Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm a Snacker

So I finally got bored of my bare cupboard and refrigerator shelves and headed to Trader Joe's after work.

I was standing at the check out, and I started bagging my own groceries to make the whole thing go a little faster. All of the sudden, the woman behind me in line says "You're a snacker!" I look up like, whathuh? Then she proceeds to come up and examine my purchases more closely.

This woman is probably in her 50s...and she's saying everything in a nice, yet too excited tone.

I responded that I am a snacker and prefer to eat little things throughout the day. I looked at the cashier a couple of times for reassurance through this woman's commentary on my grocery trip.

She isolated the sushi, (You've got quite the variety!) as well as the quiche (What, is that lunch or something?) and the whole grain french toast (What do you do, put it in the toaster? //No, I have a toaster oven. // You can't just make it really quick in a pan?)

I reassured her that I CAN make French toast that doesn't come out of a box. I just like this kind. As for the quiche, I eat it like anything else, whenever I'm sitting there and think, "You know what would be REALLY good right now?"

After ripping my selection apart, the woman looked right at the cashier and said, "I like what she bought." About MY purchases.


PS and off topic...The new show "Farmer Wants a Wife" takes place in a town called Portage des Sioux, Missouri. That's about a halfhour from my parents' house. I've been to a "bar" there. (and played tambourine onstage! what! what!) I hope they show it on the show. You guys get ready for the classiness that is the country people who live near the river north of the StL.

I mean, the farmer says Missouruh. Ugh. There is an i on the end!!! That means it's pronounced Muh-zer-EEE.

Helpful Tip

I am by no means a financial expert, but I read something on the interweb that, once I put into action, really benefitted me.

The fed cut rates again, and an article I read suggested calling your credit card company to see if they could lower your APR. (My dad gave me this tip several years ago, but I never correlated it with dropping rates until now.) Basically, they won't lower it on their own. You have to call and ask for it.

Ask and you shall receive.

I called American Express (the only card I really ever use because it gets me miles) and inquired about a lower APR. They dropped mine from 15-point-something to 10-point-something. JUST BECAUSE I MADE THE CALL. 5 points.

Isn't that worth picking up the phone?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keep Breathing

I came into work yesterday to find a diagram of tallied shark attacks in California sitting on my keyboard. Officemate Ben had found it in the LA Times over the weekend. Last week's attack in Solana Beach was the 98th "unprovoked" attack in CA waters since 1926. Only 8 of them have been fatal tho...

I brought up the attack in my class because a portion of our book obviously mentions animal encounters. My instructor said that most incidents happen at the surface and that the chances even there are really we carry on.

I spent 10 hours Sunday learning about diving. At least four of them were in the pool. I was quite pruney upon exit. I did well with the swim test (tread water for 10 minutes and then swim 200 yards once without fins and then again with snorkel and fins). Did well = survived. Turns out I swim better/faster without fins than with them. I've never really used them before tho, so I guess I just have to get used to it.

After that we put the wet suits and gear on. That was quite the process. Scuba has SO MUCH STUFF. Like seriously. Why couldn't tennis or jogging be so visually rewarding?

We kneeled down in the shallow end to get used to the whole breathing thing. This is when my status as a mouth breather comes in handy. I surprised myself at how well I mastered the breathing and regulator malfunction tasks. I didn't, however, do as well when it came to not panicking when my mask filled with water. It was a little too reassuring that we could stand up and be breathing air. When we're 60 feet down we won't have that option. Next we attempted to scuba to the deep end. I say attempted because the pressure in my ears was so bad I couldn't continue. We learn how to equalize that pressure, but I couldn't get it to work. I need to get into the habit of starting to equalize before the pain starts and then just continuously do it.

That being said, when I fly, my ears usually pop for days afterward, so maybe I'm gonna have a tough time with mastering equalizing.

There's only four people in my class, and two of them are a couple. So my buddy is the remaining married guy (SOML) who's taking the class because his dad is into scuba and wants them to do it together. When I dive in the Caribbean, I'm going to request being buddied with a divemaster, which I think would be preferential anyway.

I really can't believe it's almost May. Like two days away. My dad (and Chad McC) celebrated bdays yesterday. Happy days to them!

Seeing Janeane Garafalo tonight, so that should be fun.

Netflix reviews:

Hannah Take the Stairs: Yay! I related to Hannah on a certain level. This movie also unexpectedly featured male and female if you're into that...
The Big Sleep: I'm pretty sure I had seen this before because I knew everything that was gonna happen. It was weird. I just checked to see if they recently remade it, and they haven't, so I'm guessing I really did see it and just forgot.
Innocence: This is part of my "catching up with Marion Cotillard" series. I'm still not sure what this movie was all about, but it was really pretty to look at. And since it's mostly children, the French was elementary enough for me to not have to be completely reliant on the subtitles, which I enjoyed.

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love LA

I've got more scuba studying to do, but I just saw way too many "celebrities" for my own good, and have to share.

First I saw Lisa Bonet (aka Denise Huxtable) outside the Erewon fancy schmancy grocer down the street from me. She was with a baby. I called my personal researcher NDG and we were talking about how her kid with Lenny Kravitz is all teenage and partying already. Thus the phrase "She has a whore and a baby!" was coined.

Then NDG and I met up at Celebrity Central aka the ArcLight to see "Deception." (There are way too many decent/good movies at the theater for anyone to waste their money on this. Let my err in judgement be to your benefit.) Highlight: Michelle Williams. Lowlight: Someone had told me I would see little Ewan. I didn't.

Before we went into the movie we saw a heavily made up Ginnifer Goodwin. After the movie was the biggie. First, Johnathan Silverman with a lady at the snack bar. Then, Adam Brody and a couple of hipster, nonfamous friends. (He must have forgotten how hard it was to live without me last year, because he didn't say anything to me.) Outside the sightings continued. It was a beautiful night and there was some music doc fest happening so there was live entertainment.

Elizabeth Berkeley (Jessie Spano) and her fried hair were the hub of autograph and picture seekers. I resisted a STRONG urge to go up to her and say "I'm so excited, I'm so excited. I'm just. so. scared!" In her group was Mark Feuerstein who I always refer to as "that guy from Good Morning Miami." a - I didn't even really ever watch Good Morning Miami, and b - that show was on for like three episodes in 2002 (I just looked it up). Anyway I always see him and his wifey and it seems they have another baby every time. (really they only have two or three, but they're both/all under the age of 2 or 3). And we're not done yet! As we were paying for parking, who would get in line behind us but Todd Louiso of High Fidelity fame. (I had to look up his name, but you would know him if you saw him.)

We kept stalling, wondering who else would show up. I was like ZB has to eventually walk up, right?

Before I sign off...two news stories I wasn't a fan of today.

The shark attack in Solana Beach. This isn't near where I'll be diving, but still. Why is there a fatal shark attack (the first one in the area since like the 50s or something) right when I'm nervously kicking off scuba training???

The multiple cop acquittal in NYC. My brothers are cops. I understand things happen. But in what world is 50 rounds on a small unarmed group of people not excessive force? I realize they were perhaps drunk/mouthing off/whatever, and in a car, and that could have been the weapon but still...50 shots??? I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this one.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

You Live By the Grove, You Die By the Grove

A comic named Howard Kremer said it. Not me. But I do. And it's true.
It's also great for celebrity sightings...

But sometimes you feel like you should have a baby or a puppy in order to fit in.
I have been there with both and it does feel like you fit in more.
You're like kapow! I have a leash and a stroller, what! And in LA, it doesn't matter if it's the dog in the stroller and the kid on the leash.

Except, I'd never put a kid on a leash. We all know that.

Anywho, back to the Grove.
The lights are pretty.
And we already know I love dancing water.
And it snows there at Christmastime.
It's just magical.

Thanks NYT for giving it some love.

Ice Ice Baby

Alright stop, collaborate and visit.

I know I will.

If you're not in LA, I'm sorry. Because it sounds awesomely cool, right?

PS Note to Diver Gus in the Northeast. First, thanks for reading. Second, I couldn't respond to your comment, so please send me your email (I won't publish it.) Thanks!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

S.C.U.B.A. is H-A-R-D

Lots to talk about so I will just get to it.

Last night I went to my first SCUBA class. The first one. The orientation. All we did was discuss the schedule, plug the tank into the vest and put the wet suit on. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

Yeah, well I was the worst in the class of four. At one point the other girl in the class came over to help me with this one part that the teacher requested I practice at home. I finally am getting the hang of that task which is hooking the air tank into the valve that fills the vest. The problem now is that I am unable to unhook that thing when the air pressure is on. Like it's impossible. Now I would only have to perform that task if there was emergency, but still, I should be able to do it. It requires a lot of strength and coordination in my left hand which is not my dominant hand. We're not even in the water yet people!!!

The other part that really got me down was the wetsuit part. They gave me the size I should wear based on my clothing size and I couldn't get it on. 20 minutes later found me frustrated and sweaty which didn't help. I finally came out and was like, you have to give me the next size up. If I'm this upset just putting my wet suit on, I'm not going to be in a good mindset for the day.

I got the next size on with less difficulty. I asked if I was the worst they've seen, and my teacher was like, no, we've had to put people in their suits before. I told them that had I had full bottomed underwear on they would have been putting me in mine.

I was needless to say in quite a state when I left. I want to do this and I think I will enjoy it, but good Lord I had no idea I would struggle with it like this. We'll see how it goes after pool day #1 on Sunday.

I broke my no fast food rule and picked up some In N Out on my way home. For the first time (literally like ever) I skipped the shake (consolation for doing the fast food thing).

I was recounting the evening this morning at work and one of my bosses walked over and patted me on the back and was like, Come on Mary Anne, you can set your mind to do anything you want to do. He was really genuine about it, which was nice.

Later today I found out my Outdoor Screenings Segment about the various places and ways to watch movies outside has been sponsored. Thanks Zyrtec! It's a new weekly segment, and I think it will be super fun. The only thing is Zyrtec wants it to start next week. AHHH! Nerve wracking but exciting. This is my first regular thing that's really branded, so it's cool. I'm obviously going to feature Movies on the Moon Tower...duh...

Tonight I had the screening for Made of Honor. While I was standing outside before the movie, I was talking to another reporter when she was like, is that Paris? Sure enough it was. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. She looked like crap and he was short and not as attractive as his babymaking brother.

It was funny because once inside I kept seeing people I knew and at one point said Hey to this guy I used to work with at E! He later said he looked over to me and Paris was right next to me and he was like "of course." I'm not wording that right for how casually it worked out (I wasn't saying Hey to him because she was standing next to me, she had walked up in the meantime), but whatever. She and Benji followed me and JuMaBr down the escalator and we were having a convo (me an J) so I was turned sideways and Paris was behind/next to me...then she leaned in and kissed Benji. Then we got to the bottom and they went into Forgetting Sarah Marshall and we went into Made of Honor.

that was the most convoluded way I could have relayed that celeb sighting. I did say how unfortunate that they happened upon a theater with a press screening at the same time as their movie. PS They purchased their tickets at the self service kiosk and not the box office.

Before I went into the movie I had joked to Sam Rubin that I liked it the first time when it was called My Best Friend's Wedding. Well it wasn't a total exact ripoff but it wasn't stellar either. Having said that, it was nowhere near as bad as 27 Dresses. I like Patrick Dempsey. And I like Michelle Monaghan. I just wish she would pick better movies. A couple of things made me laugh out loud. Sometimes I couldn't tell if I was laughing at or with it tho. It was of course predictable, but there were a couple of good lines. Truth be told they lost me when it's a movie set in New York City, and all of the sudden they were at a cafe in LA that I've been to (and like because it's Frenchy!). And there's not one in NYC. So average people won't notice that, but it bugged me.

Alright, I gotta get some scuba studying done. We're supposed to have our entire book done by Sunday.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Remember when it's almost May?

Seriously. 2008 is flying by.
I'll be 30 before I know it. I realized just how soon when I had a little too much to drink this weekend and learned that once you reach a certain age you can't drink random things like you used to because your body will throw up a Hail Mary. Throw up being the keywords.

I didn't throw up. Thankfully. But I was definitely hurting. A quick recap. One that my mom will enjoy.

Friday night I went with KBM and NDG to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall again. I still laughed and liked it, but there were also a couple of scenes from the version I saw on Valentine's Day that were noticeably absent. I missed them, but I guess if you never knew they existed you wouldn't.

After the movie NDG and I went to the valley (gasp!) to stay at the house where she's housesitting. It wasn't a Craftsman and didn't have any built-ins, but I still super loved it and really really REALLY want a house already. The floors were gorgeous, similar in color to mine in my apartment (a really dark stained wood). The kitchen was recently renovated, and pretty amazing. Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to use the pool in the backyard, but there will be other opportunities this summer I'm sure. I don't know, it was just the perfect size (3 beds/2 baths) and they even had two Italian Greyhounds (which always scare me) but I didn't even mind them that much. I was like, let's change the locks and act like those people never lived here.

We didn't do that, but I did use their facilities to do my laundry.

Kinda cleaned up my place on Saturday and then came Saturday night...JuMaBr came up and I made us some cocktails. Apple juice + champagne + vodka (Grey Goose of course). It tasted super yummy (We'll call that Bad Sign #1). We were buzzed before we were done with our first glasses (Bad Sign #2)...we kept talking and kept drinking (#3) until we went to meet the Ks for dinner. I impressed JuMaBr at my liquor holding talents. I guess she really doesn't remember dinner that much. Then because the night was still young we walked over to the Dime (the much-referenced to favorite neighborhood watering hole) where we each had another drink (#4). While at the Dime and disillusioned, some guy told me I was the prettiest girl in the bar. He said it as he was leaving. I looked at Julie and asked if we were the only girls in the bar. Apparently we weren't. Oh before I asked her that I reminded her I was wearing a hoodie. I'm figuring that guy was a few sheets to the wind as well. It was a nice thing for him to say tho.

On our walk home we encountered a couple of guys sitting on a stoop not far from my building. Julie started talking and I was like, keep walking. And then they were like "It's cool, we're drunk too." Yeah, NOT a good pickup line.

Long story short too late we were HURTING yesterday. She somehow got up and went on a hike. I did well to walk out of my bedroom and lay on the couch. I spent my morning watching a "Women Behind Bars" marathon (it was actually really interesting.) Then once she got back we watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Mean Girls." We also vowed not to drink like that anymore. We blame the champagne-vodka mix. Late afternoon/early evening we finally mustered up the energy to walk to Chipotle for me and Whole Foods for her.

Crazy days.

PS I watched the movie "Same Time Next Year" last night. It's a 1978 movie starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn. I liked it. I really like that the place where they stay really exists in Mendocino and you can really stay there.

Friday, April 18, 2008

For Reelz??

I'm still marveling at how David got his 420 story approved. I mean, I get in "trouble" for saying "banged" (as in the sex act) in a script (it made sense I promise!), and he gets to do an entire story celebrating a stoner holiday? Hilarious.

Of note:

I'm not sure which coworker of mine considers Kristin C from Laguna Beach an actress. It's not me.

Also, a pot leaf OTS (over the shoulder?!) SERIOUSLY?????

I love Jon Stewart...RED TEAM GO!

Well, it's FRIDAY so I'm gonna peace out. Happy weekends.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Young @ <3

I've talked about the Young @ Heart chorus before. I first learned about them through the movie, which premiered at last year's LA Film Fest. I met a few more of the members at Sundance earlier this year. Well tonight I got to see them in action. And they might be octogenarians, but ACTION is definitely the right word.

Here's a video of Jeanne, who I've met, doing one of her favorites.

Big hits tonight were "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" and Queen's "Bicycle Race." I seriously love them. I was bouncing along in my seat the entire time. They got at least three separate standing ovations. Needless to say, there was a lot of woo-ing.

While I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, I reminisced about when I first moved to San Diego. It was a time in my life where if I wanted to do anything I had often had to do it solo because I was in a new city. Anyway...random story, but I used to tell myself that for all anyone else knew, I was a military wife and I was alone (at the movies or whatever) because of that. Because of the weird way my mind works, that attitude helped me to venture out and not be all "what will people think?"

No, there was no point to telling the story, except I guess to say that I remembered how I used to do that because I don't have to do it anymore...

Alright, onto something else...

I watch old reruns of Growing Pains pretty regularly. They're a good mood booster and, well, the mood's been needing some boosting lately.

There are definite downfalls to seeing how things are filmed around here, and knowing how fake everything you see on screen (big or little) is just that...fake...

So I'm watching my beloved show, it's the episode where Jason and Maggie are in Paris (worst Eiffel tower backdrop ever!!!!) and Mike is stuck in Spain with the oldest Lubbock sister from Just the Ten of Us (before she was the oldest Lubbock sister on Just the Ten of Us). Anywho, so Mike and that girl are supposed to be in Spain, but I recognize the scenery as being clearly that of Catalina Island (which is out here off the coast of LA). Big wunh wunh.

I used to get so excited for the Just the Ten of Us theme song because you see the Arch and St. Louis in it. That was a big deal.

Ok enough randomness...well maybe one more thing.

So this weird acapella group opened for Young @ Heart tonight. People were laughing because it seemed like a joke. The lead male clearly has dreams of Broadway, and I think he'll do pretty well. But I couldn't help trying to Jedi mind trick them into this:

It didn't work...

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" comes out tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and see it.

How I Met Your Mother continues to Sparkle

Ok. I love this show. I loved it before Britney. I've loved it since the beginning, and am glad more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

Glad for that...ECSTATIC for the return of Robin Sparkles this coming Monday.

Here's a snippit of the video:

Did you see him? Alan Thicke? JASON SEAVER?? Yes please. And Tiffany of 80s Mall Hits fame?! Totally awesome. And yep, that's Dawson himself playing her super-rad bf.

Can I please just be friends with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas already? I love them.

PS Here's the complete song sans video. Enjoy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I started taking vitamins today. I combined a Women's One a Day with the Super B Complex & C I usually reserve for business travel. I threw in the latter because I like that it turns my pee green. When I mentioned that to Gerrad (don't act like you don't discuss your bodily functions with your coworkers!), he informed me that once my body regulates, the color will as well. Debbie Downer!

I've felt super energized and speedy and focused (as much as I ever am) all day. Maybe this is combined vitamin intake for the day:

Vitamin C...350% the daily value
Thiamin (B1)...6,767% (I heart thiamin!!)
Riboflavin (B2)...1,276%
Vitamin B6...200%
Folic Acid...200%
Vitamin B12...350%
Biotin...12% (What the hell is biotin anyway?)
Pantothenic Acid...105% (not sure about this one either)

I wonder if it's possible to have TOO much of a good thing? Those are just the vitamins that are in both, and I didn't even figure in the Balance bar I ate for breakfast. I like the idea of vitamins mostly because now I can continue to eat my veggie corndogs and random meals whilst getting the correct nutrition...great success.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Do Me a Solid

Juno was released on dvd today. I never hid how much I enjoyed this movie. Luckily I saw it before all the hype ruined it for everyone who said they didn't like it.

So I just watched it again. Post hype. Post Diablo-mania. Post everything. And you know what? I still loved it. I still laughed out loud (more than once!) and that says a lot when you're sitting alone on your couch with a box of Wheat Thins. My heart still broke at the appropriate times. And I still ended up crying.

My favorite exchange continues to be the following one between Juno and her dad. I think I like it so much because it sounds familiar, like a convo I would have with my dad.

Juno: I need to know that it's possible that two people can stay happy together forever.
Dad (a couple sentences later): In my opinion, the best thing you can do is find a person who loves you for exactly what you are. Good mood, bad mood, ugly, pretty, handsome, what have you. The right person's still gonna think the sun shines out your ass. That's the kinda person worth stickin with.

Some might call it cheesy, but for me it's reminiscent of a similar convo I've had with my dad. In the kitchen of my apartment in San Diego. And I love that memory.

Bummer is my dvd is screwed up and won't play any of the extras...wunh wunh. I guess I'll have to ask around and see if that's a common problem.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I know it's a sin to covet...

It's weird because I'm not a crazy fan of Gwen or Gavin individually, but throw Kingston in the mix, and I'm literally aching to somehow morph into a member of the Rossdale-Stefanis.

I previously resisted linking to the video of them playing at the La Brea Tar Pits, but it's just too ridiculously cute not to share.

How cute is Gavin? Jon says an attitude like that only comes post-rehab. Whatever it is, it totally works.

Ok, enough of all that...

I had fun trying on SCUBA gear this weekend. KDL had more fun watching me. There are photos. I also learned that for the beach dives, I'll have to swim 100 yards into the ocean. That sounded bad enough until Mike reminded me that I'll be doing that swim with all my gear I'm kinda nervous about my physical capabilities, but we'll see...won't know unless I try. My mask resembles a pair of old man (dare I say pervy?) glasses from the early 80s. (Read as HOTT!)

Hotel Cafe Show was again so much fun. It was the last night of the tour. Joshua Radin showed up to sing "Cecilia" (one of my fave covers) and they ended the show with everybody singing "Rainbow Connection." (!!!)

Favorites of the evening were again: Priscilla Ahn, Meiko and Ingrid (I just put "The Chain" on my page. It's an old school round, and I love it.). I was also really digging Cary Brothers.

Alright, gotta prep for tonight's premiere...

A Tale of Ten Lilies

If the gnome didn't look so humiliated, I would blow up this last picture and hang it in my living room. I swear he doesn't usually look like that.
Happy Monday.

Friday, April 11, 2008

We've Got Tonight

Because Dana threw the idea out there, and I apparently would prefer to write blogs today than work, I give you...MAB's Prom Story. Some of you may have heard it already. My only regret is that I don't have a picture available online to embarrass myself with. Perhaps I'll eventually scan one in. Probably not, but perhaps.

So heregoes.

The year: 1996
The theme: We've Got Tonight. Wait no, maybe that was Homecoming? All the sudden I get the feeling Prom theme may have been some obscure song none of us had heard of. Too bad I'm pretty sure I threw out the champagne flute commemorative candle.
The date: Doug Davis. Yes I'm using his full name. Without his permission. (gasp!) I haven't spoken to him since. You'll soon know why. He probably still lives in the St. Louis area. For all I know he could still work for Dierberg's. He's probably made some girl very sorry she settled. I kid. He probably matured into an ok guy. I actually appreciate the story now, as it's a fun one to tell.

How it came to be that Doug was my date: I didn't date much (read: not at all) in high school. When it came time for prom, it seemed everyone I knew had a date, so "stag-in-a-group-of-girls" wasn't really an option. Doug was best friends with my best friend's boyfriend. (isn't that always the case?) We had all four gone to a Cardinal's game in the weeks leading up to the big dance to make sure that it worked, and it had.

The day came, and in one of my favorite mom moments, she surprised me with the dark green version of my dream dress (a simple, empire waist style with velvet on top and flowing satin bottom) (I had wanted the green but had settled for eggplant as the green was not avail in my size). She had found it at another store or gotten it shipped in or something magical. So I was super stoked about my dress.

My hair. Dana mentioned the midwestern female's obsesh with baby's breath, and my updo was no exception. I remember my mom sticking the sprigs in. Otherwise, the look was good, the dress, the hair, the dyed-to-match shoes (?!) It all worked.

We had dinner at Bristols. I had shrimp cocktail. I can't eat when I'm nervous and fancy.

The dance itself was eh. There were songs we danced too. It was the 90s. Music was either good or bad. I'm fairly certain the Electric Slide and Macarena were performed. At one point in the night there was this thing called the garter ceremony. (did other schools do this?) The girls sat on the guys' knees and then the guy took the garter off your leg and wore it on his arm as a badge of conquest or something. I'm pretty sure my garter was probably below my knee so as not to disturb the chastity belt. Anyway, Doug and I partook in the tradition and then Doug disappeared.

We didn't ever find Doug that night. Little did we know we should have just searched the cars with steamy windows in the parking lot.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it...I think he DID ask me if he could leave with this girl he worked with. I'm pretty sure of it. Yeah because that's how I know what happened. This girl came to the dance solo and with the plan to leave with my date. She's classy. I mean I realize I wasn't in a relationship with this guy, but still! (I obviously gave him permission to leave, who was I to stand in the way of someone who really wanted to date him?)

After my friends and I (sans my date) left the dance, I remember driving around to the various hotel parties in an effort to find one that wasn't busted or fun or something. Where we ended up was Denny's. The restaurant. And because it was packed, and there weren't any seats left, and I was the smallest, and in the last group to arrive...I ended up sitting in a high chair. In my prom dress. I wonder if anyone has pictures of that!

I love how when you start thinking about something you haven't thought about in a while all of these random details come back.

Things I should mention:

1. I still wish I would have taken my friend Justin.
2. I still fit in the dress. That was actually a rule I had. I said I would never go to my high school reunion if my prom dress didn't fit. I didn't go to my 10 year anyway, but last time I was in town I tried the dress on. It was actually a little big. My parents were all, "don't you wanna take it with you in case you have to dress up for an awards show or something?" They're cute.

Yum Yum Gimme Some

The Midwestern girl inside of me just got excited by looking at this menu. I love carbs. Fried pickles? Yes. Cornbread? Uh-huh. HUSHPUPPIES? Hush uppies! The place also has a weekly trivia night. Count. Me. In.

The Dude Abides

strikes and and downs...It's been a Big Lebowski kinda week.

I saw this this morning and love this song and really fell in love with this version:

I love collaborative concerts. Speaking of, my second Hotel Cafe show of the year is this weekend!!!

It's supposed to be hot (90s?) and sunny too which has me super excited. I've got business to do in the south bay (I have to make sure I'm medically cleared to start SCUBA training.) so perhaps I'll hit one of those beaches.

I informed my boss that I'll be taking time off for Jett's arrival. Special circumstances are involved, and he'll also be my last nephew or niece to be born. (After Jett it's up to me to keep the grandbabies coming, as everyone else has been fixed.) Anyway, my boss and I decided that I could probably do a little work in StL, and that way get a couple of day rates. I don't get vacation time, and after my Grand Cayman excursion won't have enough comp days to cover more than a week off, so it's super awesome that I'll get to do a little work and get paid while being where I need to be. I've thought up quite a few StL-centric story ideas to keep me busy. In addition, I contacted our affiliate relations personnel and it sounds like we'll launch on Charter in StL around the same time I'm there which could not be more perfect.

My use of run-on sentences in this blog is not enjoyable.

Anyway, it's all very exciting. I'm excited to show off St. Louis. I'm already envisioning a MFM (my favorite movie) with Mayor Francis Slay (Frannie!) as well as a tease with a whole bunch of kids (most of them related to me) yelling "Welcome to St. Louis!!" whilst standing under the Arch. PS You St Louisans should know that they do outdoor movies at Union Station. "Singing in the Rain" is showing when I'm there. I'm pretty sure that will be a story, as will the Moolah Theatre. There's also been several movies filmed/filming in the area, so just like that, three stories. Sweet.

I think I'm definitely learning some things from The 4-Hour Work Week.

Happy Birthday Avalyn!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it over yet?

Ugh. this week.

Highlights were my Netflix delivery as well as my random Amazon deliveries (a Truman Capote collection, an old school Polaroid camera, and today, a book called The Man Who Fell in Love with The Moon, that Aysha blogged about).

I'm super in love with Hem this week. Guess I'm feeling a lil folky.

My story on my new friend David Denman aired today. You can check it out here.

So I'm on the night shift, which somehow this week has meant the early morning shift, a random Willem Dafoe midday interview, a 4 hour disorganized red carpet, and (tonight) a late night writing sesh so Gerrad can go out. (it's ok tho, because...IT'S JONATHAN'S BDAY!!! and if I, as his future baby mama option cannot be at his special celebration, his roomie G should be.)

PS Lauren informed Bob (our boss) that we have taken on the task of breeding our own family flicks families so we won't have to cast one. Weird is that Presley leaned over to me in the meeting yesterday and suggested her and I do the same thing. So I guess I better get busy.

I'd also like to give a shoutout right now to Crystal Light Wild Strawberry. It brought a smile to my face today.

Back to Willem Dafoe, he was cool and not as scary in person. I especially liked the Chateau Marmont suite we did the interview in (it was decorated just my style, O'Keefe and Merritt range and everything!). I also liked the way he told me "you did a good job, kid." at the end. I indicated in my shoot report that he quite possibly thought "Reelzchannel" was code word for "Community College Show About Movies."

Shoot reports. I always try to be funny in mine. Mostly because sometimes shoots suck and I have to make the reports entertaining. Here's an example. Last night's 4 hour shoot for the kickoff of the Beverly Hills Film Festival. I sent the following report (verbatim!) to a list of people that includes boss people. Luckily they appreciate my candid humor and lack of professionalism in emails.


Bust…it’s not just a magazine that my friend’s charity is advertised in…


Well, at least we got off the riser/rizer? How ever you spell it, it’s a dumb place to put ENG crews that need to do interviews. Once I got her to move us down to the carpet, I also got her to realize that the print people could be moved to the end of the line on the opposite side because they didn’t need a background for their stuff to look good. She must have been running it alone because she also slacked in letting us know who people were. She was however good at giving us a heads up that Jessica Biel’s 50-50 shot at attendance was actually 100% not happening. Apparently she was circling in a limo with Andy Garcia and Brett Ratner and they all decided to go somewhere else instead.

Here’s who we DID talk to… (hold onto your pants!)

1. Rampage Jackson. Yep, the ultimate fighter. We talked about his movie Bad Guys. Acting vs fighting. How he got into acting after getting his ass kicked. Yep. We got an MFM…Not surprisingly it was Bad Guys…BECAUSE HE’S IN IT!
2. Clement Von Franckenstein. Gotta say, an attractive old guy. Looks, personality, accent. We talked about the film festival and why he likes it. Discussed his upcoming film Kids in America. We also talked about how much he loves ReelzChannel (it was funny, every old guy I talked to knew who we were, but Clement knew what channel we were on!) Even in his MFM he says how much he likes ReelzChannel (and Some Like it Hot) (his intv if you’re looking for it is around 1:04:40)
3. Danny Strong. He wrote the HBO Movie Recount starring Kevin Spacey. So we talked about it. We also talked about how film festivals help writers.
4. Art LaFleur. I think we talked about film festivals. I know we talked about Field of Dreams and why sports movies work so well. I think his MFM might have been Field of Dreams. Whether it was or not, he did talk to me about crying on set in Iowa.
5. Jake Busey. Talked about: the fest, he had a movie in it last year, now he has a producing partner and that’s what he’s doing. Discussed being in an acting family and going from actor to producer.
6. Jarvee Hutcherson. The cultural aspects of the BHFF.
7. Nino Simone (who started the fest) and some guy named Eric who was a presenter. Nino talked about why they started it and what we can expect from this year’s festival. (Stellar red carpets weren’t on the list.)
8. Harris Goldberg. Writer and Director of Numb (the Matthew Perry movie). Talked about what the autobiographical movie’s about, having Matthew Perry play him, and film festivals.
9. Danny Masterson. He remembered me which is always nice of someone who once kissed your cheek and invited you to play foosball. He really downplayed his part in the movie playing tonight, mostly because it is produced by his bro Chris and he didn’t wanna take away from that. I did talk about them working together and festivals and then I talked to him about Yes Man with Jim Carrey. He talked about a bar fight scene. With Bradley Cooper. Then he asked me if I ever saw Bradley with his shirt off and I was all, not in a movie…(wink!) He didn’t ask me to become a Scientologist.
10. Chris Masterson. Played off what Danny had said about working with him. Talked about producing, and being behind the camera. Also talked festivals.
11. Eric Roberts. Talked about BHFF movie Cookie Thief. (Movie’s director and a costar named Michelle were also there) Talked about the festival. Eating on camera. (He had to chew and spit out the cookies because he’s a vegan or bulimic or something and couldn’t swallow them). Talked about his part in Dark Knight @ 1:35:19 (He played out a scene). I then asked him about a family of actors (mentioning Emma not Julia) and he said @ 1:36:00 “Since I forged the way, it feels great!”
12. Kirsten Lea. She’s a Brit who’s in The Soloist. So we talked about it and working with Robert Downey Jr. And British vs American movies. And indies vs big budgets.
13. Danny Devito. It should be mentioned that I’m pretty sure he was drunk and it was kinda crazy the way the crews and photogs fawned and clamored over him. When you climax with Danny Devito, you know you’re having one heck of a night. I didn’t mean that in the way it reads, but it’s funny so I’m leaving it. He bounced around the red carpet. His goddaughter wrote the short he and Rhea are in so he talked about that. He talked about the festival and indie film. I also asked him about directing the upcoming “True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.” PS He is short. REALLY short. Which brings me back to my Kristin Chenowith conundrum which is what do you do when you interview short adults? It’s awkward to hold the mike down and look down. Luckily at one point it was so congested that it looked like I had to squat in order to peek through cameras. I was really hoping for a free bottle of his lemon-chello (sp?) but he wasn’t handing it out.
14. Rhea Perlman. I like her. She’s taller than Danny. Sweet lady. Talked about the festival’s proximity to their house and the movie and how it feels to help out a newcomer to the biz. I then asked her about the possibility of a Cheers movie. No I didn’t. But I am sure wishing I would’ve. (I didn’t think about it until just this moment.) Oh Carla.

In conclusion…I’ll write up a little something something and put it in working scripts and you guys can have a ball with it in the morning.

Thanks. I really had a blast. It’s nights like these that make me proud to be a field producer…and an American…that doesn’t live in Beverly Hills.
Good night.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Things I Like Today by MAB

1. I saw the movie Secondhand Lions (Michael Caine, Robert Duvall, Haley Joel Osment) last night. I loved it. Perhaps it's sappy, but it's so very charming. I emailed my dad this morning and told him to watch it with Nedro.

(as far as what else I did this wkend, it wasn't much and I loved it...I spent too much time in front of the telly (I blame YOU Diff'rent Strokes marathon on BET! (as well as an overabundance of collected episodes of Inside the Actors Studio)), ate my weight in sushi, got some laundry done (3 loads of colors? it's about time!), cleaned the common areas of my apt, continued my bookcase search at the melrose trading post, celebrated egle's bday, found a midwest-style bar (complete with the WT!) in west LA (HARD TO DO!) and *hopefully* finished my laser hair removal treatments! WOO HOO!)

Ok back to Things I Like Today:

2. This letter Paul McCartney wrote about Linda on this the 10th anniv of her passing. Le sigh. Seriously. L-O-V-E. My favorite part is probably this description of her:

"When anybody came to the house and met her, they thought she was fantastic. She was just a great person to hang out with: very funny, very smart and very talented. She could just as easily talk to a local postman as a New York art dealer."

That's what I strive for, personality-wise.

3. The fact that SaveAyrn raised enough money for the Bust ad.

4. I have my first book club meeting tonight. I read "Fight Club" pretty quickly. Not sure what I have to say about it, really. (which is good I guess, since the first rule of the fight club is: you don't talk about the fight club.) I'm excited to see the movie (which I haven't before). I like Chuck Palahniuk's writing. I wish I would have known that before Sundance. The other crew interviewed him. Our audio girl hit it off so well with him that he recently sent her a box full of random trinkets and goodies (and confetti and glitter!!). It also included a necklace he made for her that features beads that spell out both of their names.

5. I worked the early shift at work today, so as long as I get my butt in gear and write this Taryn Manning story, I get to leave early.

6. I'm excited to see what book I get in the mail today. I ordered several different ones on Amazon as it makes me feel special to get packages in the mail. And it's like Christmas every day because I never know which one will arrive!

7. I'm looking forward to further exploring a couple of great idea/plans that I wrote down this weekend. More to come on the specifics of those...

8. The juxtaposition of fat jared vs skinny jared in my interview.

Ok. That is all. Because 1 - that is a lot to be happy about on a Monday morning and I feel I shouldn't press my luck (No Whammies! STOP!) and B - I REALLY gotta get this story written so I can get the h-e-double hockey sticks outta here early.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I hold these truths to be self-evident...

1. I only fix myself up for work if I am going to be interviewing celebrities. This week I interviewed the kid from Cory in the House; Steve McQueen's grandson; Jared Leto; and Taryn Manning.

2. Jared is rumored to be a huge assh*le. He wasn't to me. He was nice. Even if it was all an act, it was a good one. When he's not wearing all that eyeliner, boy's got some beautiful eyes.

3. I am no match for roaches the size of my palm. I had a major bug incident last night around midnight that amp'd me up and had me doing acrobatics while sitting on the toilet so my feet wouldn't touch the ground. TMI? I hope so. Looks like Raid's my only option now, lest I repeat another night of gagging whilst trying to scoop up a bug that has no right to be that big in a giant wad of toilet paper. When they're too big to squash because of the mess they would make they are DEFINITELY too big to be cohabitating with me without splitting the rent. I blame the deceased manager's apartment. God only knows what's in there.

4. These shoes are quite possibly the cutest things I've ever seen.

I found them at a store in San Diego this past weekend. They're now sitting on my closet shelf.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please tell me

Please tell me you watched How I Met Your Mother last night and enjoyed NPH's tribute to Doogie Howser HALF as much as I did?!?! When the music/journaling started I was literally bouncing/jumping up and down on my couch. GIDDY.

Please tell me you remember the episode where they played Natalie Cole's "I Miss You Like Crazy." Perhaps only my sister Melody would remember that that song was my Love Songs and Dedication JAM!

Please tell me you too are stoked about today being REM Acceleration release day.

Enough with the begging. I really should be writing a story about "Battle in Seattle" or prepping for my Jared Leto interview. But instead I'm doing this.

My parents are being super cute about all the "Run FatBoy Run" hype. They called the other night to tell me they went and saw "my movie." Luckily they liked it too. My mom less so because of some "colorful language." Judging from this I can only imagine how they'll be when a movie with my name in the credits is on the big screen.

Speaking of, Presley and I are basically done with the treatment/outline. We've got some polishing to do, but I really think we've gone in depth enough that writing the script shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully. We're super excited about it.

Gotta run to meet Jordan Catalano...more on San Diego later...

Happy Bday Amanda.
Happy Anniv Mike & Steph.
Happy April Fool's Day. Fools.