Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sometimes I relate to Katy Perry...

Like when she tells Fabulous magazine:

"I say what I think. I’m a real person, not some manufactured pop tart who’s afraid to step out of the hotel room. I am flawed. I swear, I have the occasional cocktail, I pick my nose and I fart. I’m not running for any presidential campaign at the moment. I’m a sassy girl."

I eat Pop Tarts (Brown Sugar Cinnamon, natch). Since I don't sing in public, I won't be mistaken for a manufactured pop tart. But I relate to teh sassy, and should you be in the car when "Hot n Cold" comes on, I'll singalong. KNOWING that it's cheesy. I also imagine myself in this video with Taylor Swift. That probably makes it worse, doesn't it.

Is it wrong that I'm 30 and I wish I was friends with her? We both like stripes. Probably no more wrong than that I'd like to meet Amos based on two seconds in one of her videos.

The survivors of last week's massive layoff had our first meeting yesterday. It makes me sad that the staff of the new ReelzChannel Movie News doesn't even fill up a conference table. Afterward I was praised by a coworker for being so blunt about my feelings and questions about the new plan. My bosses know what I'm thinking anyway (I have a horrible poker face.) My one boss even told me before the meeting that I wear my heart on my sleeve. I just feel like we have a right to ask questions and voice concerns.

I leave Friday for the STL and am looking forward to a break from the life.

In movies news...

The Tale of Desperaux...Boo. I went and saw it because I thought the mouse was cute. I do not in anyway recommend this movie to anyone. Children nor adults.

Valkyrie...I went into this DREADING it. I came away pleasantly surprised. Tom Cruise works for me when he's in uniform. They made it make sense that he wasn't speaking with a German accent, and I think a German accent would have made it worse. Again, I didn't know the story of the true events so this was another learning experience for me. And I felt bad for the guy who had to go around Germany during filming looking like Hitler with the stache and all. The fact that Germans tried to kill Hitler 15 times is crazy to me. The names of all of the officers did get a little confusing. But Tom Wilkinson shines as he always does. I swear that man can do anything. Such a chameleon. I've wanted to hug him since he played the dad in The Last Kiss.

Speaking of Tom, I also watched Recount this weekend. The movie has gotten a lot of award attention and now I know why. The performances are top notch. Unfortunately it also makes you more disappointed in the system and is upsetting because it's like people were just deciding which votes counted for who and then the court decided when enough was enough with the recount (before the recount was over!) and then Gore threw in the towel...no matter who you wanted to win, I would think watching the system fail is never enjoyable.

I'm going to see Yes Man this afternoon. I'm excited because I was there when Jim Carrey bungee jumped off the bridge in Pasadena. And now I'll get to see it in the movie! We'll see how the rest of it treats me.

Then tonight I guess I'm going to do something about sealing my windows. I live in an old apartment and it refuses to hold heat. I conducted an experiment this past weekend in which I cranked the heat up to 80 and let it run for 15 hours. By hour 15 the temperature in the house had risen to a less-than-balmy 70 degrees. Which, while noticeably warmer than the usual 60 degrees that greets me in the morning, is not a cost effective way to heat my place. I know hot air is coming out of the vents, so that can only mean that it's escaping through everywhere else.

I haven't turned the heat on since, just use a space heater and heating pad in my bedroom at night...but that means I walk around wearing blankets and coats and scarves. This morning when I came out of my bedroom it was less than 60 degrees in my apt..I think it said 57. and that is a rude awakening.

I realize it's much colder in the midwest and northeast right now, but my blood is no longer equipped for it.

Friday, December 12, 2008

NDG Wisdom

Nicole just sent this to me. It's funny cuz it's true?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Song

Ok so I totally suck at posting the Ireland blog but you're about to find out a little bit about the past week and why I haven't blogged.

First things first. I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button last weekend. And I liked it. A lot. It's like NOTHING you've ever seen before. Yes it is three hours long. But the guy who wrote this also wrote Forrest Gump. Which was also long. And who didn't like Forrest Gump??

The story just blew me out of the water in how new it was. In a time where it seems like every movie is a sequel or remake or adapted from a book, this is new. Although it is adapted from an F Scott Fitzgerald short story, which is derived from a famous Mark Twain quote, but still. I didn't know any of those things going into it.

I was glad for the three hours because it took me an hour to get used to - and stop focusing on - the incredible makeup and start paying attention to the love stories at the core of the movie. I think people of all ages will find this movie relatable.

I then covered the Benjamin Button premiere Monday night. To say it was pandemonium would be an understatement. I have seen Brangelina in red carpet action one other time in real life. It was this past year's Film Independent Spirit Awards when she showed up with a baby bump. For some reason showing up with Brad's parents made the place go ape shit. I now know it's because it's the first time they've ever been seen on a red carpet with Angelina. It's obvious they like her (they had also apparently liked Jennifer Aniston a lot). She actually walked them down the carpet and Papa Pitt had his arm protectively around her and she and Mama Pitt conversed and were equally appalled when the still photogs started booing Sharon Stone.

The energy of the night was super crazy and then it all went too fast and all the sudden Brad Pitt was walking by me answering a question from the guy before me. But he did make eye contact with me. I will hold on to that moment. That and the moment that Angelina talked to me from across the carpet. I also might have kept yelling "I'm from Missouri too!" to Brad's parents. Whatevs. You do what you got to do in those situations. And yelling is often at the top of the list.

So I was all keyed up from my crazy premiere night and then Tuesday happened. Tuesday my company joined the ranks of many in my industry my doing a massive layoff. 63 people to be exact. Which is more than a third of the company. There had been rumors something was going to happen Wednesday, but they decided to get us when we weren't expecting it. Luckily (?) I was not given an envelope. But many of my friends were. Under California law, however, when you let go (it's either more than 50 people or one third of your company, I'm not sure which) you are required to give them 60 day notice. So it's kind of concerning because they thought they were doing this huge money saving thing and in fact they won't start saving money until at least February. It's just all very weird.

In addition to the layoffs, they're basically cancelling the show I work on. Yeah. They're planning on going with a MTV news type thing where it's like 4 3-minute interstitials a day. I'm not sure how it's all going to shake out, but it's been a crazy environment the past few days.

And then today was Golden Globes nominations. I love award shows. I love movies. I love finding out what movies I love get nominated. I was at work at 5:15 this morning. Here's the package I did.

The only top nominated movies I really have left to see are Doubt, The Reader, and Revolutionary Road. I'm reading Rev Road right now, but can't wait to see it. I'm seeing Tale of Desperaux this weekend. Mostly because I just can't get enough of looking at that lil mouse with his big ears on the billboards. I also really wanna see the French movie A Christmas Tale...not sure if that will fit into the wkend sked tho.

Here's hoping for a better week next week. and good drinks with good friends this weekend. Tis the season.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Marley and Me and Me

After seeing Marley and Me last night, I'm pretty sure I am not emotionally capable of having a dog. I have a feeling this post might contain spoilers just because I can't talk about the movie without talking about what happens in the movie. If you've read the book you know what's going to happen.

I guess I steered clear from the book because I probably read the description and had the foresight to see myself sobbing while reading it and valued my wellbeing enough not to do that to myself so knowingly.

I did however see the movie. Mostly because others wanted to and I thought it seemed like it was going to be cute. And it was cute. Don't get me wrong. It's actually a GREAT movie. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are perfect. We were all talking afterward how natural they seemed and it didn't seem like acting at all. This is Owen's first movie post suicide attempt and seeing him play with the kids was enough to bring me to tears, not to mention the carefully crafted relationship he seemed to really have with the dogs. (and you could tell when they changed dogs, especially one time, but you get past it.)

The other thing was that this screening was open to the public. This is where it went wrong because I guess a lot of people saw a puppy on the poster and assumed it was a kid movie. For some reason the studio didn't set them straight as they walked their little lambs into the emotional slaughter that was this movie.

As Tory said as we were leaving, Marley and Me puts Old Yeller to shame. Seriously. Not a kid movie. And again, not just because of the dog, but because there are other things that happen in the movie that we actually heard little kids asking about. Things little kids shouldn't have to know about.

It opens on Christmas Day. And it is a good movie. Gerrad and Tory said it followed the book perfectly. Gerrad said it's better than most of the award season movies he's seen. (Frost/Nixon and Milk are very much award worthy tho, but I'm just saying that's how good it is.) And it's very well put together. Just bring hankies and tissues. And no kids.

As we were walking through the mall to leave, we saw a woman with a couple of dogs and were immediately like, "oh my gosh, does she not know what's going to happen?" I was so upset (read HEAVING sobs) after two hours of watching a pretend relationship with a dog that I can't imagine forging my own relationship with a dog and having it reach its natural conclusion after like 14 years.


I see the The Curious Case of Benjamin Button tonight, as I'm covering the premiere on Monday night. I had been hoping to get through a day without crying but I guess that probably won't happen as I heard this one's a tear jerker too.

It's also almost 3 hours. Which means we're gonna be late to the Aimee Mann Christmas Show. But hopefully we'll get there in time for me to hear some "O Holy Night" and feel a little better about everything.


I realize I haven't posted an Ireland blog. I promise you I have notes and the best of intentions. This week has not been a great one and next week is looking to be worse. (Seriously. My boss actually said "Have a good weekend. You'll need it." as we left the daily meeting on Friday. Awesome.) So maybe I'll put it together if I have time tomorrow.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Littlest Prince

Now that I know how good kids are at relationship advice, I REALLY can't wait to go home for Christmas.


So maybe I do have a little advice giver in my kid mix. The following exchange happened between my younger sister and her nearly 5 year old son after a phone call between she and I.

Hunter: Who is sad?
Melody: Aunt Mary Anne
Hunter: Why is she sad?
Melody: Her work is making her sad and her friend is making her sad.
Hunter: Call her back.
Melody: What?
Hunter: Call her back and tell her to eat a plate of spaghetti. That always makes me feel better.
Melody: But you don't even like spaghetti.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Thing Before I Go

I'm frantically doing all those last minute things you do before a trip...you know, panic, pack toiletries, check email, make sure everything is in its place, figure out what contents of the fridge won't make it to Sunday...but I also managed to fit in a screening, and boy am I glad I did.

Frost/Nixon. Wow. I was unfamiliar with the whole Frost/Nixon interview. You could say - and be right - that it was before my time. But I also have a knack for not being interested in things historical. History was always my worst subject. I used to joke that I only liked the 20s.

That changed tonight. I have a strong desire to soak up the whole background of this story. I've obviously heard about Watergate. But until today I was unaware of a woman named Rose Mary Woods who stood by her man, President Richard Milhouse Nixon, and explained away an 18 minute silence by claiming desk acrobatics. (Thanks Tory!) Then tonight...the interviews...the AMAZING performances by Michael Sheen and Frank Langella. The context of the story. I dunno. I was immediately captivated and despite a nervous stomach frozen to my seat for the entire two hours. And now here I am hungry for more information, wanting to watch the real interviews. Or at least watch All the President's Men in its entirety.

It's the second movie this week to spur some historical interest. Friday night I saw Milk. If I loved Frost/Nixon, I LOVED Milk. The 30th anniversary of Harvey Milk's death is Thursday. I was only 5 months old when he died. But watching that movie, I felt like a part of his team. I've participated in 3 rallies against prop 8. And it broke my heart to see that we are in effect still fighting his battle. Sure he made great strides, but the basic inequality still remains in the minds of a LOT of people. Sean Penn does an amazing job. Gus Van Sant. Seriously. The POVs alone are incredible. An entire shot through the reflection of a whistle on the ground? I thought I was gonna go crazy in my chair I got so excited. Nominations please. Now is this a movie for all audiences? Why shouldn't it be? I don't get why so many people fear homosexuality. And before I'm questioned AGAIN. I am straight. Yes I'm sure. No that does not mean I've tried it. I just know I like boys. You can be a 30 year old straight single female. As anyone who's ever been in a relationship can attest to, it's a hard thing to be successful at.

I had the following convo with my sister on the morning of the most recent (downtown/nationwide) rally.

Her: What are you doing?
Me: I'm getting ready to go to this rally for gay marriage.
Her: You support that?
Me: Um yeah.
Her: Is there something you wanna tell us?
Me: Uh, that I have a lot of friends that I love and support.

Yes for Kait. No on 8.

Here's another pic I took on that hot and sweaty November day.

That FDR knows his stuff.

So in closing, Milk YES, Frost/Nixon YES. Prop 8 NO.

I was able to finish reading Angela's Ashes so I feel like I'm really ready for all the midwest/western region of Ireland has to offer. I'm stoked and I'll take lots of pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for life, love (even when the romantic kind doesn't go your way), and the pursuit of happiness.

Erin Go Brea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just Like Heaven

Sometimes I interview former costars on the same day. Take yesterday. I talked to Reese Witherspoon at the Four Christmases premiere and Mark Ruffalo at the junket for What Doesn't Kill You.

A little background.

Back in Toronto in September, I interviewed Mark for Blindness. When he saw me back then, he was like, "I know you." And I was like, "I don't think so." But he was sure of it. Our interview then went super well and we had a good time and his phone rang and he wanted me to have extra time and then we started talking about dining in the dark, which I did in Paris and he is interested in doing.

Fast forward to yesterday and the junket for What Doesn't Kill You. The movie is based on the life of the director and it involves crime and drugs and prison. Mark played the main character and I interviewed him and the director together.

Ok so I was sitting in the hall waiting for the interviews to start. Mark walked down the hall and was saying hi to all of the other reporters and then he got to me. He was like HEY! all excited like and grabbed my hand. He was like, "How are you?" and I was like, "You've lost so much weight! Why are you so skinny?" And the other reporters were like, "What do you have going on with Mark Ruffalo?"

Then I went into the other suite to interview Amanda Peet.

Next it was my turn for Mark and the director, Brian Goodman. I walked in and introduced myself to Brian and asked Mark if the weight loss was for a movie and he said it wasn't and asked if it was really that noticeable. And I answered yes, but maybe it was just the beard that was emphasizing it. Then I told him he looked emo. To which he said "what IS emo? that's a younger generation term." I rolled my eyes and told him we are in the same generation and that he isn't that much older than me. Then he said "yes I am." Then I said "no you're not." And then I started talking to Brian and Mark said "yes I am."

For the record, I just looked it up and Mark is 40. I am 30. I would consider that of the same generation as he's in my dating age window. Also for the record, he is married with children and we are not dating or going to date.

Ok so I interview them about the movie and they're both really emotional and the junket people are trying to wrap me, but they're still talking and I'm not going to cut them off so I let them talk and we go over time but we're in this crazy emotional conversation. It comes to a breaking point and I say something they agree with and scoot to the edge of my chair to signify the end of the interview. I then stand up (which as it works out is right in front of them) and I look at these guys and Mark's eyes are glistening and I'm like I feel like we need a group hug right now. They both opened their arms and stood up and we had a hug. And then Brian came in for an individual hug and Mark peeks over his shoulder and says "He's single."

It was a moment. And one that I needed. I was super anxious and nervous yesterday to the point where despite having things going on in my private life I was pretty sure I had to be experiencing a sixth sense signalling the Big one. That's how freaked out I was. I never, well hardly ever, get nervous before junkets anymore. And I almost puked twice yesterday morning. Needless to say, I needed that hug as much as they did. I immediately felt better after the junket. Then I went home and slept away the afternoon and felt like a champ going into the premiere last night.

By the way, I would recommend Four Christmases. I found it entertaining and relatable (despite not having divorced parents). I laughed out loud more than once. It's exactly what it needs to be. A holiday comedy. It also features a chubby Tim McGraw who you might not recognize at first. As soon as it started I was all, this is going to make me want to go to San Francisco. And it did. Until last night when I found out it was shot in Venice. (california, not italy). wunh wunh. The director is Seth Gordon, who did The King of Kong (the arcade gaming documentary), which I super love.

I see Milk tonight, and I am finally getting the internet hooked up in my house tomorrow. 5 days and some change until Ireland. I need it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Love Letter for UWink

Dear UWink,

I'm just going to say it. You're the best thing that's happened to winking since Sarah Palin. It's like you saw me coming. Supportive in my company's desire to watch Sunday football, but carrying a book for self entertainment. Not knowing what to expect, but being prepared for the typical sports bar. Then this happened:

Sports bar? Yes. HUGE screens adorn every wall-ish space...I think there were at least 7 in the room we were seated in. And they're as large as some screening room screens. Several different games can be shown at once, and they were quick to project the game we were apparently there to watch to a screen within our eye line. So service? A+.

As a fan of self checkout, I basically devoured the touch screen monitor at our table. Being able to order our drinks and our food ourselves, indicating what to hold or add. I was having way too much fun and we weren't even playing the games yet! The only issue we had with ordering was that we couldn't indicate "on the side." But we survived.

We got spinach artichoke dip and some wing-style things. Both were yummy. So food? (snackwise at least) A. The rest of the menu looked appetizing, so I'm anxious to get back when I'm hungry enough for a whole meal. The one downside? No spinach salad...but I'll forgive them, as that's a common "miss" on menus.

Finally it was game time. We were most entertained by Zillionaire, a trivia question in the vein of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire? I also enjoyed group games where we played against other tables in the restaurant. Superfun. We won the game where you find the differences in the two pictures and came in 4th out of 16 tables in the word scramble (which was actually kinda hard). Needless to say, I can't wait to go back. A+ for fun.

Your new friend,

In other news, my throat hurts from all the smoke I'm breathing in. It feels and smells like someone is standing in front of you smoking and exhaling right into your face. The sky over downtown and my part of LaLa Land looks a lot better and bluer today tho. There's still flecks of ash floating around, but yesterday they looked like flurries and it's not that bad today.

What I don't understand about these fires is why they were so ferocious about burning down homes. In my time out here it seems very rare that so many homes will be burned down. It's usually a lot of acreage and some out buildings. So many people homeless. I liked what Gov Schwarzenegger said yesterday about helping everyone out. Then I kept repeating: Remember when he really is our governor?? for like 5 minutes because even tho that's been the case almost as long as I've lived here, I still can't get used to it.

In other LA news, I got a street cleaning ticket today. $55. W.T.F. First of all, that's just ridiculous. Second of all, not only is it RIDICULOUS, but WTF is that money being used for? They made over $300 on my block alone this morning. As someone who as of late has walked several miles of LA streets, they are in SHITTY condition, and I wanna know how my money is being spent.

In other walking in LA news, I participated in the nationwide no on 8 rally. It was so hot here. Like 90 degrees. I bailed after a few miles. I had already stood in the sun listening to speeches. Mayor Villaragoisa gave a GREAT speech and then gave it again in Spanish and then went back to the fires. Drew Barrymore said she wished she was gay in her speech. Lucy Lawless, Ricki Lake and Marissa Jaret Winokur were also there. (Paging Tracy Turnblatt.) The heat SUCKED but the crowd was amazing. Several fun signs - and outfits - were spotted.

I have pictures, but still no internet at mi casa. I've come to the realization that I am going to have to swallow my pride and call Time Warner as they are the only ones who can give me what I want. Boo monopolies.

Before I go. Ben Folds. BRILLIANTLYAMAZINGSPECTACULARFANTABULOUS. He played everything I would have asked for. Old. New. Fast. Slow. GREAT crowdside manner. He taught us things. He talked to us. He let us sing. If I would have been in the front row he would have touched me. He apologized for not coming to LA more often. He did two encores. He played two and a half hours. I was in heaven the entire time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It's like Rosie Thomas is in my head. Even when I'm not in that place where I sometimes go.

For the second day in a row, her song "Sell All My Things" has come up randomly on Pandora.(and no, not on a "Rosie Thomas - Sell All My Things" channel!!)

Here are the lyrics:

In a little while I'll feel better
Gonna travel around the world
Gonna see it all...

Gonna go to Paris, maybe Rome
But I'll feel better miles away from home,
Gotta figure some things out...

So sell all my things, I'm not coming home...
There's nothing there to keep me there...
Just heartache and headache and worries and things that'll bring me down
My head feels much clearer being here

In a little while I'll feel better
Gonna spill my heart to every stranger in every town
I'll visit castles in Ireland, have some fella play the violin and play a song for me...

So sell all my things, I'm not coming home...
There's nothing there to keep me there...
Just heartache and panic and worries and things that'll bring me down
My head feels much clearer being here.

Again, I'm not in that place right this second, but I definitely vacation there. And that part about castles and violins in Ireland? Well I'll be there in a couple weeks.

I'm also still very much enjoying Tunde. Mostly for the couplet "Never put her roots down, Daddy always kept movin, so she did too." But also because I love that part of the movie.


Congrats to my Cousin Amanda and her husband Bill who are doing an AMAZING thing for FOUR kids. They're adopting them!! Three of the four are birth siblings and able to stay together because of the generosity of A & B. Way to go, you guys!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

I leave for Ireland two weeks from today. TWO WEEKS. That's crazy! I need more sweaters! scarves! a new coat? I figure I'm just getting my Sundance shopping done early.

I'm only going to be there for 3 days really when you figure in the flying times and stuff. But I have quite a few things I want to see and do while there.


Swell Season. In a church. The reason I'm embarking on this random cross-Atlantic adventure.
2. The Cliffs of Moher. I like pretty things.

3. Bunratty Castle Medieval Banquet. I'm not usually into the whole "hanging out with a whole bunch of other tourists" thing, but this sounds fun.

4. Angela's Ashes Walking Tour. I like sad things.


Buskers? Yes please. Pints and good Irish brogue convo? Done and done.

So yeah, I'm planning to stick to the west coast...Shannon, Limerick, County Clare...I'll save Dublin for another time. I'm staying at a quaint B & B and still trying to figure out how I'm going to stomach a multi-course homemade breakfast.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pictures of a (Peaceful) Protest

I walked more than 10 miles last night in support of my friends and a cause I believe in. What started as a rally turned into (mostly due to the restlessness of my group and one behind us) a march from WeHo up to Sunset all the way to CNN and then to Hollywood and Highland and back. The police, altho they looked menacing in their riot gear, were super nice and helpful and supportive. I love the energy of an event like that. My battle cries for this proposition have been "Yes for Kait, No on 8" and "If straight people can marry gay people, why can't gay people marry gay people?"

I liked it when I figured out I could replace the chant "Eat More Rice!" when I got tired of repeating "Equal Rights!" They sound the same.

The magnitude of the crowd. Numbers wise we've heard 2500, 5000, up to 10k.

Blocking the Sunset Strip.

It was like a parade. We had spectators. I liked when Kait yelled at them to join us. Even better when some of them actually did.

This is outside Hollywood and Highland.

I match the Gap Baby. When the chant switched to "What do we want?" I answered: "That baby!" "When do we want it?" "Now!"

This isn't over.
Miles walked: More than 10
People: Thousands
Times I had to stop at a liquor store for water: 1
Number of feet that still hurt: 2
Number of times I got hit on and had to tell someone I wasn't a lesbian: 1
Thanks to all the people who honked. Or waved. Or cheered. Or stopped their cars. Or cried at the sight of our magnitude. Here's a couple of videos from the event. The first is the sit in at CNN that was sorta anticlimatic. The second is what happened when two groups came together at Hollywood and Highland.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Election Day!

Oh...and No on Prop 8.

Monday, November 3, 2008

F is for Fox

Being so far away while my 7 nephews and nieces grow up can be (obviously) difficult. My fear of course is that they won't remember me. That each of my visits will require one of those horrible warm-up periods that ends the day I leave.

Somehow, we've avoided that for the most part. I'm not sure if it's been my increased visits this year, or pretty consistent phone relationships or just that their parents do a good job of keeping me on their minds. Whatever it is, it's working and I appreciate it.

Which brings me to this story. I talk to my younger sister Melody every day, every other day. We've been pretty consistent communicators since I left St Louis 5 and a half years ago (!). Even when I lived in Paris, we were constantly on Skype. To the point that Hunter (shown here) - even at 2 yrs old - knew what the computer alert was for my online status, and would call my name at the computer.

So yesterday Melody calls me because when they got in the car Hunter (now 4.5) asked "Are we going to see Aunt Mary Anne?" Melody answered no but then called me and passed him the phone. The following is a remembered transcription of our convo.

Me: Hey! How was trick or treating? Did you get lots of candy?
H: I dumped it all on the ground!
Me: OMG! Your mom and I used to do the same thing! What's your favorite?
H: Swedish Fish!
Me: Swedish Fish? Really? That's a funny candy for a kid to have be his favorite. (I wasn't being as unsupportive or condescending as this sounds.)
H: It has numbers on it. (He means letters.) Are you going to be at Grandma and Grandpa's when we get there?
Me: No sweetheart I'm sorry.
H: Are you coming to my house for Chicken Day? (Melody in the background yells "Turkey Day!")
Me: (laughing) No, I'm going to Ireland.
H: WHAAAAT? (This wasn't whiney. It was hilarious. Like WTF?)
Me: I'll be there at Christmastime tho.
H: Ok I love you and miss you.

Of course then I go to Walgreens and all I see is a ginormous bag of Swedish Fish Halloween candy. Had he not just been bragging about his loot I would have stuck an address label on it then and there.

My wkend was pretty chill. It was fally and rainy here and I heard precisely third claps of thunder on Saturday. To say thunder is a rarity in the city of Los Angeles is a gross understatement. It was glorious.

I lounged on my couch Friday night and watched Paranoid Park and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Believe it or not, I had never seen the latter. I loved it. Paul, Robert, the music, the comedy, the bike riding...SO fun. Saturday I saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno. I found it entertaining and I laughed more than I thought I was going to. Saturday night we ventured to a nearby bowling alley that was neither completely ghetto nor shi-shi. I was reminded how bad I am at bowling. I mean bad. During the second game it took me like 5 frames to get my score past 6. I wish I were lying.

Yesterday it was off to try out the swap meet in my new-ish neighborhood. Walking around we discovered that we would be better off if we knew some Spanish for haggling purposes. Or at the very least, to ask "How much?"

The wkend was capped off with the hanging of the curtains. After 4 visits to Bed Bath and Beyond, I finally got everything right - the length of the curtain rod, the projection of said rod, the length of the curtains, the number of panels...who knew it was such a project to try to block out 99% of the light??

Of course laying in bed in the now pitch black room I realized how "dark" dark is. And it still took me 2 hours to fall asleep.

But I was here at work by 6h30a...woo hoo? I'm on mornings again this week. I also had a satellite intv with Anne Hathaway about her new movie Rachel Getting Married. I would have liked it (the movie, not the intv) MORE had it not made me nauseous, but I liked it. Anne was nice to me and I got her to laugh, so I feel good about it. I have another SMT (sat intv) with Paul Rudd later this week. I'm glad he won't be able to see me dazed in his attention.

Friday, October 31, 2008

A Brand New Day

Last night, as I laid in bed lamenting my lackluster evening on the red carpet (it does happen) and trying in vain to get some sleep before coming back into work at 7 this morning, I had an epiphany.

One day this past June, I sat on the floor of the Caribbean. And not only did I sit there, 60 some odd feet from the surface, but I took off my mask (not once, but twice!). It was my least favorite part of scuba training (as you can imagine) but I was successful at taking it off, not panicking (too bad!) or dying, and replacing it. All too often I feel like I forget my own strength. I appreciated the memory that (like many of mine lately) was a little too easy to forget.

As I said, I came into work early this morning. The drowsy drive to work ended up being worth it tho as I turned my car to face east, right into a beautifully vibrant cloudy sunrise. ROYGBIV. It seemed every color of the rainbow spread over downtown like a spider web (pls forgive the Halloween-themed analogy). The red orange and yellow creeped over the horizon so brightly that I briefly wondered if the entire Eastern half of the state might be on fire.

I just purchased my tix to go home for the holidays. "Purchased" meaning "used frequent flier miles." The tix were gonna be way expensive. Luckily I had the miles. So note to StLans...I'll be in from Dec 19-28...done and done.

I didn't realize I was feeling this way until Pandora told me I was. That bizatch is smart.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Been a Week

What I've been up to since last I posted.

1. I interviewed Clint Eastwood. At the Changeling premiere. I hadn't seen the movie yet but I had read a fabulous LA Times piece about it. I loved that piece so much I emailed the reporter about it. It's because of her that I asked Clint intelligent questions that he appreciated.

2. I ate here. Halibut steak with a side of wine and sweet potato fries? Yes please.

3. I saw Changeling. I was glad I had read the background and knew about the story. I was glad I had met all the men in the cast and knew that in real life, they were really nice guys. It's a fantastic and amazing story, and one we almost didn't hear. Christine Collins gets the kudos on this one.

4. I took a 9.5 mile bike ride in Santa Monica. The ride included a trip to the farmer's market, a beachside view, and great time with friends. I more than once exclaimed "I feel like we're little kids riding around the neighborhood!" But let me emphasize to you that I am not a workout person. I need to be. I keep saying I'm going to get a bike, I just don't know which one to get. A cruiser or a multi speed? I rode a 3 speed cruiser and kept it on the same speed the whole time. What does that mean?? I enjoyed the ride tho. Hopefully I'll enjoy the Intro to Pilates just as much.

5. I saw the Dave Brubeck quartet perform at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I love the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The acoustics are the best I've ever heard. This was my second concert there and I can't wait to return for a Chamber performance. That's right, I'm 80. Well maybe I'm not, but Dave is. Over 80 in fact. And as I was shaking his frail hand backstage, I marveled at the fact that a man who could barely walk to the piano could play it so magically and nimbly. I was not used to seeing jazz performed in such a large venue, but I got used to it, got into it, and enjoyed myself immensely.

6. I interviewed Ron Howard. And Ben Stiller. And the guy who is going to play Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie. They weren't the only ones, but it was the Hollywood Film Awards carpet and it was crazy and they were the names you would recognize of the peeps I talked to.

I'm not sure what I've done since then (aside from getting a lot of random bug bites on a daily basis). My Ireland trip is as planned as I plan such jaunts. I do need to still reserve a rental. I drove on the wrong side of the road and dealt with roundabouts in Grand Cayman, so I'm not worried about that. I am slightly worried about operating a stick shift with my left hand, as manual transmissions are like $100 cheaper. Since I know how to drive a manual, I should take advantage of the talent and save a few bucks.

It rained today in LA and Corey Haim got engaged. I'm pretty sure that means the apocalypse is near.

I'm on my way out the door for the kickoff of the AFI fest. I'm happy to know that my cleaning lady came today and everything will be so fresh and so clean clean when I get home. I don't have any Halloween plans. I go back and forth as to whether I'm ok with that. I do enjoy a good Halloween party, and loved attending the WeHo celebration a few years back, but it's pretty late in the game to come up with a costume and make plans, so chances are I'll make it a Netflix night.

That was just the longest run-on sentence ever.

I wish I was a little kid and could trick or treat. But not the kind of trick or treating where it's cold and sleeting and you have to wear a coat over your costume so it really doesn't matter what you're dressed up as anyway.

The end.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

All in a Day's Work

I like these guys:

This one seems to like me. Or at least my question:

There seems to be some perplexing going on here:

See Role Models when it comes out November 7. Seriously. You won't be sorry. Unless you're not a fan of laughing until a little pee comes out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kodak Moments

Guess what? I'm at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. You know what that means?! Vanilla chai and sleepless nights? Yes. But also, and more importantly, a photo blog. Remember when I went back to the STL to take the kids to see Bev Hills Chihuahua? Here are some of my fave pix from that trip.

L and Baby J. Looking at me with admiration.

His bib reads "My Aunt Loves Me." It's true.

Brotherly love.

If you're a serial reader, you know that my parents bought back a house we lived in when I was little. What you don't know is that me and Melody took first day of school pictures in this exact same spot. This wasn't his first day of school, but he was wearing a backpack and I couldn't ignore the similarities. Albeit 25 years later...(!)

Four on a gourd.

I love this picture. Even tho it makes me sad that my Nedro is so grown up.

On a side note, I don't agree with Whitney Houston on a lot of things, but I do agree that children are our future and that we should teach them young and let them lead the way. And with that, I'll leave you with this.

Stay tuned for his take on the debates.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hope for the Hopeless

We can't all be wrong.

Consequently, I very much enjoyed Sarah Palin's appearance on SNL. That opening was one of the best things I've ever seen on the show. And Amy Poehler...whoa. That's one serious baby bump. But you totally rocked it with the rap.

I had the junket this wkend for The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. After my last blog about the movie, my friend Lyndsay had asked for my true advice as to whether she should see the movie. I told her if she was a film buff looking for a great film, sure. If, however, she was looking for an entertaining weekend movie...not so much. It was a great talking point to kick off my junket interviews tho. (Thanks again, L!) How do you tell your friends to see a movie that will break their hearts? I posed it to everyone. They all had thoughtful answers as to why the movie is so important and relevant and bigger than its heartbreaking story line. But I most enjoyed the response from the movie's director Mark Herman. "Sometimes it's good to get your heart broken." Wow.

After the junket (which also included a fun discussion about intrauterine hiccups with Vera Farmiga) I got my eyebrows waxed and unsuccessfully hunted for a new pair of jeans.

Then it was off to the Huntington botanical Gardens with NDG and pals. It was for an event called Drama After Dark: A Night of the Macabre with Poe and Gorey. I am not a haunted house or scary anything kind of person. (She says as she is obscenely obsessed with a book series about vampires.) But I am a literature person. And Poe was nothing if not a literary. Picture candlelit monologues of your favorite Poe works interspersed with flashlight walks through the gardens. It was super enjoyable, and beneficial, as I had apparently combined every Poe story into one crazy drama wherein someone was buried in the floor, and then bricked into the wall, and there was a Raven and a one-eyed cat...I've been set straight now.

There was a brief moment in the evening when I was sitting next to the youngest member of our party and we were discussing the challenges of growing up and the struggles of 6th and 7th grade. When she told me she was about to turn 12, I did the quick math and turned to her in horror. "Wait, so, you were born in 1996?!" I think she was in awe of my mad subtraction skills as she innocently replied "Yep." My horror continued as I told her that while she was being born I was in the middle of finals my FRESHMAN YEAR OF COLLEGE. WhuWhat? I have obviously met people younger than me and remember when several of my cousins who are now mostly grown up were born, but to sit next to someone and have them tell you they were born the year you graduated high school is a startling moment.

I had a Lazy Sunday lounging and reading and wandering around my neighborhood. Oh wait, then I bought curtains. Chocolate brown. To block out the sun in my bedroom so I can sleep past 7:30a on the weekends. I've never bought window treatments before, and I don't have a lot of confidence in my abilities to do so, but the guy who checked me out at Bed Bath and Beyonce told me I could return them if they're "all wrong." I think I might need a third panel as I'm attempting to cover the window and the door. I measured and everything, but curtains don't come in very many different widths so we'll see how it goes...
NDG and I capped off the weekend by seeing The Secret Life of Bees. I liked it. I cried tho. A lot. But not in the heartbreaking way of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This was more of a common-for-me movie cry wherein the tears run down your face and neck and don't stop until they're puddling somewhere near your belly button. Dakota Fanning brought it - and brought me to tears. A LOT. And I can't believe we never would have known about Jennifer Hudson had it not been for American Idol. That is crazy. Alicia Keys. On the cello. Great performances all around.
I read the book a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, so I'm always apprehensive about movie adaptations. As I walked out of the theater, I heard the woman behind me say, "she did such a good job of adapting it." Always looking for community, I turned around and said "I was just thinking the same thing!" I was looking right into the face of Regina King. You know her from Jerry Maguire, Friday, 227...We commisserated briefly about our love for the book and then went on our separate ways.

Then it was off to The Waffle for perhaps the best scrambled eggs I've ever had in my entire life. That's saying a lot because I love me some scrambled eggs and have them quite frequently. They were so fluffy and the color of perfection and super amazing.

I have a busy week ahead, but I'm mostly looking forward to it. I see Synechdoche, New York tonight. I was supposed to see "The Changeling" Weds, but now instead I'm covering the "Role Models" premiere. I super wanna see The Changeling, but I would much rather find myself face to face with this guy:

Not to mention my buddy Seann William Scott. I have high hopes for that red carpet. (If you'll remember, I luerved the movie.) I hope they're not too high (my hopes, that is...not the actors).

The title "Hope for the Hopeless" references the A Fine Frenzy I was jamming to thanks to Pandora when I began this blog. And now it's over. The end.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Insert Sad Face Here

1. I'm not a HUGE dessert person. But I like cookies. Especially these:
But apparently I won't be able to get them anymore. This cloud's silver lining is that at least I can make snickerdoodles, so I know they can't take those away from me.

2. Then in MORE say it isn't so news.....THIS happens. I love Once. I love Glen and Mar. I'm going to Ireland by myself for craps sake to see them perform in a church because I can't fathom the awesomeness. But WHY??? Why rob this little movie of what it is so perfectly by turning it into something so produced? PS I saw Dirty Dancing the Stage Show. If that's any indicator...abort mission now. Please. For the love of God. No, seriously. I'm not kidding.
3. I could have met Dave Grohl last night. But instead I was seeing this. I love pajamas. And little kids. I knew this movie would be tough based on the storyline, but I had to see it, as I'm doing the junket this weekend. (See? this job - even tho it's a lot of movies and a lot of fun - isn't ALWAYS about fun movies.) This movie BROKE MY HEART. My chest literally hurt as I drove away from the screening room. There were heaves. I'll show you the trailer and I'll never speak of it again. The performances were great, but it's tough to call a movie like this "good" and I don't feel like I wanna tell anyone to see it. I've had a lot of talks since seeing it about *why movies like this are made. All I can figure is that it gives us a different perspective on a subject we already know was horrible.

4. My housekeeper isn't working out as well as I had hoped. I don't know if I'm being picky or if she's not doing a good job. Since I've asked her repeatedly to focus on the floors and have evidence that she's not moving things before cleaning, I'm leaning toward her not doing a good job.

Instead of posting my brother's comment to my previous blog entry, I'm going to throw in something we can agree on. Taylor Swift.

There's a reason I'm not political. And this week I was reminded of why.

Speaking of my bro and politics, I have plans to see W. tonight. I also wanna see Secret Life of Bees this wkend. And I have the aforementioned junket. I've met Vera Farmiga before and enjoy her, so that's my silver lining there.

Still enjoying reading the Twilight books. I literally read until I can't keep my eyes open anymore. I'd rather be reading them than just about anything else. I like how this series - as much as Harry Potter did years ago - is encouraging young people to read. I'm not into vampires or sci fi or anything, but Stephanie Meyer taps into that adolescent romance that I relate to all too well. Another cool thing is that if you go to her website, you can check out the songs she listened to while writing. A soundtrack to the book if you will. Music AND Books and a movie to boot? YES PLEASE.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Joseph Gordon Levitt...

I couldn't have said it better.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Remember When

I talked about going apple picking and I told you that one day I would go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and use their free internet to load them here? Well today is your day. I sit here on a patio too filled with smoke for my taste fulfilling the task. Seriously. I sat down in a corner away from everyone and moments ago was surrounded by heavy chain smokers. Best of intentions...

Anywho...apple picking...a photo essay.

Warning: This is apparently not the correct pole technique.

It was, however, successful, which is why I love this picture - and my ironic face - so much.

I did not spot Brer Rabbit. I did find some choice apples though.

At one point we took a walk up the road, and I got super parched (remember how I told you it was 90 degrees?), and there was no alternative but to "borrow" some water from this garden hose. That's how they do it in the country, right?

Um yes that is an old covered wagon. And yes I did trespass to take this picture.

As you can imagine, we were super picky about the apples that would become our cider.

Bleach water bath.

Hi little apple. I'm gonna grind you and press you and drink you all up.
Step one: Grinding.

After I gave it a whirl, I noticed these two boys looking longingly at the process. They were more than willing to give us a hand. That's Tony looking at the camera and his brother Ivan concentrating on the grinding.

All grinded up.

Ivan and Tony's work was far from done. Get to pressin', boys. Even their father was impressed with their team work.

As were we. That's a lot of cider.

A gallon in fact. Sidenote: I don't think this guy is "dressing the part." I think this is who he is, some gentle apple giant who enjoys chopping applewood and making cider.

We didn't see any. But I enjoyed the sign.

Ah, the last shot of the day. And perhaps the most hilarious. I'm eating ribs. Which I never eat. Probably because this is what I look like when I eat ribs. I'm surrounded by bees. I'm outsided out. I'm sporting the double glasses but they've fallen from grace. It makes me laugh every time I look at it and that's why I knew I had to include it here.

Sweller than Swell

Alright so I kinda wrote this from the bottom up and it's going a bit crazy. I'll tell you that just when I thought Friday night's Swell Season/Iron and Wine show in San Diego was amazing (and it was!), the LA version at the Greek ROCKED MY SOCKS. Seriously. Here's a review. I'll spoil it and tell you that besides being an all around incredible show and having them singing everything I wanted and falling madly in love with their new stuff and covering not only Van Morrison but Neil Young, Glen brought out 80-year old Richard Sherman. He's the guy responsible for a lot of Disney music you know and love. He was spry and fun and led the sold out crowd in a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious singalong. Super surreal. And definitely an "only in LA do these kinds of things happen" moment. (Fast forward to when we got home and there had been a Mary Poppins skit on SNL. Fuhreaky.)

Here are a couple of songs from the San Diego show I found on youtube. They're of better audio quality than the ones I found online from the LA show...The first is a heartbreaker from the movie. The second is one of Mar's new ones.

I LOVE the repetitive part at the end of that new one..."every now and then on my mind" and then just "on my mind." BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait for the next cd. Seriously. OMG.

What the heck, here's more from that show...

here's another new song that i super liked (again better recorded audio than what whoever taping it at the greek got).

I'm not sure why I'm sitting here at work instead of following them around Europe right now. If I think about it for any length of time I'll be on the next Aer Lingus flight out.

They're in Paris on November 5...anyone??? Nevermind...they're playing a church in Limerick Thanksgiving weekend...that seems tailormade for an Irish jaunt, no?!? I'm seriously on Orbitz weighing my options, folks. I don't mess around. I think I have usable frequent flier miles. This is getting exciting.

I haven't even mentioned the Liz Phair Troubadour show which was also super crazy great. It was vintage. It was rocking. It was intimate, and again, she sang everything I would have written down on a list for her to play. She played Exile in Guyville all the way through and ended with Supernova and Polyester Bride. Thank you. I never dreamt a wkend chock full of concerts (one requiring a 5+ hour roundtrip drive for a 2 hour show) could so easily live up to the hype. It did.

PS That whole bailout thing went well, huh Wall Street? Guess it doesn't always pay to have the government in your pockets. Now you know how the rest of us feel.

Alright I have to get to work (on buying these tix to Ireland WHAT!) But seriously, I've only got a 4 day work week and then it's off to the StL to see Bev Hills Chihuahua and pick some pumpkins with the kiddos. Awesome.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 Things I Learned from Kirk Cameron

1. Marriage is universal. (Was he trying in some way to say No on Prop 8? I think so.)
2. He refuses to kiss another woman so they used his wife Chelsea Noble as a stand-in for the woman playing his wife during the movie's romantic scene.
3. First responders (police, fire) have a 75-90% divorce rate.
4. Don't follow your heart. Lead your heart. (That's the lesson he learned from the movie.)
5. Fireproof will be more helpful than Growing Pains.

(That last one came after I told him I was going to play the Growing Pains Theme Song at my wedding. Yes I did. Nobody was cutting me off and after more than 8 minutes I was over talking about Fireproof. We're lucky I resisted the STRONG urge to blurt out "Michael Aaron Seaver!")

His new movie is called "Fireproof" and it's basically a box office phenomenon.

The interview was via satellite. Which means I was on the phone and could see him, but he couldn't see me. Which means for the first couple seconds until our connection hooked up he was on screen repeating my name all sing songy like. Which means I was being honest when the first thing I said was: "I finally get the chance to interview you and it's via satellite."

He looked cute. The same. Put together. He didn't talk or act crazy. He spoke smartly and brought up the movie's title quite frequently. He was nice and answered all of my questions. There was afterglow.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm Basically Ione Skye

I have glimpsed the future of elevators, and all I can say is...Go back.

They've installed the Miconic 10 at our studio. Basically you select the floor number from outside the elevator, then it tells you which elevator will take you to your destination. Once inside the elevator there are no buttons to change your path. It only stops at pre-programmed floors. Fuh-reaky. It's also humorous to me that a place horribly infested with mice, rats and roaches spends their money on a high-tech elevator system. Anyone who visits complains about the complicated layout of the building. Not being able to operate the elevators is only going to exacerbate that. OH! Except there are nice young men placed outside the elevators offering tutorials and informative flyers.

RIP Paul Newman. You did a great thing for KBM's grandma.

I had a great weekend. Lots of fun. I think the only I did because I needed to (excl the hygienic basics of course) was go to Babies R Us, which let's face it, is really enjoyable for me.

Friday night I watched the debate and then Across the Universe, which I would recommend to Beatles fans. Like my mom. (Stick with it through the trippy Bono part. Yes the movie would do better without it, but you'll still enjoy it as a whole.)

Saturday there were crepes and then later there was a steak-filled trip to the Outback, putt putt and batting cages. The latter three events encompassed a Suburbanight. Because that's where we have to go to do those things. I got a hole in one. And more than one holes in six. I chose skee-ball over batting cages as I neither bat left nor right, but moreso hope that would I ever need to beat up an intruder it wouldn't matter which side I was hitting from.

Sunday it was off to Oak Glen for some fall-ness. Well, I thought it was going to be fall. It's been super warm here lately (like 90), but I thought "we're heading to the mountains...and it's the end of September...throw the sweaters in the car!" Meanwhile it was 90 degrees there too. But we had a blast. Picking apples, pressing our own cider, panning for gold. And through sunglass lenses the leaves appeared to be autumn colors, so that was something. Lots of good pictures and video that - you guessed it - you'll see when I find time to walk down to the library or to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to use the free wireless internet.

I have lots of apples and pears and have plans for at least one pie and a cake that I saw them make on Take Home Chef. I'm ambitious. I bought a corer and am going to pick up a mandolin slicer and souffle dish on my way home. Frankly I like just saying mandolin slicer because it makes me feel kitchen smart, and I think if I don't slice off a finger it will be super fun.

Speaking of home... I've done it. I've hired someone to clean my one bedroom apartment. I've struggled with this idea for a while now, but have finally allowed myself the luxury. As someone told me, I'm also giving someone work, which these days is a good thing. It's just that I don't wanna spend the little free time I have scrubbing floors and toilets (well ok, just the one). I'm going to have her come over twice a month, which I think will be enough.

Meeting time! Woo hoo!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rolling With It

I don't feel much like blogging. I prefer the idea of a nap at the moment.

But I feel like I owe it to all of mankind to tell you to see the movie Role Models.

Paul Rudd. Seann William Scott. Enough said.

Here's the trailer:

Seriously I don't think I've laughed this hard at a movie in a VERY long time. And it's one of those movies where you're basically laughing the entire time. At one point I think most of us in the audience went into convulsions. And there was clapping at the end. I can't stress to you how often clapping doesn't happen at press screenings.

Ok enough hyping.

But really. See it.
If you were watching it with me I could interject "that's my work!" and "that's our lobby!" because they shot it at our studios. That's always exciting. I think I mentioned on here when I ran into Seann at the elevators. I now realize we probably could have totally been extras in a scene had we just gone up and visited like he told us to. Next time I'll remember it's all about the follow through.

Meeting my friend Katie for dinner tonight. We live in the same city but haven't seen each other since May...totally ridic.

This weekend I've got putt putt and picking apples on the agenda. And hopefully a lot of sleep. We'll see how that shakes out. (And so much for cleaning up the place!)

In computer news, I got my pc files transferred to my mac which sounds way sexier than it really is. Exciting nonetheless. Still trying to find a wireless internet provider...

Monday, September 22, 2008

A Tale of Two Bikes

It was the best of times...it was the best of times...

Ok so this wkend went by so fast I still can't believe I'm already back at work. I didn't do a lot of really productive stuff but boy did I have fun, and that's productive enough for me.

Friday night it was Judd Apatow and Friends at the UCB. It was preceded by an awesome chicken burger and pear cider at Birds. Then came Judd...and his "friends." Friends like Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, Kevin James and...ADAM SANDLER. Seriously. Adam Sandler stand up for 30 minutes? Yes please. Even if he was in character. Very surreal. I also really liked THIS girl. Very subtle and dry. I did not enjoy - and thanks to NDG's suggestion was able to escape - Andy Dick's set.

Saturday I went and test drove the aformentioned Chinese Flying Pigeon bike. It's super heavy and old school and I like it. A lot. But instead of buying it on the spot, I agreed it was better for me to testdrive a few other options.

Saturday night it was off to the bowl with an amazing Boar's Head turkey and provolone sammie. (Thanks Mayfair Market). The berries were da bomb. It was the best experience acoustic wise I had ever experienced at the bowl. I've never lucked out with good sound there, so I'm guessing it was our dead center seats. The talent didn't disappoint either. MGMT? awesome. Spoon? great as always. (I love me some brass!) Beck was super fun too. He played a great variety. The orchestra conducted by his dad came out about half way through. (I also love me some strings!) Super fun night.

Sunday morning I woke up super early and made good time to Long Beach to watch my friends compete in the triathlon. Bragging on their behalf there was a medal and awesomeness involved. It was the first time I had ever watched one. I've watched the LA marathon before but it still amazes me the desire of some people to do that sorta thing and call it fun. The range (age, size, skill level) of people participating was at the same time surprising and encouraging. Everyone was done in less than 3 hours. The winners were done in just under one.

Sunday afternoon it was more bike testdrives. I don't think I ever imagined that choosing a bike would be such a difficult decision. I just wanna ride a bike again. Sunday I tried a variety of bikes with more than one speed. And now it's like this choice I have to make. Do I go with the aesthetically stunning and unique single speed or pay a little more and get like 7 speeds and have to roll up my pants leg. It should also be mentioned that I'm physically attracted to the multigear bike I'm considering (the Giant Sedona). It also comes in a pistachio color similar to my Kitchenaid mixer. Everyone kept repeating that it basically just matters what I want the bike for. I want it to ride it. DUH. But how much do I wanna ride it? I don't know. I like the idea of riding it to grocery shop, and in parks and on the beach. Do I want to mountain bike? No. Do I want to competitively bike? H no. So yeah, my very own DECISION 2008. Any advice or comments on the subj would be greatly appreciated.

Speaking of DECISION 2008. I'm so done with this whole government thing. Stop volunteering for me to pay thousands of dollars to clean up the mess for companies that I have nothing to do with. The government couldn't help me pay for college (and already punishes me financially for being single and making a good living), why should I be required to help them bail out some ill-run corporation? I shouldn't. And McCain...Obama...stop with the mudslinging already. One of you should start talking about what you're going to do to fix things not what the other one is going to do to make things worse. People need solutions. Our country needs solutions. It's so annoying. I'm over it. And for the love of GOD can people stop trying to prevent same sex marriage? What does any of it have to do with you? That's right, it doesn't. Matter of fact it wouldn't affect you at all. So vote NO on Prop 8 and let them eat (wedding) cake. Me? I don't even like cake. And I'm not too sold on the whole marriage thing. But I'm straight and won't ever have to worry about someone else (like the GOVERNMENT for craps sake) telling me who I can or can't marry should I decide to do so. I've never been into political ads, but I like this one and think it creatively and effectively gets the message across.

(ok, stepping down from soap box now.)

Ok, so back to Sunday. After test driving and getting more confused about the bike decision...We headed over to watch this neat thing I had read about on Daily Candy. It involved a comedy troupe reading the transcript of the "Meet Me in St Louis" radio program. Super fun.

Afterwards we ventured to Yogurtland. KBM had told me about it earlier in the day. Talk about sensory overload. You pick the yogurt. You pick the toppings. You do it yourself. And then it's only like 3 cents an ounce. I got more than enough for like $2.50 (less than what I pay at Coldstone). And it's fat free fro yo! The only issue I have is the same I have with buffets because that's how the topping center is set up. I don't find that the most sanitary experience ever...but it was yummy and fun and I'll most definitely go back.

Then we watched some Emmys and I was reminded how annoying awards shows have become, which sucks because I really used to like them a lot.

I wish I could run into Jon Hamm at work today so I could tell him how much I enjoyed his reaction shot when Bryan Cranston won. I also liked the Ricky Gervais - Steve Carell moment as the Steve Carell moment topped my list last year. I'm still not sure how Carell was able to maintain his straight face.

Things I didn't do this wkend that I should have:

eyebrow waxing
swept up the place (wood floors in a second story apt get supes dusty.)

That is all.

I have The Raconteurs and The Kills tonight. Tomorrow I'm junketing The Lucky Ones and seeing Flash of Genius. Wednesday I start a 3 week stint on the 7a shift (God help me!) and see Role Models. (Seann William Scott? Paul Rudd? Yes please squared!) Shaping up to be another busy week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

NDG and I are co-dependent


We work in separate suites, and often have to use post-its to communicate as our schedules don't always coincide. She's collected mine into a wall mural. Sometimes I look at them and laugh out loud. She thinks that's funny.

If I had a scanner, I would scan them in because that would obviously be better. But I don't. So in the words of that girl from Kid Nation..."Deal with it!"

Here's some of the ones that still make me laugh.

"Your candle is very aromatic. This pen writes so smoothly. Are you trying to seduce me? Seriously. MAB."

"This is a little post-it with a big message. I miss you. Let's hang out. MAB" (this was written on one of those itty bitty post-its.)

(this one was written while she was away at Comic-Con last year): "Comic-Con makes me sad :( San Diego makes me happy. :) I'm so confused. MAB"

"Sometimes when you're in meetings I get real sad and look like this :( The End. MAB"

"dear ndg Once you're over 9 years old, consistently writing with pencils is hard. The more you know. <3 MAB" (this was obviously written with a pencil.)

"NDG - I wonder where you are. here are my guesses: 1. bathroom 2: edit bay 9 (if so, wunh wunh) 3. Katherine's office 4. walking around aimlessly (i like to walk around aimlessly). Please reply with your answer."

And finally:

"RocknRolla yourself! Pls don't hate that I have to be working. I actually should be working right now. LYMI! MAB"

Speaking of...I should be working right now...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somewhere Between "So Much to Say" and "Be Ok"

In other words, I'm a marriage of Dave Matthews and Ingrid Michaelson today.

NDG and I were just reflecting on how one kind compliment can change the course of a day. We crossed paths with a girl whose dress we admired here at the studio, and I told her we liked it. She had just hung up her phone and we supposed that maybe she just got dumped or found out a friend was losing a limb and was devastated until we told her we enjoyed her orange frock.

I wasn't having a particularly rough day, but having Amanda Foreman, the author of Georgiana: The Duchess of Devonshire, tell me this morning that I asked the best questions of her entire book tour was a definite mood elevator. I liked it even more when she asked me what I did besides this and knew immediately - and without asking - that I was a writer and that this job isn't the end all of my creative explorations.

Last night the girls and I took in a Mortified stage reading. I'm hooked. I loved it. Next month's event is already on my calendar. I wasn't religious to a journal or diary nor do I have the balls necessary to do such a public speaking event whilst a snapshot of my awkwardest stage is projected large enough for a room of hundreds to see. But boy do I enjoy listening to others' stories. (Not that I couldn't imagine looking at a picture of me and a certain high school crush while reading my schoolgirl poetry detailing a love so unrequited it could best be described in the lyrics of "Obsession" by Animotion.)

What else, what else.

I ran around my apartment all crazy like yesterday morning on a hunt for my keys only to realize I had left them in the lock the night before. GENIUS. (This is why when I post pictures of my apt I will not be showing the exteriors of the building nor in any way identify its location.)

The morning before I woke up cradling a pillow and rocking it like it was a baby. I'm guessing in my dreams it was. That same day I would find out that a friend back home was expecting and that my newest nephew is making life tough on my sister.

Mad Men. Dear Jon Hamm. I am trying. Ever since our awkward elevator exchange when I vowed to watch your series. It's up for a crazy number of Emmys this wkend. So I got the dvds on Netflix. I gotta say, I'm not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm really working hard to get through them. Maybe my mind is currently too scattered to focus on anything deeper than the new edition of 90210. It's highly possible. I will say that each episode I'm looking forward to the last 10 minutes or so when Don Draper exposes his true asshole-ness. I've heard nothing but good things about Season 2, so I'm anxiously awaiting catching up.

Grey's Anatomy comes back next week. Eh. We'll see how that goes. I'm definitely more excited for Pushing Daisies on Oct 1 and whenever How I Met Your Mother comes back.

I saw "The Lucky Ones" the other night. I like it. It's a different Rachel McAdams than I'm used to, but once I got used to it I liked her again. The movie starts kinda slow but I definitely enjoyed where it went. I was briefly taken out of it tho when, during their road trip, they go through St Louis. There's something that clutches my heart when I see the view of the Arch and downtown from westbound 40. They lost me tho when they were supposed to be driving west and instead they were on the service road in Chesterfield Valley (hello Lowe's and SONIC! (I've eaten there!) heading EAST. Quelle domage!

Actually, that happens a lot in movies, but it never ceases to annoy me when I actually am aware of the geography being assaulted. It happened with the Paris references in the Da Vinci Code and in Knocked Up at the end where they were supposedly driving to the east side but were in fact on the PCH headed for Malibu. At least I can understand that being used for beauty shot purposes.

I get to do the junket next week, and won't bring up the inaccuracies. It's my second junket with Rachel, which in my head makes us friends.

Alright I've gotta get to work. I'm excited about the weekend. I have a little Judd Apatow/Raining Jane action slated for tomorrow night. Then Saturday it's MGMT, Spoon and Beck - backed by an orchestra - which will be conducted by HIS DAD. How awesome does that sound? I'm super stoked. Then Sunday I'm going to cheer on a couple pals in the Long Beach Triathalon. After all, those who don't run cheer on those who do.

In case you were wondering...I want this bike:

It's Chinese. It's called "Flying Pigeon." And when I say I want it, it means I'm going to buy it unless I don't enjoy my test drive. And the one I'm gonna get has a basket on the front for grocery shopping purposes. And it's a girl version. (The one in the photograph is for boys.)

The end.