Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Basically Ione Skye

I have glimpsed the future of elevators, and all I can say is...Go back.

They've installed the Miconic 10 at our studio. Basically you select the floor number from outside the elevator, then it tells you which elevator will take you to your destination. Once inside the elevator there are no buttons to change your path. It only stops at pre-programmed floors. Fuh-reaky. It's also humorous to me that a place horribly infested with mice, rats and roaches spends their money on a high-tech elevator system. Anyone who visits complains about the complicated layout of the building. Not being able to operate the elevators is only going to exacerbate that. OH! Except there are nice young men placed outside the elevators offering tutorials and informative flyers.

RIP Paul Newman. You did a great thing for KBM's grandma.

I had a great weekend. Lots of fun. I think the only I did because I needed to (excl the hygienic basics of course) was go to Babies R Us, which let's face it, is really enjoyable for me.

Friday night I watched the debate and then Across the Universe, which I would recommend to Beatles fans. Like my mom. (Stick with it through the trippy Bono part. Yes the movie would do better without it, but you'll still enjoy it as a whole.)

Saturday there were crepes and then later there was a steak-filled trip to the Outback, putt putt and batting cages. The latter three events encompassed a Suburbanight. Because that's where we have to go to do those things. I got a hole in one. And more than one holes in six. I chose skee-ball over batting cages as I neither bat left nor right, but moreso hope that would I ever need to beat up an intruder it wouldn't matter which side I was hitting from.

Sunday it was off to Oak Glen for some fall-ness. Well, I thought it was going to be fall. It's been super warm here lately (like 90), but I thought "we're heading to the mountains...and it's the end of September...throw the sweaters in the car!" Meanwhile it was 90 degrees there too. But we had a blast. Picking apples, pressing our own cider, panning for gold. And through sunglass lenses the leaves appeared to be autumn colors, so that was something. Lots of good pictures and video that - you guessed it - you'll see when I find time to walk down to the library or to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to use the free wireless internet.

I have lots of apples and pears and have plans for at least one pie and a cake that I saw them make on Take Home Chef. I'm ambitious. I bought a corer and am going to pick up a mandolin slicer and souffle dish on my way home. Frankly I like just saying mandolin slicer because it makes me feel kitchen smart, and I think if I don't slice off a finger it will be super fun.

Speaking of home... I've done it. I've hired someone to clean my one bedroom apartment. I've struggled with this idea for a while now, but have finally allowed myself the luxury. As someone told me, I'm also giving someone work, which these days is a good thing. It's just that I don't wanna spend the little free time I have scrubbing floors and toilets (well ok, just the one). I'm going to have her come over twice a month, which I think will be enough.

Meeting time! Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rolling With It

I don't feel much like blogging. I prefer the idea of a nap at the moment.

But I feel like I owe it to all of mankind to tell you to see the movie Role Models.

Paul Rudd. Seann William Scott. Enough said.

Here's the trailer:

Seriously I don't think I've laughed this hard at a movie in a VERY long time. And it's one of those movies where you're basically laughing the entire time. At one point I think most of us in the audience went into convulsions. And there was clapping at the end. I can't stress to you how often clapping doesn't happen at press screenings.

Ok enough hyping.

But really. See it.
If you were watching it with me I could interject "that's my work!" and "that's our lobby!" because they shot it at our studios. That's always exciting. I think I mentioned on here when I ran into Seann at the elevators. I now realize we probably could have totally been extras in a scene had we just gone up and visited like he told us to. Next time I'll remember it's all about the follow through.

Meeting my friend Katie for dinner tonight. We live in the same city but haven't seen each other since May...totally ridic.

This weekend I've got putt putt and picking apples on the agenda. And hopefully a lot of sleep. We'll see how that shakes out. (And so much for cleaning up the place!)

In computer news, I got my pc files transferred to my mac which sounds way sexier than it really is. Exciting nonetheless. Still trying to find a wireless internet provider...

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tale of Two Bikes

It was the best of was the best of times...

Ok so this wkend went by so fast I still can't believe I'm already back at work. I didn't do a lot of really productive stuff but boy did I have fun, and that's productive enough for me.

Friday night it was Judd Apatow and Friends at the UCB. It was preceded by an awesome chicken burger and pear cider at Birds. Then came Judd...and his "friends." Friends like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Kevin James and...ADAM SANDLER. Seriously. Adam Sandler stand up for 30 minutes? Yes please. Even if he was in character. Very surreal. I also really liked THIS girl. Very subtle and dry. I did not enjoy - and thanks to NDG's suggestion was able to escape - Andy Dick's set.

Saturday I went and test drove the aformentioned Chinese Flying Pigeon bike. It's super heavy and old school and I like it. A lot. But instead of buying it on the spot, I agreed it was better for me to testdrive a few other options.

Saturday night it was off to the bowl with an amazing Boar's Head turkey and provolone sammie. (Thanks Mayfair Market). The berries were da bomb. It was the best experience acoustic wise I had ever experienced at the bowl. I've never lucked out with good sound there, so I'm guessing it was our dead center seats. The talent didn't disappoint either. MGMT? awesome. Spoon? great as always. (I love me some brass!) Beck was super fun too. He played a great variety. The orchestra conducted by his dad came out about half way through. (I also love me some strings!) Super fun night.

Sunday morning I woke up super early and made good time to Long Beach to watch my friends compete in the triathlon. Bragging on their behalf there was a medal and awesomeness involved. It was the first time I had ever watched one. I've watched the LA marathon before but it still amazes me the desire of some people to do that sorta thing and call it fun. The range (age, size, skill level) of people participating was at the same time surprising and encouraging. Everyone was done in less than 3 hours. The winners were done in just under one.

Sunday afternoon it was more bike testdrives. I don't think I ever imagined that choosing a bike would be such a difficult decision. I just wanna ride a bike again. Sunday I tried a variety of bikes with more than one speed. And now it's like this choice I have to make. Do I go with the aesthetically stunning and unique single speed or pay a little more and get like 7 speeds and have to roll up my pants leg. It should also be mentioned that I'm physically attracted to the multigear bike I'm considering (the Giant Sedona). It also comes in a pistachio color similar to my Kitchenaid mixer. Everyone kept repeating that it basically just matters what I want the bike for. I want it to ride it. DUH. But how much do I wanna ride it? I don't know. I like the idea of riding it to grocery shop, and in parks and on the beach. Do I want to mountain bike? No. Do I want to competitively bike? H no. So yeah, my very own DECISION 2008. Any advice or comments on the subj would be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of DECISION 2008. I'm so done with this whole government thing. Stop volunteering for me to pay thousands of dollars to clean up the mess for companies that I have nothing to do with. The government couldn't help me pay for college (and already punishes me financially for being single and making a good living), why should I be required to help them bail out some ill-run corporation? I shouldn't. And McCain...Obama...stop with the mudslinging already. One of you should start talking about what you're going to do to fix things not what the other one is going to do to make things worse. People need solutions. Our country needs solutions. It's so annoying. I'm over it. And for the love of GOD can people stop trying to prevent same sex marriage? What does any of it have to do with you? That's right, it doesn't. Matter of fact it wouldn't affect you at all. So vote NO on Prop 8 and let them eat (wedding) cake. Me? I don't even like cake. And I'm not too sold on the whole marriage thing. But I'm straight and won't ever have to worry about someone else (like the GOVERNMENT for craps sake) telling me who I can or can't marry should I decide to do so. I've never been into political ads, but I like this one and think it creatively and effectively gets the message across.

(ok, stepping down from soap box now.)

Ok, so back to Sunday. After test driving and getting more confused about the bike decision...We headed over to watch this neat thing I had read about on Daily Candy. It involved a comedy troupe reading the transcript of the "Meet Me in St Louis" radio program. Super fun.

Afterwards we ventured to Yogurtland. KBM had told me about it earlier in the day. Talk about sensory overload. You pick the yogurt. You pick the toppings. You do it yourself. And then it's only like 3 cents an ounce. I got more than enough for like $2.50 (less than what I pay at Coldstone). And it's fat free fro yo! The only issue I have is the same I have with buffets because that's how the topping center is set up. I don't find that the most sanitary experience ever...but it was yummy and fun and I'll most definitely go back.

Then we watched some Emmys and I was reminded how annoying awards shows have become, which sucks because I really used to like them a lot.

I wish I could run into Jon Hamm at work today so I could tell him how much I enjoyed his reaction shot when Bryan Cranston won. I also liked the Ricky Gervais - Steve Carell moment as the Steve Carell moment topped my list last year. I'm still not sure how Carell was able to maintain his straight face.

Things I didn't do this wkend that I should have:

eyebrow waxing
swept up the place (wood floors in a second story apt get supes dusty.)

That is all.

I have The Raconteurs and The Kills tonight. Tomorrow I'm junketing The Lucky Ones and seeing Flash of Genius. Wednesday I start a 3 week stint on the 7a shift (God help me!) and see Role Models. (Seann William Scott? Paul Rudd? Yes please squared!) Shaping up to be another busy week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

NDG and I are co-dependent


We work in separate suites, and often have to use post-its to communicate as our schedules don't always coincide. She's collected mine into a wall mural. Sometimes I look at them and laugh out loud. She thinks that's funny.

If I had a scanner, I would scan them in because that would obviously be better. But I don't. So in the words of that girl from Kid Nation..."Deal with it!"

Here's some of the ones that still make me laugh.

"Your candle is very aromatic. This pen writes so smoothly. Are you trying to seduce me? Seriously. MAB."

"This is a little post-it with a big message. I miss you. Let's hang out. MAB" (this was written on one of those itty bitty post-its.)

(this one was written while she was away at Comic-Con last year): "Comic-Con makes me sad :( San Diego makes me happy. :) I'm so confused. MAB"

"Sometimes when you're in meetings I get real sad and look like this :( The End. MAB"

"dear ndg Once you're over 9 years old, consistently writing with pencils is hard. The more you know. <3 MAB" (this was obviously written with a pencil.)

"NDG - I wonder where you are. here are my guesses: 1. bathroom 2: edit bay 9 (if so, wunh wunh) 3. Katherine's office 4. walking around aimlessly (i like to walk around aimlessly). Please reply with your answer."

And finally:

"RocknRolla yourself! Pls don't hate that I have to be working. I actually should be working right now. LYMI! MAB"

Speaking of...I should be working right now...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somewhere Between "So Much to Say" and "Be Ok"

In other words, I'm a marriage of Dave Matthews and Ingrid Michaelson today.

NDG and I were just reflecting on how one kind compliment can change the course of a day. We crossed paths with a girl whose dress we admired here at the studio, and I told her we liked it. She had just hung up her phone and we supposed that maybe she just got dumped or found out a friend was losing a limb and was devastated until we told her we enjoyed her orange frock.

I wasn't having a particularly rough day, but having Amanda Foreman, the author of Georgiana: The Duchess of Devonshire, tell me this morning that I asked the best questions of her entire book tour was a definite mood elevator. I liked it even more when she asked me what I did besides this and knew immediately - and without asking - that I was a writer and that this job isn't the end all of my creative explorations.

Last night the girls and I took in a Mortified stage reading. I'm hooked. I loved it. Next month's event is already on my calendar. I wasn't religious to a journal or diary nor do I have the balls necessary to do such a public speaking event whilst a snapshot of my awkwardest stage is projected large enough for a room of hundreds to see. But boy do I enjoy listening to others' stories. (Not that I couldn't imagine looking at a picture of me and a certain high school crush while reading my schoolgirl poetry detailing a love so unrequited it could best be described in the lyrics of "Obsession" by Animotion.)

What else, what else.

I ran around my apartment all crazy like yesterday morning on a hunt for my keys only to realize I had left them in the lock the night before. GENIUS. (This is why when I post pictures of my apt I will not be showing the exteriors of the building nor in any way identify its location.)

The morning before I woke up cradling a pillow and rocking it like it was a baby. I'm guessing in my dreams it was. That same day I would find out that a friend back home was expecting and that my newest nephew is making life tough on my sister.

Mad Men. Dear Jon Hamm. I am trying. Ever since our awkward elevator exchange when I vowed to watch your series. It's up for a crazy number of Emmys this wkend. So I got the dvds on Netflix. I gotta say, I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm really working hard to get through them. Maybe my mind is currently too scattered to focus on anything deeper than the new edition of 90210. It's highly possible. I will say that each episode I'm looking forward to the last 10 minutes or so when Don Draper exposes his true asshole-ness. I've heard nothing but good things about Season 2, so I'm anxiously awaiting catching up.

Grey's Anatomy comes back next week. Eh. We'll see how that goes. I'm definitely more excited for Pushing Daisies on Oct 1 and whenever How I Met Your Mother comes back.

I saw "The Lucky Ones" the other night. I like it. It's a different Rachel McAdams than I'm used to, but once I got used to it I liked her again. The movie starts kinda slow but I definitely enjoyed where it went. I was briefly taken out of it tho when, during their road trip, they go through St Louis. There's something that clutches my heart when I see the view of the Arch and downtown from westbound 40. They lost me tho when they were supposed to be driving west and instead they were on the service road in Chesterfield Valley (hello Lowe's and SONIC! (I've eaten there!) heading EAST. Quelle domage!

Actually, that happens a lot in movies, but it never ceases to annoy me when I actually am aware of the geography being assaulted. It happened with the Paris references in the Da Vinci Code and in Knocked Up at the end where they were supposedly driving to the east side but were in fact on the PCH headed for Malibu. At least I can understand that being used for beauty shot purposes.

I get to do the junket next week, and won't bring up the inaccuracies. It's my second junket with Rachel, which in my head makes us friends.

Alright I've gotta get to work. I'm excited about the weekend. I have a little Judd Apatow/Raining Jane action slated for tomorrow night. Then Saturday it's MGMT, Spoon and Beck - backed by an orchestra - which will be conducted by HIS DAD. How awesome does that sound? I'm super stoked. Then Sunday I'm going to cheer on a couple pals in the Long Beach Triathalon. After all, those who don't run cheer on those who do.

In case you were wondering...I want this bike:

It's Chinese. It's called "Flying Pigeon." And when I say I want it, it means I'm going to buy it unless I don't enjoy my test drive. And the one I'm gonna get has a basket on the front for grocery shopping purposes. And it's a girl version. (The one in the photograph is for boys.)

The end.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

For the Love of Film

The title refers to theme of this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Let's face it, there won't be a well detailed account of each day I spent in the Great White North. I'll include a couple of noteworthy tidbits here and we'll call it a day. I didn't end up having a laptop handy and I didn't take enough notes so I'm depending on my memory, which let's face it isn't fantastic.

(the first day)
Me: We're in a foreign country!!!
Jon: But everyone looks like us!!!

(the next night)
I was at one of the festival hotels for dinner. I had just followed a VERY skinny Thandie Newton down a corridor. I was walking up the stairs and looked over to the opposite curving staircase to see Gerard Butler. Then I watched as he checked me out and caught my gaze. Let it be known I was in no way dressed up. Let it also be known that I have never been attracted to Gerard Butler. And ALSO that I wasn't alone and my companion was witness to the happenings. So GB caught my eye and we shared this crazy captivating movie moment wherein I felt like I was dressed in the most flattering of evening gowns. That's the only way I can describe it.

I can still say I'm not super attracted to GB, but I can say I love the way he made me feel. And isn't that what we're all looking for?

No words were exchanged. We both continued our separate ways and that was it.

(some other day)
I was interviewing Susan Sarandon for her movie "Middle of Nowhere." I unfortunately hadn't seen the movie, but I'm usually pretty good about getting a conversation going wherein we get what we need and the subjects are so busy talking that they don't realize I'm not asking the specific questions that would reveal I haven't seen the movie.

So I'm interviewing Susan and the movie's director and somehow we totally get off track and start talking about drinking and kids drinking and pot. Susan feels that drinking and enlisting ages should be the same. She feels like drinking beer and drinking hard liquor should be separate issues. She repeated the advice that you never mix - and that sake and beer means you mixed. All the sudden the cameras weren't even there and we were just sitting at a table in a hotel restaurant. It was weird. But enjoyable.

That same day I had interviewed Anton Yelchin for the umpteenth time. (He's also in MoN.) He's good about remembering me and I enjoy talking to him. Later on in the week I would have a good chat with Paul Dano, who I've also talked to more than once.

I'm trying to think of other interviews that stick out. Jill Hennessy was super nice. As were the Culkin kids I interviewed. I found out I live blocks away from two of the actors in Deadgirl. I also found out I probably don't wanna see that movie.

Greg Kinnear and Alan Alda were lovely. Their director, Marc Abraham, is the brother of my old boss at E! so that gave us that all important red carpet connection and talking point.

As far as movies I enjoyed, I called The Duchess "heartbreakingly awesome." I get to interview the author of the book (which is based on a true story) tomorrow, which I'm excited about. I also enjoyed "Happy Go Lucky." When I told the movie's star Sally Hawkins that I wanted to be the main character's friend she replied in her Brit-ish accent "She would like you." And I was like, YAY! Funny. And of course "Slumdog Millionaire." Not since "Born into Brothels" have I wanted to run to India and pack my suitcase full of little kids to bring home.

I had fun finding out that one of my industry colleagues used to write an advice column for a bridal magazine. It was more fun when we started berating him with questions as to why boys do what they do and say what they say.

I passed on a trip to the top of the CN tower, but did enjoy the view from Panorama, a rooftop bar. (When I post pix, you'll see what I mean.)

We also had a nice dinner with these people. I loved the way father and son interacted. It was fun to watch.

I had an extra day or so at the tail end of my trip to hang in Toronto. It was rainy, so I ducked into the Royal Alexandra theater to catch the stage version of Dirty Dancing.

Things I loved:

-How much the girl playing Baby looked like Jennifer Grey (at least from my seat anyway)
-The amazing dancing skills of the girl who played Penny.
-I loved watching all of the "dirty" dancing live. It really made me wanna get back into yoga and become flexible again.
-the cheesiness of it all and how excited people got at the lines we've been quoting for decades
-the way I still tear up at Baby's convo with her dad on the porch. "You let me down too!"

There's a huge store that reminded me of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. It's called Holt Renfrew and you basically can't afford anything in there unless you're uber rich. For instance I picked up the tag of a night gown that was either $300 or $3000 dollars. I'm thinking it was the latter. Seriously.

I also visited the Bata Shoe Museum. Mostly because I'm a girl and I like shoes and I wasn't in the mood for a history museum romp (the art museum is closed for renovation).

Well first of all, there was a lot of history. But it was shoes so that made it somehow more manageable. My favorite exhibit, however, was "On Pointe: The Rise of the Ballet Shoe." SO neat. It showed you how they came to be and how they are made and ballets were playing on the walls and famous ballerina's shoes were in cases. I was disappointed there wasn't more dried blood on the shoes, but other than that was totally into it. I never ballet'd, but I do enjoy wearing ballet flats. And movies about ballet like "Centerstage." Eating disorders and taboo love affairs? Count. me. in.

I liked this quote on the wall of the museum:

"I can identify the sound of your feet, for it is through them that life is moving in my direction."

It's a traditional Indian folk saying.

I also like this overheard saying (imagine it in a valley girl voice):

"You know what I mean, bitch?

Gerrad and I can do good impressions for you if you're interested.

I liked that I could watch "Ed" and "Night Court" in Canada. I was also strangely attracted to this show. If you could hear the theme song, you'd maybe understand.

Another favorite random moment occurred on September 11th. As I always do I recalled where I was 7! years ago. The hallway. Melanie. The Today Show. Steve's voice on the radio.

I walked as much as possible in Toronto because I love a good walking city. On this particular day, I was walking AGAIN about a mile or so away to one of the festival hotels. I was following a family of three down the sidewalk. Mom and little boy (who looked to be about 2) were obviously walking dad to work. They were walking slow and other business people were rushing to pass on the side. At one point the mom noticed me behind and pulled aside to let me pass. I told her I actually was enjoying walking behind them. (I didn't mean for it to be creepy, but it might have been.) I like remembering the pace of a child, which is such a contrast to the way we adults tend to rush around. I also liked being witness to this little family moment. As the family turned away from my path, the little boy kept looking over his shoulder at me. He finally stopped walking so as not to lose sight of me and we made eye contact. I don't know, this is all sounding creepy and weird, but sometimes I feel like you can garner a lot from the old souls that reside within children. I smiled and waved and kept walking.

Alright, that's enough for now...
I have some more randomness and a movie review from last night but that can wait.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Something to Tide You Over

Movies Seen (in Toronto):
Waltz With Bashir
Who Do You Love
The Duchess
Happy Go Lucky
The Narrows
The Hurt Locker
Paris, Not France
Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (never have I ever seen such a mass walkout during a screening - press or civilian - seriously, like 40 people (about half the crowd) walked out of this movie. i stayed, as always, to see if it would/could redeem itself. it could not. sorry chris evans and ron howard's daughter)
Slumdog Millionaire (yes it's that good)

(I feel like there were more. I feel like there was only one day when i didn't see a movie. I feel tired.)

Celebrities Spotted/Interviewed:


Gerard Butler (story to come)
Thandie Newton
Colin Firth
Queen Latifah
Dakota Fanning (all grown up!)
Jennifer Hudson (a lot skinnier and taking off her heels to walk down a flight of hotel stairs)
Sophie Okonedo
Kevin Smith
Jim Sturgess
Bill Maher
Keira Knightley
Ralph Fiennes
Dominic Cooper
Jessica Biel
Allesandro Nivola (aka Mr Emily Mortimer)
Danny Boyle


Youssou N'Oudr (he's the best selling African artist of all time)
Julianne Moore
Mark Ruffalo
Gael Garcia Bernal
Danny Glover
Fernando Meirelles
Anton Yelchin
Eva Amurri
Susan Sarandon
Greg Kinnear
Lauren Graham
Alan Alda
Emma Roberts
Timothy Hutton
Jill Hennessy
Rory Culkin
Kieran Culkin
Kevin Zegers
Sophia Bush
Paul Dano
Sally Hawkins (you won't know her probably (unless your Brit-ish) but you should)
Jeremy Renner
Anthony Mackie
Brian Geraghty

(once again these are only the names I think you might recognize. if you don't please see google, wikipedia, or let's face it, a modern movie. i kid, i kid...)

Random sightings weren't as plentiful around Toronto as they are in Sundance because Sundance is concentrated to one street, while Toronto is a whole city.

More details - and pictures - coming soon. I know I continue to promise photographs, but I'm still working on laptop and internet access issues.