Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Exciting Things...

In I've Got Baggage News...

The luggage company responsible for fixing my suitcase torn by Delta on the way home from Sundance called. They can't fix it. So they're sending me a new one. The guy then began describing the new one, assuring me of the brand (I've never heard of it, but mine wasn't exactly a Samsonite), the size (it's a little bigger), the color (it's the same - black), and the features (still got rollers and a pulley thing).

In Things On Their Way to My House Thanks to Netflix News...

Rocket Science
The King of Kong
Dancer in the Dark

In Screeners Are My Boyfriend News...

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Michael Clayton

(all those movies make me want to hole up in my apt under a blanket on my couch and stay there until I've had ample time to digest their greatness.)

In "Do I Make You Horny?" (the slobbering lispy version) News...

my mouthguard is ready

In Take This Job and Covet it News...

writing 3 stories a day is getting super old...I feel like I'm working at the plastics factory with Roseanne and Jackie attempting to make quota whilst getting yelled at by a young George Clooney. On the flipside I just got assigned a junket in which I'll get to interview Rachel McAdams which makes me happy. It's just like they say in the Facts of Life theme song, "You take the good, you take the bad..." (another inadvertent Clooney reference!)

In What, You're Not Friends With Lukas Haas? News...

that show's tomorrow night, I'm looking forward to it.

In Once is Never Enough News...

Glen and Marketa were at the Oscar luncheon yesterday. This means they're in town. I'm super sad I didn't give them my phone number so they can't call me and we can't be hanging out. I've got a hunch on where they're staying, but I'm trying to not be a stalker so they'll stay friendly and not get scared.

Ok, enough distracting myself...I've got to get to work on a piece about geek to chic makeovers in movies.


Dream said...

Hi there. I was just wondering, you said that you will be interviewing Rachel McAdams. Lucky you, anyway, if you don't mind me asking, when and where will it take place?

Mary Anne said...

Dear Dream,

I do not promote stalking.

Leave Rachel alone.

The end.

PS Thanks for reading. Please come again.

Nicole said...

When you interview Rachel you should ask her about a possible love triangle involving one A.B. from Canada and her ex-bf R.G.

let's get a slurpee again soon.
i am excited for the "priceless" screening tomorrow.
will you just watch it without having to read sub titles?

Dream said...

Mary Anne,

First of all, I am just a big fan of Rachel McAdams and I just wanted to know when and where. No need to get all wise mouth. I asked politely and you could have just said no.

I am not a stalker. So relax.

"PS Thanks for reading. Please come again."

No thanks.

And Nicole

"When you interview Rachel you should ask her about a possible love triangle involving one A.B. from Canada and her ex-bf R.G."

How about not? Leave her personal life out of this because I'm sure she doesn't want people asking her about her love life. It's just simply rude.