Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not Like The Movies

I could call this "Things I Hate" a la Daniel Tosh...but I'm not going to. I'm instead going to call it pet peeves. Hate's a strong word, and truth be told, I've now been driven home in a Rover and partially paid for one for an African village so I feel like an imposter to say I hate them. That being said...

(in no particular order)

1. Rovers. Land or Range. There's no need for them on the streets of any city. They're for villages. Like in Africa. For use in transporting things and people. I know of nothing more pretentious.

2. Wide-ruled paper.

3. Procrastination. My favorite frenemy. I've got sh*t to do.

4. Icing//Lotion//Sour cream.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say I will likely never like any of those things.

5. Jersey Shore. I don't get it. I don't wanna get it.

6. The inability to Hipstamatic or play Words With Friends on my blackberry. This item could also be called #ihatebeingleftout but I very much enjoy both of those Iphone apps. Luckily I have friends that share.

7. PMS. Involuntary, unavoidable, and inescapable bad mood. I will use the word HATE here. Anybody wanna guess the inspiration of today's blog?

8. I feel like I used to be able to shave my legs every other day. That's no longer possible. Could THAT be possible? I feel like I have to shave every day or they're not perfectly smooth. Annoying. Should I devote some of my savings to laser treatments on my legs? South Africa or Australia would both be more fun if I never had to shave, right?

9. Cats. I won't ever kill them or anything. I just don't feel the need for them in my life. I prefer the wild neighborhood skunks (as long as they don't spray me) to my neighbor's mostly-outdoor cats who are convinced they rule our little region.

10. Lazy lazyness. By this I mean lazy about stupid things. Like hooking my air conditioner to the window. D-U-M-B. Just do it already. (This is what I tell myself while I'm doing something else but way less important, like watching multiple episodes of "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."). I'm gonna put it out there now that I will hook it up with 2 weeks of the end of heat. Rendering several hundred dollars of money not well spent.

Ok. That's enough for now.

Things I'm loving.

1. being surprised with phone pix of my nephews and nieces.
2. getting texts from my nieces and nephews.
3. good music. right now. Pandora.
4. great friends.
5. beach days.
6. opportunity.
7. inside jokes.
8. neighborhood walks.
9. thinking about traveling.
10. writing again. wheels in motion.

I'm ticketed for Vampire Weekend/Beach House and Ray LaMontagne/David Gray. I'm super excited for both. My evening job has hampered my concert habit, but I'm gonna give it a go for these two shows. I'll sleep when I'm dead. I need some great live music like whoa.

I haven't seen a movie since Inception. Quite possibly because I don't wanna erase that as my last cinematic experience (Jon Hamm, remember?). That being said I have quite a few I wanna see...

Random ending:

I'm notorious for being horrible in a crisis. Mostly because I tell people I am. I mean, why have people thinking they'll be in good hands? Anyway, this feature makes preparing for an earthquake seem doable. That being said, I've already mentioned procrastination and I'm thinking going with my original plan of hooking up with someone more prepared still stands as my best option. I mean, can you picture me using a wrench to turn off gas and water? Hahahahahahahaha....Good luck to me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

If We Were Children, I Would Bake You a Mud Pie...

aka "How I spent 40 hours in New York City."

Friday afternoon/evening:

Arrived. Endured a two hour tour of the city courtesy Super Shuttle. Great moment on the subway when I had a realization of where I was and what I was doing and how happy I was about both things. Dinner with Emily at Peanut Butter & Co. Caught up and reminisced. Back to Hotel Harlem to do the same with Erin. Talked over wine as she packed for a wedding in the Hamptons. Dahling.

Sat morning:

Up. Times Square. Met up with Ellen for MORE catching up and reminiscing. And walking. And lunching. This time Ruby Foos. Signature drink. Next stop Trust. (The play starring Zach Braff.)

Three things made me sure I was loving this play:

1. The quote "I don't do brown." (Pee is yellow.)
2. The music. Specifically the scene change where "Maps" was playing and Braffers was mouthing the words. If you didn't know, that's one of my all-time favorite songs.
3. "Sh*t can them." Perhaps only two people in this world know why I enjoyed hearing that phrase on a stage so much. But I did.

The play was very well-written, and greatly acted. I kept calling it a movie because that's what it felt like. I wasn't ready for it to be over. I felt like I blinked and it was intermission time.

What surprised me most about this show, was that I was probably one of less than 10 people under the age of 50. And it was partially set in an S & M club. Old people are kinky. A couple of groups with younger teens left during the first act. I wasn't complaining tho.

Caught Zach on the sidewalk afterwards. Shook like I've never shook before. Worse than Oprah. Ridiculous. God knows if he would have invited me to grab a drink or bite to eat (like I was OF COURSE fantasizing about) I would have been a complete mess. Eating would have been out of the question for sure.

Off to TKTS to get tickets to a show Saturday night. I had 5 possibilities, which made making a decision once I got to the window super pressure-filled. In the end I went with A Little Night Music. Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch are Broadway dames. How could I go wrong?

I walked around some more, read at Bryant Park...ate dinner at a sitdown restaurant all by myself...and just meandered around the area until it was time for the show. The crowd erupted when Elaine took the stage and then again when Bernadette did. I really felt a part of something. Some weird Broadway lovers club or something. I enjoyed the story. The pinnacle for me tho was Bernadette singing "Send in the Clowns." Wow. And her facial expressions throughout the play. GREAT comedic timing. Elaine also definitely has a way with delivery.

Headed back to Harlem and hit the hay.


Early morning exit. Back to LA in time for a nap before work. This weekend was what weekends are all about! Carefree fun with friends combined with new adventures!!

My next two days off in a row isn't until the wkend of September 11th. That means I have a month to decide what I'll do then!