Friday, March 28, 2008

When they say "critics," they mean me...

So I'm sitting here wondering how much longer I have to sit here looking at the glorious scene outside my office window before I can break free and begin my journey down to San Diego. That's right, I'll be spending the next coupla days in the whale's vagina. Ew...wait... I love the feeling I get when I arrive in the 619, and am super excited to hang out with my peeps there.

My "Run FatBoy Run" ad is everywhere. It's so exciting to see my name on a full-page ad in the LA Times. I mean, I was excited enough about the quarter-page ad last week! My dad let me know this morning that the ad is also in today's St. Louis Post Dispatch. So I'm just going to assume it's nationwide. It's also playing on the TV ads. The announcer says "Critics say: Run, don't walk" and they show that part of my quote and my name. It's real fast, but OMG they played it during "The Simpsons" and people watch "The Simpsons!" I guess I just feel like now I'm vindicated and that this silly little blurb proves to people that I'm actually doing something. Not that I thought I had something to prove, but it feels good and I'm basking in it for the moment.

Even if there are contrarians. At least something comes up when you google me now. Truth be told I DID enjoy the movie. So there.

Yesterday I interviewed Daniel Waters (he wrote Heathers!) and Mindy Cohn (aka Natalie on "The Facts of Life") about their new movie "Sex and Death 101." Ok, so I didn't LOVE this movie. I think it's probably rentable. But I DID LOVE them. Not since the Dax Shepard/Will Arnett experience have I not wanted a junket interview to end until this one. We were having a fun conversation. I thought maybe we could all hang out. The time flew so fast I couldn't get Nat to help me recall this one line from the FoL theme song that I finally had to youtube.

I also saw "Chansons d'Amour (Love Songs)" this week. People are saying it's this year's "Once." I am not one of those people. I liked the movie. And LOVED the soundtrack (it's a musical). But it's no Once. That being said, I love Once like my dad loves Shelley and will most likely never call a movie "this year's Once." You never know tho.

One movie I did LOVE love is "Son of Rambow." It's this year's "Once." Just kidding. It's a totally different movie. But it IS super cute. I definitely think people should see it.

I also watched a screener and a couple of Netflix things, but I'm bored of this discussion, and they were nothing to super write home about so we don't need to get into it.

I finished reading Steve Martin's autobiography. I love him. Next up on the reading list is "Fight Club." Mostly because I've joined a book club and that's what we're reading this month.

Wow. This blog has really sucked the energy out of me. I need to pep it up...Can't go wrong with Seth and Paul!

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