Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Please tell me

Please tell me you watched How I Met Your Mother last night and enjoyed NPH's tribute to Doogie Howser HALF as much as I did?!?! When the music/journaling started I was literally bouncing/jumping up and down on my couch. GIDDY.

Please tell me you remember the episode where they played Natalie Cole's "I Miss You Like Crazy." Perhaps only my sister Melody would remember that that song was my Love Songs and Dedication JAM!

Please tell me you too are stoked about today being REM Acceleration release day.

Enough with the begging. I really should be writing a story about "Battle in Seattle" or prepping for my Jared Leto interview. But instead I'm doing this.

My parents are being super cute about all the "Run FatBoy Run" hype. They called the other night to tell me they went and saw "my movie." Luckily they liked it too. My mom less so because of some "colorful language." Judging from this I can only imagine how they'll be when a movie with my name in the credits is on the big screen.

Speaking of, Presley and I are basically done with the treatment/outline. We've got some polishing to do, but I really think we've gone in depth enough that writing the script shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully. We're super excited about it.

Gotta run to meet Jordan Catalano...more on San Diego later...

Happy Bday Amanda.
Happy Anniv Mike & Steph.
Happy April Fool's Day. Fools.

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