Monday, February 25, 2008

THE Amy Heckerling intv

(because I mentioned it in a previous post...)
(from a post shoot sheet in November:)

I caught up with Amy Heckerling at the Academy Salutes Comedy event. She’s the scribe behind Fast Times and Clueless and the forthcoming I Could Never Be Your Woman
I think she would call it Fing awkward.

(on I Could Never Be Your Woman) 1:19:54 "i don't know what the F is happening with it. the producer is a Fing gangster. i've been told every date that it's coming out. this week, it was supposed to come out today, there's nothing to say. it's just Fed up. (writers strike having an effect?) 20:12 no no that's a separate F up. (are you writing anything?) 20:18 no my father just died and i'm pretty bummed out. haven't Fing done a thing. i don't know what to tell ya. 20:25 everything sucks, ok? 20: 28 but i love judd apatow his films perk me up and i'm happy for him and it's great. 20:40 (comedy being recognized by the academy) it's the only thing i recognize. (fast times, clueless) 20:50 whatever. what the Fin ever. 20:55 what makes me laugh? anything by mel brooks, woody allen, eddy kanter, the marx brothers, judds stuff, i know they're not considered comedies but scorsese always cracks me up, alot of South park, family guy, you name it....

She wasn’t bitchy. It was really funny.

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