Friday, February 29, 2008

Secrets Out!

Preparing to fly home for less than 48 hours to ring in my Grandma Jean's 85th year. I called and told her this morning, and got a great response. "Mary Anne, you just excited the crap outta me!" I told her I thought better of just showing up on her doorstep. (I mean, how much surprise can an 85 year old take?!) She confirmed she probably would have passed out, so I feel good about that decision. We've gotten really close over the last few years (weekly phone calls make all the difference!) and it makes me happy to make her so happy.

Of course I'll earn some cool aunt points with Ned by telling him I'm there to see his new glasses.

I also get to see Melody pregnant which is a bonus.

Crazy that I went home once last year and already this year I'm going this weekend, and then again for the extended amount of time in July/August for Baby Jett, and most likely somewhere around the holidays.

In other MAB travel news, I don't think I mentioned that my apartment number in Grand Cayman is #3. That's my favorite number! I'm SO excited. I've decided to postpone the marathon training I hadn't yet begun in order to focus on getting SCUBA certified. The coral reef down there is some of the best in the world, and I'm gonna see the shit out of it.

The boys and I have also decided to go kayaking in Austin which I'm excited about. I kayaked in Hawaii once on the open ocean so I'm hoping I do alright on the river.

All it took was a text from EK saying she is thinking about Paris this summer for me to be like, *I wanna go to Paris this summer. Not sure when I would have time. Apparently I don't like the idea of working this summer. If I could/can work THAT out, I would/will.

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