Friday, February 8, 2008

Punch-Drunk Love

Sometimes I go to Presley's bday party at the Huntley and we get checked out not once, but *twice by Adam Sandler. Who, by the way, is currently sporting a mohawk for some reason.

I'm waiting to find out if I get to go SXSW afterall. There's been a lot of crazy shizz going down here at the ranch this past week, and that assignment would be like the salve the sitch so desperately needs.

Thoughts are with the people of Kirkwood, MO today. The Post-Dispatch reporter's account is chilling. Back in my local news days, I often dreaded covering council or school board meetings as they were incredibly boring. How lucky I was they were.

Back here in the LA area, the first swat officer in the depts 41 year history was shot and killed at a standoff the other night (another barely survived being shot in the face). With two brothers on "the force" back home, I can't forget the great risk these guys face on a daily basis (two officers were killed in the Kirkwood incident as well). When an armed assailant calls 911 and says "Come and get me" they apparently/seemingly have no choice but to follow his orders.

And I complain about my job (well just the bureaucracies of it, mostly).

Meanwhile Melody is currently in a seminar learning how to euthanize and decaptitate animals for her line of work.

I've got it pretty good.

PS I should have totally consulted this video before attempting to do my standup. I coulda learned a lot from that girl.

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