Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And so it is...

I am so so SO upset I didn't take a before picture. So upset in fact that I asked (only HALF jokingly) them to empty the pod and reload it so I could get a before shot. To say we fit a ridiculous amount of all of the furniture I love into this incredibly small space is an understatement.

The morning started with the movers shaking their head at my load and its intended destination and me in my closet, hugging my knees and crying to my dad over the phone. Two hours later, the pod was full to the point that it was a game with the guys asking me what ELSE I had to put in there!

I again used Delancey Street Foundation. I so believe in the cause and think it's a win win for everyone. The guys aren't allowed to except tips so in lieu of money, I gave them all MAB hugs. I'm not sure who needed it more at that point, me or them...who are we kidding...ME.

I spent my tonight (I refuse to call it my last night) eating sushi on Beverly with Lucy Liu. I embarrassed Kait by saying "with my girl Drew" (a la the Destiny's Child song) under my breath when Lucy walked into the restaurant...

I hit the road tomorrow for San Francisco...

For all the tales from the TRAVELS of a Fourth Grade Nothing, tune into my new companion blog, Rollin' With My Gnomie.

See you there!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

All the Things She Said

It's been a while. I know. And lots of stuff has happened (gma bday trip, last day at work, big trip planning, the price is right) (not a job tho, so don't get too excited.) So I have lots of stuff I could write about, but not really into it at this exact moment. So I'll entertain you with a couple of random things I've said recently:

"I might shave my legs this week."

(Sexy, right? I just haven't felt like it lately. I'm not making a feminist statement. I just prefer brainstorming over doing anything that isn't hygienically necessary in the shower. (For some reason I think the clearest in the shower and in bed at night when I can't sleep.) Anyway, it's weird because I'm really particular about maintaining hair in other places (eyebrows and underarms, etc.))

"She can be a lesbian, but she canNOT play soccer."

(This was in reference to my hypothetical daughter. I have friends (and a sister in law) who played girls soccer, and I realize it did them no harm. I just have an irrational fear about the way the legs of the girls who play soccer look. Mainly like tree trunks. Fitness good. Tree trunks bad.)

"These are my people."

(I went to a taping of The Price is Right. You've seen it. You know the crowd. Well imagine that crowd dancing around like it's a wedding reception/prom in the 80s (that's the kinda music they play to pump up the audience before the show). Hilariously awesome.)

I get into moods where I listen to one song on repeat over and over and over. Lately it's been these two: