Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'd Like to Thank the Academy...

For making me squeal and clap like a little girl several times this year.

I'm trying to get out of work and need to write a serious ketchup blog and several emails like whoa! but wanted to offer up my notes on the night's event. let's call it a post game wrap up.

I gotta say everybody looked better yesterday at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Especially you Diablo Cody. What the heck was up with the Wilma Flintstone dress?? I'll also take this opportunity to say that I was AT the Film Independent Spirit Awards where not only was I witness to the Angelina baby bump first hand, but I also got to look at this face:

Yeah-uh! (which by the way I WAY overused this weekend and already need to retire.) Seriously tho.

Ok...back to tonight...

Once. where do I begin. I got the chance to see Glen and Marketa a couple of times this week and they thanked me for believing in them all along. I'm like puhlease. Thanks for making such beautiful music and a movie I could believe in. I love that Jon Stewart pulled Marketa back on stage to say her thank yous. I also love that when Jill announced she was from Reelzchannel in the press room Glen punched the air. Yeah-uh! (see what I mean with that phrase??)

Not to mention the beautifully amazing and wowing performance they gave on stage...I was nervous because yesterday at the Spirit Awards Marketa was super nervous but they were so great and the orchestra and the lighting and the guitar covered background. I mean I love Amy Adams and Enchanted, but this night belonged to my peeps.

Marion Cotillard. You shaved your EYEBROWS and HAIRLINE for this role. You embodied Edith Piaf like DDL became Daniel Plainview. I picked you in the office pool because I knew you deserved it. Honorable mention to Ellen Page who rightfully walked away with the Spirit Award and is super cute and totally deserving of awards for making me laugh and cry in the same movie.

Javier Bardem. While I'm fine with you winning, I wanted Hal to too. If you would have given it to him I would have loved you forever. Thanks for letting down Dixie Carter.

I'm of course happy for Diablo, but that wasn't a shock. I'm looking forward to reading what she says in her blog about crying...and not hugging Harrison Ford. I loved the hug Marion gave Forest Whitaker. It's called raw emotion people, and I am a fan (of seeing it on tv, in real life it makes me feel all awkward).

Big ups for Jon Stewart. Lots of good jokes...Cate Blanchett playing everyone, "and the baby goes to...Angelina Jolie," quip about Jack Nicholson knocking someone up, the monologue. It all worked.

Yay for Owen Wilson. Looking good.

Miley Cyrus. While I don't think you should have been there, you are surprisingly good with a teleprompter and were in better control of your nerves than most of the pros there. Katherine Heigl I'm talking to you. Your dress was cute. The rest of you I could do without.

I felt like I was stressed out a lot during this show. the acting categories were tough. i'm glad it's over and overall i'm happy about it. In addition, Reelzchannel (aka the network that pays my bills) went live for the first time tonight with a post show. So that was exciting and added some energy to the evening. I'm looking forward to next year in the hopes that we actually get some red carpet credentials so I can cross that off my list and move on. we estimate that some 1k crews are on the carpet. I can't begin to understand the politics behind the fact that we, a network about movies, don't factor into that number.

I'm peacing out. I'll try to write more tomorrow. I'm apparently having some sort of power source problem with my laptop which has limited my computer use at home. I've tried throwing money at the problem by purchasing a new battery and AC adapter, but neither have worked, leading me to believe that the problem is within. Wunh wunh.

Tomorrow is a new day. And the next thing I have going on is SXSW. Yeah-uh!

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