Friday, February 6, 2009

Let it Rain

My relationship with Grey's Anatomy has been on the rocks lately. Like for the last two or three seasons. Or maybe since halfway through season two, but who's keeping track? Anyway, I keep watching, wanting so badly to get that first season feeling back.

Tonight I paused it to take a call from a friend who I hadn't talked to in a while. Our discussion turned to our respective relationships and the questions we have about relationships in general. Loves of lifetimes and the realization (or lack there of) of fairy tales and love stories and happy endings. The concept of marriage, the roller coaster of reality, you get the drift.

Basically I'm an overthinker and way too analytical and cynical.

So then like 40 mins later, I unpause Greys, and the very next line - I kid you not - is:

"Don't spend all your time wondering what you are or who you like or whether it's right for you or wrong for you. Just let yourself be happy."

Thanks Shonda.

I also (natch!) liked the whole storyline about applying intense pressure in the form of tight hugs to slow the nervous system. AND when Der told Mer "I want your crappy babies. All of them." There's the Le Sigh I've been waiting for.

And then that cliche proposal almost happened and they lost me. And then the "crossover" that wasn't really a crossover at all this week teased me into sitting through an entire episode of Private Practice, which I haven't watched since the pilot because I don't like it. And I don't like Kate Walsh. Probably because she played the wife, but whatever. I did like it when she said "I don't need the Super Friends."

I also obvi hated the whole vacuum storyline (except for them incl the cute midwife, which should probably be an oxymoron because I'd never want my lady doctor to be a guy I'm attracted to). Anyway, I'm way freaked about vacuums and forceps and would much rather a doctor cut me open to get my baby out.

So they duped me with the whole crossover and I fell for it...hook line and sinker...speaking of, an ark might be in order to get me to work tomorrow. For the most depressing day ever. Somehow I think tomorrow (the last day for the first round of layoffs) will be harder than my own last day. My own last day will be hard because I'll be freaking out financially and for the loss of routine. But I feel like tomorrow is when the reality will hit. I've met some great people (and got to continue friendships from previous employers) and this town is really small and I really do think we'll KIT and all that, but it really is the end of an era. A short, 2.5-year era, but still an era. I mean, we launched a network. Started from scratch. Only to have it crumble beneath us, by no fault of our own. If they wanted it to rise out of the ashes, they should have relocated to Phoenix, not Albuquerque.

Tangent anyone?

Back to the drama of Seattle Grace... next week is supposed to be a crossover too. Wonderful. Addison - even as an EX wife - still gets to waltz (or "walsh" in) and screw things up...UGH...No fair! (She says while stomping her feet.)

I'm gonna go to bed to a lil Smoky Mountain Rain. Only Ronnie Milsap can help me now.

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Laurie Lou said...

Yea we totally got duped into watch private practice.. which I'm not crazy about either. Next week better be hella good to make up for it. Oh and just when I thought they were over the Callie lesbo story line they start it up again..I just don't get it. Just doesn't fit the lesbian part.