Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love LA

I've got more scuba studying to do, but I just saw way too many "celebrities" for my own good, and have to share.

First I saw Lisa Bonet (aka Denise Huxtable) outside the Erewon fancy schmancy grocer down the street from me. She was with a baby. I called my personal researcher NDG and we were talking about how her kid with Lenny Kravitz is all teenage and partying already. Thus the phrase "She has a whore and a baby!" was coined.

Then NDG and I met up at Celebrity Central aka the ArcLight to see "Deception." (There are way too many decent/good movies at the theater for anyone to waste their money on this. Let my err in judgement be to your benefit.) Highlight: Michelle Williams. Lowlight: Someone had told me I would see little Ewan. I didn't.

Before we went into the movie we saw a heavily made up Ginnifer Goodwin. After the movie was the biggie. First, Johnathan Silverman with a lady at the snack bar. Then, Adam Brody and a couple of hipster, nonfamous friends. (He must have forgotten how hard it was to live without me last year, because he didn't say anything to me.) Outside the sightings continued. It was a beautiful night and there was some music doc fest happening so there was live entertainment.

Elizabeth Berkeley (Jessie Spano) and her fried hair were the hub of autograph and picture seekers. I resisted a STRONG urge to go up to her and say "I'm so excited, I'm so excited. I'm just. so. scared!" In her group was Mark Feuerstein who I always refer to as "that guy from Good Morning Miami." a - I didn't even really ever watch Good Morning Miami, and b - that show was on for like three episodes in 2002 (I just looked it up). Anyway I always see him and his wifey and it seems they have another baby every time. (really they only have two or three, but they're both/all under the age of 2 or 3). And we're not done yet! As we were paying for parking, who would get in line behind us but Todd Louiso of High Fidelity fame. (I had to look up his name, but you would know him if you saw him.)

We kept stalling, wondering who else would show up. I was like ZB has to eventually walk up, right?

Before I sign off...two news stories I wasn't a fan of today.

The shark attack in Solana Beach. This isn't near where I'll be diving, but still. Why is there a fatal shark attack (the first one in the area since like the 50s or something) right when I'm nervously kicking off scuba training???

The multiple cop acquittal in NYC. My brothers are cops. I understand things happen. But in what world is 50 rounds on a small unarmed group of people not excessive force? I realize they were perhaps drunk/mouthing off/whatever, and in a car, and that could have been the weapon but still...50 shots??? I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this one.


Nicole said...

should i get a business card that says "Mary Anne's personal Researcher"?

Jill said...

Mary Anne - the recent shark attack is GOOD. it means it will probably be another 50 years before another one occurs. i believe that KDL would approve of this theory.