Holden (still watching Paris When it Sizzles) a hottie or what?! A lil hairy perhaps...

A couple hours on the beach and I went back to the craft market.


Returned to the hotel for more laying out. Two fams arrived today. First kids here all week.

And that's where I am. Wishing it wasn't over. Thinking I would have read more had there not been a tv. I'd like to return to this very apartment alone again OR with friends, love, or family.

Now We're Sharing the Same Dream...

June 3, 2008


NDG gets today's gold star. She called the hotel and told them it was my bday. That led to a host of greetings and well wishes, as well as a note on my door, and a traditional rum baby bundt cake with two candles on the table in my room.

(I was on my snorkeling excursion when she called.)

The snorkeling excursion. Super fun. First time on a jet ski. The other couple was deaf which was interesting. We were able to communicate enough and the girl and I had tons of fun racing and criss-crossing and splashing the guys.

The guys were like, are you sure it's your first time? (That's what HE said!)

BTW, afterward I was walking with a hitch in my step, making my noviceness evident. (Note: I wasn't back to normal until probably Saturday night.)

Stingray City was fun. The stingrays were all sizes. Some incredibly huge. Held one and took some pictures.

We then snorkeled around the reef a bit. I had mask issues but other than that a great time.

After the snorkel trip, drove down to Georgetown (where the cruise ships come in). Walked around the craft market and streets. As usual, can't commit to buying anything yet.

Got back to the bday welcome mentioned before. Also got emails from Dad, Mom, and Melody and a call from Matthew.

Laid out for a couple hours before coming in to get ready for dinner.

My face is sunburned but everything else is fine so far. My lips seemed to have got the worst of it. The wine burned a lil bit.

So dinner. I got dressed up and went to the Lighthouse on the Breakers. Right choice. Not too crowded, so eating alone didn't really bother me. They gave me a table right on the water. I had yellow tail snapper with fried plaintains, rice and veggies. I cleaned my plate and emptied my glass of wine. I turned down dessert in lieu of the aforementioned baby bundt cake waiting at home.

Big scuba certification day tomorrow. I feel like the week is already flying by.

Barack Obama = Dem nominee. Wow.

Now that I got Gone With the Wind out of the way, tonight it's about Audrey and Paris. When it sizzles.

Oh TONS of iguana sightings today. So weird.

Weds., June 4, 2008

I LOVE Farmer Wants a Wife. My addiction lives on here in the Big GC. I'm so glad Amanda won the pie contest!

Today started with a postponement of the dive trip. She said something about the rain, but it was good because I'm still in so much pain from the jet skiing. Worse than riding a horse!

I made breakfast and then headed to Rum Point. Laying out. Reading in a hammock on the beach. Snorkeling. Repeat. Really great beach. (Note: turns out this would be my favorite one.)

Came back, took a shower and headed to Queen Elizabeth Botanical Gardens. The hike became too naturey for me when a snake slithered across the path and I kept hearing rustling. Seeing iguanas in the wild didn't freak me out tho.

Met some people from Spain. Adriana is the little girl in the pic with me. (pix to come) We kept each other company. (read as I tagged along with their group the rest of the way lest have to deal with another solo snake encounter.)

Came back and went snorkeling behind the inn. It was awesome. Lots of reef. At one point it was everywhere and I didn't feel like I could swim over it without touching it.

I was going to call today "the day the music died." my ipod quit working at rum point.

bad/sad because:

1. i depend on my ipod when laying out, sleeping in an unusual place, flying in an airplane
2. given the sad sitch that is my laptop, my ipods all i got musicwise right now.

It somehow came back to life. For now.

I seriously feel like my thighs, butt, and lower back are super bruised - from the inside. It's fine as long as I'm sitting or laying down, but any movement between positions KILLS. Luckily I feel ok in the water. My arms hurt too. I was really yanked around!

Caribbean Queen Pt 1

June 1, 2008

The sign of things to come?

Got an early start. Landed in Miami to a voicemail from American telling me my flight to Grand Cayman had been cancelled.

Sacre bleu!

Would not accept a flight tomorrow so got transferred to Grand Cayman Airways.

3 waits in lines before I got the meal voucher and correct flight.

Didn't get a hold of Ebanks to figure out how to get there. Hotel peeps seem nice. (over the phone, I had called them to let them know I would be later than expected)

In addition, met quite a few interesting fellow stranded passengers:

1. the traveling couple (they recommend St Kitt and heart GC)
2. the older man in town to teach
3. the young family on the start of a 4 wk vacay. my new heroes. every time i would start feeling sorry for myself something worse would happen to them or I would look at them and say to myself "at least I don't have kids to keep up with during all this."

We all had about an 8 hour wait for the next flight. I was one of the lucky ones. My baggage showed up.

4. the girl in town to be a doctor on Cayman Brac for a month.
5. the guy in town for a month to be a concierge for some private residences (?)

It should be mentioned those two became quick friends while waiting for their suitcases in baggage claim. they sat together on the plane too. Unfortch I missed the goodbye.

Cayman Airways offers free (Tortuga) rum punch. after the day I've had? yes please.


oh my gosh! the car is so stinkin cute! there's a lot of roundabout things but so far so good on the whole driving on the left side of the road thing. note: the car is an automatic.

THE ROOM! the room is amazing. i wish everyone i loved was here to experience this room. I'm just saying I'm not sure how I've lasted 30 years without it. thinking of making it an annual tradition. it sleeps up to 4.

I got a realy sense of belonging as I drove from the airport. All this and I haven't even seen the place in the light of day!!!

June 2, 2008

My dad sent a welcome email to the hotel for me. (this is the only way i could receive emails was through the hotel)

Tropical Depression aka Barely Dressed and Covered in Sunscreen with Nowhere to Go

Snorkeling excursion cancelled.

Enjoying morning radio talent. "Who's your baby daddy?" Uncle Buck informed me Diddy and Diaz were seen canoodling.

Emmy Emerson - Sex and the City doesn't come out here til Friday.

Rain. wind. Thunder. Lightning. I guess I spoke too soon when I said I've never been in a hurricane. I mean, I know this isn't one, but it's a named tropical storm (Arthur) so that's pretty close.

Bfast of eggs and toast. By me.

Gone with the Wind time. The first time. Because I have time.

They announce in the morning how many cruise ships are docking and how many people they have onboard.

If today would have been good weather it would have been great tourist-wise. Only one ship with less than 3k onboard.

2 things. I fell asleep during Gone with the Wind and B - the inn has a dog and...2 cats. One of whom ran into my room when the door was cracked and ran and hid under my bed. Wouldn't come out until the guy at the desk pulled him/her out. By its tail. Feels like home.

Every time I turn on the tv, Sliding Doors is on. What does that mean?

Took a drive around the island once the weather cleared up a bit. Saw and video'd a cool blowhole. Two separate times saw crabs cross the road. One of them was HUGE!

Lots of for sale signs. Lots of remnant hurricane damage (from Ivan in 04 I'm guessing?).

Big Christian influence. Lots of churches. Profanity is strongly discouraged. There are signs that say so. On way to West Bay this am listened to a station playing only VBS songs. "Praise ye the Lord, Hallelujah!" "I've got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart. Where?" It was pretty much awesome.

Billy Ocean is going to be in town. I'm not sure when, but how awesome would that be? Caribbean Queen!

Funny thing about driving. Speed limit signs are in MPH, while spedometers are in KM. Basically I'm never sure how fast I should be going.

Cay-man is how they pronounce it.

Why can't it rain all night instead of all day??

Finally watched Gone with the Wind. I do declare that Rhett Butler was quite the smooth talker. Weird. June 2 was Gerald O'Hara's bday.

Lots of naps today. Guess that's what vacays are for.

Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow.

I went out and watched the ocean tonight. I love the sound and the smell. Only phosporescence would have made it more perfect.

What bed and breakfasts were to the Lake District in England, churches are to here.

Like a duck on a junebug.

Mix'd Message

Well hello hello.

I'm back and have tons of blogging to do. I have everything written, I just need to put it on here. I'll be doing that periodically, but first...

Several of you that know me were involved in the making of a mix cd which is seriously like one of the best things to ever happen to me. Big ups to KDL for her organization. She's simply magical, and I'm glad that this little project of hers has enabled all of these other people I know to meet her. (She doesn't even read this so it's not like I'm sucking up.) I haven't been super psyched about the move to a new decade, and a cd collection of love, memories and encouragement from family and friends is more than I could have ever imagined.

More than I could have ever imagined, that is, until I opened the *other collective gift.

That's a mint green Kitchenaid mixer, y'all. (Actual color title: pistachio) And it's all mine. I've wanted one for a ridiculously long time, and always figured I would have to get married to get one. Well I didn't. PS I am not going to be getting the meat grinder attachment. Or the sausage encasing one. They are proof that not everything that comes out of a Kitchenaid mixer is pretty.
Thanks to all who were involved. Seriously and for reelz.
Love you mean it.
(Note: I actually opened the mixer before I knew about the cd, it just flowed better to write it like this once I started.)