Monday, March 3, 2008

I have mouse traps on my desk work. Placed by good ole officemate Ben. He says recent discovered "evidence" proves the sticky traps provided by the building just aren't cutting it. He added that the traps are nontoxic (except for where the mouse is concerned). He also promises to remove any captives by the time I get into work each morning.

So there's that.

I did the Married Life junket today, and it's a BEAUTIFUL day here in LaLa land, but before I get into all that, let's do a weekend rewind. St Louis style.

Got into the 314 Fri night and was welcomed by an excited Hunter (his reception this time was MUCH better than at Christmastime) and Melody (who wears my hand-me-downs as maternity clothes).

The first cute thing Hunter did: at the airport, he was wearing a red and black plaid flannel (think Elmer Fudd and remember that it's true what they say about midwesterners and plaid). Well a grandparent-age couple in baggage claim was also wearing the Elmer Fudd jackets. Melody told Hunter that he was going to have to go home with them since he obviously belonged in their family. Hunter went right up to the woman and set the corner of his jacket up against hers as if to say "same same." (She was midwestern nice and thought it was cute.)

Second cute thing Hunter did: on the way home, Melody and I were talking about Jett's pending arrival and she was voicing her concern that he'll be bigger than Hunter (who wasn't small). All the sudden Hunter, who had been playing his Nintendo DS and we thought not paying attention to our convo, says "Dear Jesus, please make my mommy's baby tiny." It was super cute.

Third Hunterism: "I wanna play craps!" as we drove by one of the casinos.

Ok, so that night Mel and Hunter stayed with me at my parents. I got to feel Jett hanging out in the womb and Melody did a great job of describing what it felt like from her perspective. I had a random nightmare that night. (I can't recollect the last time I had one.) Melody was like, "I'll tell you what I tell Hunter. I'm here, everything's gonna be ok." The next day it was donuts for breakfast (a sat am tradition for as long as I can remember), and then it was off to stop by and see Melissa at work before heading over to spend the day with the birthday girl aka my grandma.

She made us milkshakes for lunch and my uncle and one of her friends stopped by. Then before long it was time to meet most of my family for dinner at a downtown St Charles restaurant. Matthew's fam, Melody's fam and my parents met us there. Ned's glasses are super cute. The fact that he, at 9 and a half, has a moustache freaks me out. They call it peach fuzz, but you can see it when you look at him. He's pretty sure he's going through puberty. After dinner (who asked for the play by play??) it was back to my parents' for cake and ice cream in honor of Tammy and Laney's bday on Weds. Basically if it wasn't Hannah Montana or High School Musical it didn't get the Laney seal of approval. I can't believe all the little kids are 4 now. Where did that time go??

Spent that night with my grandma. Woke up in the middle of the night to her talking in her sleep, saying: "Don't you EVER do that again!" Luckily she eventually woke herself up talking so she could fill me in on the dream she was having. We made breakfast together (my scrambled eggs and her bacon and toast) before heading over to my aunt's for the big bday celebration. It's weird because even tho I'm the only one out of town (literally) some of them hadn't seen each other since I was last in town for Christmas. I'm pretty sure good times were had by all, but I know my grandma was happy we were all together.

My flight home last night was super turbulent. Luckily they were playing "Enchanted" so that kept me calm. I do love that story.

I'm not afraid to admit that right now I'm enjoying Taylor Swift and I'm reading "Blankets," a graphic novel. Last week I read the second installment of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Sometimes you just need to keep it light.

I leave for Austin Thurs am. I wish I could figure out what I need to do before then. Sounds like the stuff that lists are made of.

One of my fave bloggers is ending her run with Damn the man, save the Empire!

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Laurie Lou said...

Glad to see the comments are back.
I bet your grandma was so excited to see you. That was cool you got to celebrate her birthday with her.