Thursday, April 17, 2008

Young @ <3

I've talked about the Young @ Heart chorus before. I first learned about them through the movie, which premiered at last year's LA Film Fest. I met a few more of the members at Sundance earlier this year. Well tonight I got to see them in action. And they might be octogenarians, but ACTION is definitely the right word.

Here's a video of Jeanne, who I've met, doing one of her favorites.

Big hits tonight were "Take a Walk on the Wild Side" and Queen's "Bicycle Race." I seriously love them. I was bouncing along in my seat the entire time. They got at least three separate standing ovations. Needless to say, there was a lot of woo-ing.

While I was sitting there waiting for the show to start, I reminisced about when I first moved to San Diego. It was a time in my life where if I wanted to do anything I had often had to do it solo because I was in a new city. Anyway...random story, but I used to tell myself that for all anyone else knew, I was a military wife and I was alone (at the movies or whatever) because of that. Because of the weird way my mind works, that attitude helped me to venture out and not be all "what will people think?"

No, there was no point to telling the story, except I guess to say that I remembered how I used to do that because I don't have to do it anymore...

Alright, onto something else...

I watch old reruns of Growing Pains pretty regularly. They're a good mood booster and, well, the mood's been needing some boosting lately.

There are definite downfalls to seeing how things are filmed around here, and knowing how fake everything you see on screen (big or little) is just that...fake...

So I'm watching my beloved show, it's the episode where Jason and Maggie are in Paris (worst Eiffel tower backdrop ever!!!!) and Mike is stuck in Spain with the oldest Lubbock sister from Just the Ten of Us (before she was the oldest Lubbock sister on Just the Ten of Us). Anywho, so Mike and that girl are supposed to be in Spain, but I recognize the scenery as being clearly that of Catalina Island (which is out here off the coast of LA). Big wunh wunh.

I used to get so excited for the Just the Ten of Us theme song because you see the Arch and St. Louis in it. That was a big deal.

Ok enough randomness...well maybe one more thing.

So this weird acapella group opened for Young @ Heart tonight. People were laughing because it seemed like a joke. The lead male clearly has dreams of Broadway, and I think he'll do pretty well. But I couldn't help trying to Jedi mind trick them into this:

It didn't work...

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall" comes out tomorrow. Do yourself a favor and see it.

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