Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Set this circus down...and open that jar, will ya?

So I could talk about a great Fryman Canyon hike and the nice people (and pooches) I met along the way . Or I could talk about the weird Disney junket I'm currently working that doesn't seem to end but involves the Anaheim Hilton; per diem, famous animators and their wives, space mountain and 101 dalmations. But I don't feel like it.

Instead I feel like posting the photo essay I recently alluded to. I bow to the master of photo essays, Ayrn, and offer you this:

Sometimes you need a boy around. Mostly when you want to eat some pickled beets and you can't open the jar.

So on a recent trip to Target I invested in a $20 As Seen On TV One Touch Jar Opener. Other gripper and OXO tool options just weren't cutting it (in fact cutting my hand is what sent me in search of a better option). And my new favorite pick up line (Let's have a conversation) wouldn't really sound as ladylike if I tacked on an "after you open my jar of beets" at the end. Long story short too late (I told you Ayrn was better!) I brought the motorized jar opener and put it to work.

At first it didn't want to work at all and I cursed the infomercials that bring me so much joy only to sell me a crappy product. But eventually, there was a turn and a pop, and thankfully, no mess.

At last! The lid was off!

Of course then I felt like I had to eat a lot of them because it was all such a process.

Luckily they were tasty...just like I remembered. I also remembered this week how much I like hard boiled eggs. A very productive food week.

Other stuff:

Someday I'll learn how to link to actual music files. Until then you just have to read the lyrics to the songs I'm enjoying at the moment. Craig Cardiff's Circus and Tim McGraw's Set This Circus Down. (I mostly just included that link because who knew their was a website called Cowboy Lyrics??)

I'm gonna go watch "I Could Never Be Your Woman" because I love Paul Rudd and it's what Amy Heckerling would effing want me to do. (I'll have to post the transcript of an interview I had with the Clueless/Fast Times scribe not too long's a classic.)

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