Monday, February 23, 2009

Awards Wkend Roundup

2009 Film Independent Spirit Awards

1. I was there.
2. Mickey Rourke brought the crazy. and the moment of the night. (fyi it's uncensored)

3. press room. I heart them. No other place I could speak so easily with people like Penelope Cruz, Dustin Lance Black, Philip Seymour Hoffman and the others...

(the rest of these are standout moments from my red carpet experience)

4. Jon Hamm is hot. Hotter when he stands against the wall because he is there to show his support to his lady Jennifer Westfeldt and not take any of the focus for himself.
5. Rachel Weisz did the same thing for Darren Aronofsky.

6. gladiator sandals with ankle cuffs. no thank you. as a matter of fact there were a lot of weird ankle high shoes that I wasn't a fan of. Sorry Rachel Weisz. I know they were fancy because they had the red soles. I learned on Oprah that means they're Christian Louboutin or something...

7. The British reporter who used "ridiculous decolletage" to describe Mariah Carey's busty red carpet look. And the rest of the people asking what the heck she was doing there.

8. I know my Olsen twins! It was so Mary Kate and so not Ashley.

(it should be mentioned that other reporters would come up to us and ask who people are and what movie they were here for. too bad we won't be there next year (or next week!) to help them.)

9. Haaz from the Visitor. Not only did he recognize me but we had a good convo about playing drums in your underwear vs in the buff...(thanks A2.)

(I'm currently super distracted by the sound of a very newborn baby crying outside my apartment. I'm wondering if someone has left one on my doorstep.)

10. Jenny Lumet, writer of Rachel Getting Married, also remembered me and came up and gave me a hug.

11. Anne Hathaway responding graciously and with eye contact when I told her I liked her dress. I wasn't lying.

12. Andie MacDowell's laugh. I think I wrote this note down because I found it annoying, but maybe I liked it. I can't remember now.

13. Alec Baldwin avoiding the red carpet, walking behind the crews and chatting up the homeless and other fans who had gathered along the boardwalk. I was glad to witness the exchange because for a second it made me like him.

And the Oscar goes to...

(I was not there.)

1. Ok with show open but not with Anne's dress change. Preferred the red carpet look.
2. Penelope Cruz! I talked to her yesterday!
3. Old winners giving prizes to new winners is gonna take forever. (see #15)
4. Dustin Lance Black! I talked to him too! LOVED his speech.
5. Aniston presenting off to side so as not to be face to face with Brangelina. Cut away of Ang anyway. Then shot of Brangelina once Aniston moved to centerstage. Subtle. REAL subtle.
6. Stiller as Joaquin.
7. James Franco in comedy skit. The guy's got range tho. He's not just a great comedian.
8. This musical number is time consuming. We get it. Hugh can sing. and dance. AT THE SAME TIME! Beyonce could learn a few things.
9. I wonder if it's the same drummers from the Grammy Radiohead moment. If so this is like their best month ever.
10. Was I the only one that enjoyed the preview for The Proposal? (It was a commercial.) I mean, Betty White! People, get excited.
11. So many produced packages this year. How do you get those jobs?
12. When accepting on a group's behalf, thank everyone's wives and kids, not just your own.
13. How excited Danny Boyle got for the sound editors win.
14. The way Liam Neeson held on to Frida Pinto.
15. I know I didn't like it early on but seeing the best actresses make such great eye contact with the nominees warmed my heart. I loved the exchange between Shirley and Anne.
16. Sophia Loren, meanwhile, looked scary. Goldie Hawn kinda did too.
17. I literally hugged myself when Kate won. Loved her movie. Loved her speech. Loved her dad and his hat and his whistling for his baby girl.
18. The DeNiro and Sean Penn exchanged.
19. How excited Robin Wright Penn got when Sean won. I was not very happy that he forgot to thank her after that reaction.
20. Seeing everyone take the stage when Slumdog won. I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! Jai HO!

In other news, I finally finished reading Julie and Julia. I look forward to the movie. I just enrolled in a travel writing seminar, so that should be fun. Oh and I LOVED Sunshine Cleaning. It was a little more drama than comedy, but it was exactly like the trailer. I laughed. I cried. You get the picture.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Icebergs Are For Penguins

It's a song...look it up...

This afternoon I walked into the offices of MPRM (one of the pr houses here) and it felt like the Cheers theme should have been playing. Everyone said hello to me by name, and then I ran into ET Canada's photog and he was glad to see me. I'm really beginning to feel the difference in environment at Reelz. I mean, I certainly noticed it immediately, but I really think it's starting to have its effect on me. Not many people were left after the first round of layoffs, and it seems like barely any of those that were actually show up. It's hard out there for a social butterfly like myself. So, needless to say, it was the reception I needed. The visit was quick as I was only there to pick up my credentials for the Spirit Awards, but it was nice.

Then it was onto a screening of Adventureland. But NDG and I arrived early so we ducked into Book Soup to pass the time. Somehow, even tho I'm a crazy lover of books and old school bookstores, I had never been to Book Soup. The travesty of this escapes me. I was ready to move in. And that's before I looked up to see David Hyde Pierce walk in and peruse the shelves next to me. The girl behind the counter was reading in between customers, and that tickled me too.

Book Soup is set up like an old bookstore, but it has new books. I loved the feel. I stalled in the children's and cookbook sections. I tried to figure out what book I could cook my way through a la Julie and Julia so that I could get a book-then-movie deal. I flipped through A A Milne's books of poetry for children and got excited about the day when it will be ok for me to have entire bookcases devoted to kid books. The latter part of my visit was spent in an attempt to find out what color my parachute is.

The book seems like a good idea. But not at $18.95. Because, HELLO, I don't have a job (and neither does anyone who is really gonna get any use out of that book!). Luckily, I have a library card and a library within a block of my apartment. Done and done. I also reserved a copy of The Year of Living Biblically. Because I'm apparently currently into books about year-long projects. I just need to figure out what my year-long project-turned-book can be.

Adventureland. I liked it. I wanna go there. It really made me wanna ride the bumper cars. The soundtrack is fun. I even liked Kristen Stewart. Yeah I said it. And I meant it. And I think I'd be ok if Kristen Wiig just randomly popped up in every comedy or dramedy ever made.

I see Sunshine Cleaning tomorrow which I'm pretty excited about. Instead of weaning myself off all these movie screenings, I'm trying to jam as many in as I can before I'm not eligible for them anymore. Free movies rule.

Since I don't really like the Adventureland trailer, and I love the Sunshine Cleaning one so much that I tear up basically every time I see it, I'll show you that one. I hope the movie doesn't disappoint me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What She's Doing Now

In the past week I:

1. hosted Day Old Bachelor, which means I cooked dinner for myself and two friends.
2. was declared cavity free, but was told my gums are receding on one side due to overbrushing.
3. broadened my career search past tv production.
4. hit the town at 10p for the first time in probably (likely) years...lasted til maybe 2a...
5. celebrated a friend's bday at Disneyland.
6. ate Sonic...and reaffirmed that my body refuses to accept fast food as an option.
7. watched a lot of Family Guy.
8. saw a tranny walking to church and regretted not being appropriately dressed so that I could follow her.
9. saw the movie The Class and didn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to.
10. had one of the best celebrity sightings ever...Paul Dooley (the dad from Sixteen Candles!!!)
11. respected NDG's wishes that I not run up and hug him from behind whilst quoting the movie.
12. experienced KDL's homemade pot pie and cleaned my plate.
13. laid in bed and listened to the rain.
14. laid in bed dreading to get out of bed because of how cold my apt is/was/might always be.
15. applied for a lot of random jobs. second asst to executive? sure. foundation writer? natch.
16. covered a story about Osama bin Laden for an India-n news network. (it's called freelance!)
17. tried Tagalong ice cream. Yes please.
18. watched Heavenly Creatures, Chop Shop and Shattered Glass. Enjoyed all three.
19. continued reading Julie & Julia and wondered what's taking me so long to finish it.
20. made a batch of 4-dozen cookies (oatmeal craisin with the occasional chocolate chip) that garnered more kudos at work than any story I've written.

I probably did other stuff but it was probably more mundane. My dentist has suggested a Sonicare to curb my vigorous brushing. This week I have a couple of screenings I'm excited about (Adventureland and Sunshine Cleaning). I'm also covering the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday. Fingers crossed that I at least see Zach Braff running down the carpet again this year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Prude Looks Like a Lady

Tonight I went to the airport to pick up a more-than-friend. I was shocked at the number of people waiting for the arrivals. I would say there was well over 100 people standing around waiting at the bottom of the escalator. Even for LA, that's a lot...especially since this terminal only services two airlines.

As an avid people watcher, I enjoy this part of it. Someone's loved one walks out those doors and the person goes crazy. Such a variety of reactions. Kids at the end of a business trip are my favorite. (Daddy!) But then sometimes the moms get just as excited to see their grown kids or new grandbabies. Perhaps tonight the influx was related to the impending wkend holiday, but whatever it was in the air.

For whatever reason, I'm not a PDA person. Because I really don't like to see others do it, I don't participate in it. Hand holding, peckish kisses, hugs, etc...I'm cool with. Tonsil hockey and dry humping in public, not so much. Long story short, I saw a lot of people go at it tonight. Like "get a room" style make out sessions. In the case of one couple in particular, (they were garnering stares from other people too, it wasn't just me) her dress was so short and they were so into it, that they very well may have been having actual intercourse right there near baggage claim. They moved their hot action to the wall behind me, so thankfully I didn't have to watch it any longer.

I realize these are the extremes...but does it mean I more than like my guy less or missed him less because I was cool with a smile, peckish kiss, and a hug? Are we already in that comfortable place and past the exciting place? Am I missing out on that animal love that apparently can only be quenched in the throws of public passion? Do I care?

As I was contemplating all these things, I realized that my initial problem upon arriving at the airport was the crowded reception area. The idea of all those people watching me react like I watch them react. (I'll say it again, I'm a fan of indirect attention.) So clearly it's the publicness of the display of affection and not the display of affection itself that I have an issue with. For some reason, that realization comforted me.

Then I came home to find out about the horrible plane crash in upstate New York, and I thought about all of those people in that reception area that experienced something completely different tonight. I think I fly so much, and the people I know fly so much, that I take for granted our safe landings. I mean I know I take a lot of things for granted, but whenever you head to the airport to pick someone up (especially when it's LAX!) you're just trying to streamline the process. I went in tonight because I had the time, and wanted to make the gesture. More often than not we do curbside pickups without a second thought.

So if you think of it as embracing someone who returned to your arms solely by the grace of God, maybe getting a little more amorous is called for. I just think, for me, a tight, lengthy-ish hug conveys it better than a tonsil molestation.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Moment in Time

For our graduation, my fifth grade class performed Whitney Houston's "One Moment in Time." Back then she was somewhat of a role model and inspiration. At least everyone thought so. Perhaps when she sang "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" maybe she really meant "I Wanna Snort Coke and Smoke Crack With Somebody." BOBBY! Whatever she was then, we know what she is now. A trainwreck. I just hope Jennifer Hudson was imagining old Whitney as she celebrated her own moment in time tonight at the Grammys.

1. When recollecting my favorite mentionables of tonight's ceremony, I have to start with JHud. It's shocking that we may have never known about her without American Idol. I admire her strength. I said it at the superbowl party I went to, and I will say it now. I can't fathom the courage it must take to stand in front of an entire world that knows the recent horrible hell that has surrounded you and changed your life, and still sing your heart out like that. I think it was obvious her performance tonight was a demonstration of gratitude to God for getting her through these last few months. It felt so intimate. I sat on my own couch, tears streaming down my face, never wanting to hug anyone more. I have a feeling she got several good tight squeezes tonight. I sure hope so. PS I love choirs.

2. I also love me some marching band. Which help to dull the sting of Radiohead not performing "House of Cards" like I was thinking they would. What is it with me, them and that song?!?!

3. Coldplay. They just know how to perform. I've been to a lot of concerts, seen hundreds of artists, and the one of theirs I went to a few years ago still ranks in the top 5. They have such a great energy!! I also loved how Chris Martin was genuinely shocked (really?!) and excited about winning awards. And how they apologized to Paul McCartney for the Sgt Pepper ripoff outfits.

4. I actually liked how everyone reacted to Sir PM's presence. Jennifer Nettles will never forget the moment she won a Grammy and was able to thank a Beatle because he was sitting right in front of her.

5. MIA. OMG. Performing at the Grammys on your due date. And dancing around like that. Wow. Big ups. I only wish I could forgive you for that see-through ladybug costume, but something won't let me. Maybe if you would have gone into labor and Lil Wayne, Jay Z and a Freshly-Fro'd Kanye would have helped you deliver the baby on stage, I would have forgotten about it. But you didn't, and I can't.

6. I love how Neil Diamond forgot that it wasn't the 80s and took to the crowd like he ruled it. Admittedly, he still looks the same, and I love me some Sweet Caroline.

7. Miley and Taylor. In the words of Annie Lennox...WWHHHHYYY? I love Taylor. I strongly dislike Miley. The only thing I feel like they have in common is they both dated JoBros. That does not a BFF make, Miley. I felt bad for Taylor because it's such a cute song and Miley butchered it with her white trash look and husky voice. Next to Taylor she looked like she was a 24 yo mother of 3 with a two pack a day habit. I'm not kidding. And that's insulting to any 24 yo mother of 3 with a two pack a day habit. Ugh.

8. Dear Carrie Underwood, what were you wearing? Ps I think your stylist might be jealous of you and out to ruin your beautiful look. The end. As for you Leann Rimes, not that I care, but your dress choice and decision to not brush your hair made it a hands down competition as to who looked better you or Sheryl Crow. Ps Sheryl Crow is like 20 years older than you and looked a MILLION times better.

Ok enough snark...maybe.

9. Katy Perry. I love you. Acoustically. In a small venue. Singing the songs that you wrote from the heart. But I get it. You've got $120 utility bills to pay too (LA is RIDONKULOUS (sp?)). So you went all poppy. I can accept it. And for some reason I liked the visuals of the giant fruit and the whole descending from the ceiling in a giant banana thing. I just didn't feel like you were really into it. And again, that's totally cool with me. But if you're gonna sell out, like it. Ok? Love you mean it.

10. After Robert Plant and Alison Krauss stole the show with all those wins, I was all, is "Raising Sand" really that good? Have I totally missed the bus? Then NDG texted me back: "No. the voters are old as sh*t."

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Because You Love(d) Me

Please go here and give me lotsa stars so that I can spend the last half of 2009 in Queensland. What's in it for you? A place to visit in Queensland. Not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling. What's in it for me? A light at the end of the tunnel.

Big hugs.

PS He's Just Not That Into You wasn't so bad. Not an Oscar winner, but enjoyable. The guy next to me with the horrible mucus-y phlegm issue? Well, I wasn't into him. Luckily he wasn't with me, so I just got up and watched the rest of the movie from a different vantage point. It's one of those movies a la Love Actually that has several different storylines, so if you're not into that, probably stay away from this. I like it when lives randomly intersect, so I was good. In addition, I'm pretty sure everyone will find someone or some story they relate to. Because everyone, at some point in their lives, has been lookin for wuv, twue wuv. I hope you find it.

In closing, please view and rate. From every computer you touch. Thanks.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Let it Rain

My relationship with Grey's Anatomy has been on the rocks lately. Like for the last two or three seasons. Or maybe since halfway through season two, but who's keeping track? Anyway, I keep watching, wanting so badly to get that first season feeling back.

Tonight I paused it to take a call from a friend who I hadn't talked to in a while. Our discussion turned to our respective relationships and the questions we have about relationships in general. Loves of lifetimes and the realization (or lack there of) of fairy tales and love stories and happy endings. The concept of marriage, the roller coaster of reality, you get the drift.

Basically I'm an overthinker and way too analytical and cynical.

So then like 40 mins later, I unpause Greys, and the very next line - I kid you not - is:

"Don't spend all your time wondering what you are or who you like or whether it's right for you or wrong for you. Just let yourself be happy."

Thanks Shonda.

I also (natch!) liked the whole storyline about applying intense pressure in the form of tight hugs to slow the nervous system. AND when Der told Mer "I want your crappy babies. All of them." There's the Le Sigh I've been waiting for.

And then that cliche proposal almost happened and they lost me. And then the "crossover" that wasn't really a crossover at all this week teased me into sitting through an entire episode of Private Practice, which I haven't watched since the pilot because I don't like it. And I don't like Kate Walsh. Probably because she played the wife, but whatever. I did like it when she said "I don't need the Super Friends."

I also obvi hated the whole vacuum storyline (except for them incl the cute midwife, which should probably be an oxymoron because I'd never want my lady doctor to be a guy I'm attracted to). Anyway, I'm way freaked about vacuums and forceps and would much rather a doctor cut me open to get my baby out.

So they duped me with the whole crossover and I fell for it...hook line and sinker...speaking of, an ark might be in order to get me to work tomorrow. For the most depressing day ever. Somehow I think tomorrow (the last day for the first round of layoffs) will be harder than my own last day. My own last day will be hard because I'll be freaking out financially and for the loss of routine. But I feel like tomorrow is when the reality will hit. I've met some great people (and got to continue friendships from previous employers) and this town is really small and I really do think we'll KIT and all that, but it really is the end of an era. A short, 2.5-year era, but still an era. I mean, we launched a network. Started from scratch. Only to have it crumble beneath us, by no fault of our own. If they wanted it to rise out of the ashes, they should have relocated to Phoenix, not Albuquerque.

Tangent anyone?

Back to the drama of Seattle Grace... next week is supposed to be a crossover too. Wonderful. Addison - even as an EX wife - still gets to waltz (or "walsh" in) and screw things up...UGH...No fair! (She says while stomping her feet.)

I'm gonna go to bed to a lil Smoky Mountain Rain. Only Ronnie Milsap can help me now.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The other night I was laying in bed and time traveled back to elementary school. I started by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and then singing the Dooley school song (remembered in its entirety) and the Texas state song. (yes, out loud. if you ever wondered how exciting sharing a bed with me could be, there it is.) I was surprised at how well I remembered the Texas state song. I wavered between being upset that I couldn't remember the entire thing, and freaking out that I could remember as much as I did. Texas is psycho with the self education, y'all.

Then I started thinking about p.e. and what a crock of sh*t it is. I mean I get the need for physical education and stretching and exercising. The part I don't agree with is the picking of teams. A - what does it matter if you can or can't play volleyball as a fourth grader? And 2 - if you're uncoordinated and not athletic (like I was, and still am) all that team selection ever did was make you feel worse about yourself, resent the entire idea of p.e., and increase the separation you felt with your peers. More often than not I was in the last two to be picked and Coach Alvarez would often make a team take me. I could have cared less to play any of those crappy organized sports. It would have been more fitnessy beneficial to have me stretching in the corner or something. I've done yoga. I know the benefits of stretching. I write this not for pity, but for perspective. Is there a reason they make you do all that crap? I mean I wasn't an overweight sedentary child. I don't know...I guess I just don't want my child (who will most likely inherit his or her awesome lack of coordination from me instead of getting the more attractive sarcastic wit) to feel like crap about it.

So yeah...if I'm not laying awake at night trying to figure out the future, I'm delving into random memories of my past.

I liked recalling Bear Bucks and the time my mom left nursing school to come get me because I was sick or injured or something. I remember how important that made me feel. I also remembered our principal hugging us when we got to school. Maybe I owe my love of hugging to Mrs. Wysong.

In other news, I just saw the movie Amelia with Hilary Swank. I wish I could tell you to see it. But I can't. Richard Gere was a joke. I did love seeing Ewan McGregor's face, but I'm not sure that had anything to do with the movie. It didn't know what it wanted to be. A love story or the story of a woman's adventurous spirit. I basically only really enjoyed the last 15 minutes of it. I'm bummed the whole movie couldn't have been like that 15 minutes. I would like to know more about Amelia. If only there was an awesome movie about her. Wunh wunh.

I applied for the island job today. It could take up to two weeks to find out if my audition tape will be in the running. At that time I will send the link out. Until then, here's a couple of outtakes. You should know that I was getting tired of doing all this on camera stuff so started drinking wine about it. You can imagine the change in atmosphere. Before I forget, I wanna thank Team MAB for helping making the video happen. From ideas to shooting to cheering on to editing. I've got great friends.

Unfortunately we didn't have time for outtakes in the actual video. But they're fun to watch now.

Wait for It

We made my audition video tonight for the Best Job Ever.
It's pretty awesome.

I'll show it to you soon. And beg you to view it over and over and rate it highly and tell your friends to do the same. In the meantime...a little "making of" action.

Apologies to NDG for doing what she asked me not to. If you (NDG) really hate it, I'll remove it. Thanks for your help. I had super fun.