Monday, April 21, 2008

Remember when it's almost May?

Seriously. 2008 is flying by.
I'll be 30 before I know it. I realized just how soon when I had a little too much to drink this weekend and learned that once you reach a certain age you can't drink random things like you used to because your body will throw up a Hail Mary. Throw up being the keywords.

I didn't throw up. Thankfully. But I was definitely hurting. A quick recap. One that my mom will enjoy.

Friday night I went with KBM and NDG to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall again. I still laughed and liked it, but there were also a couple of scenes from the version I saw on Valentine's Day that were noticeably absent. I missed them, but I guess if you never knew they existed you wouldn't.

After the movie NDG and I went to the valley (gasp!) to stay at the house where she's housesitting. It wasn't a Craftsman and didn't have any built-ins, but I still super loved it and really really REALLY want a house already. The floors were gorgeous, similar in color to mine in my apartment (a really dark stained wood). The kitchen was recently renovated, and pretty amazing. Unfortunately it wasn't warm enough to use the pool in the backyard, but there will be other opportunities this summer I'm sure. I don't know, it was just the perfect size (3 beds/2 baths) and they even had two Italian Greyhounds (which always scare me) but I didn't even mind them that much. I was like, let's change the locks and act like those people never lived here.

We didn't do that, but I did use their facilities to do my laundry.

Kinda cleaned up my place on Saturday and then came Saturday night...JuMaBr came up and I made us some cocktails. Apple juice + champagne + vodka (Grey Goose of course). It tasted super yummy (We'll call that Bad Sign #1). We were buzzed before we were done with our first glasses (Bad Sign #2)...we kept talking and kept drinking (#3) until we went to meet the Ks for dinner. I impressed JuMaBr at my liquor holding talents. I guess she really doesn't remember dinner that much. Then because the night was still young we walked over to the Dime (the much-referenced to favorite neighborhood watering hole) where we each had another drink (#4). While at the Dime and disillusioned, some guy told me I was the prettiest girl in the bar. He said it as he was leaving. I looked at Julie and asked if we were the only girls in the bar. Apparently we weren't. Oh before I asked her that I reminded her I was wearing a hoodie. I'm figuring that guy was a few sheets to the wind as well. It was a nice thing for him to say tho.

On our walk home we encountered a couple of guys sitting on a stoop not far from my building. Julie started talking and I was like, keep walking. And then they were like "It's cool, we're drunk too." Yeah, NOT a good pickup line.

Long story short too late we were HURTING yesterday. She somehow got up and went on a hike. I did well to walk out of my bedroom and lay on the couch. I spent my morning watching a "Women Behind Bars" marathon (it was actually really interesting.) Then once she got back we watched "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Mean Girls." We also vowed not to drink like that anymore. We blame the champagne-vodka mix. Late afternoon/early evening we finally mustered up the energy to walk to Chipotle for me and Whole Foods for her.

Crazy days.

PS I watched the movie "Same Time Next Year" last night. It's a 1978 movie starring Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn. I liked it. I really like that the place where they stay really exists in Mendocino and you can really stay there.

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