Thursday, February 7, 2008

There's one in every crowd

Comments have been shut down thanks to a stranger who had to go and ruin the fun for everybody. Until I report said stranger to the powers that be and things are taken care of, comments will remain closed. In the interim, everyone I care about that reads this has my email addy, and should they have a dire need to reference something mentioned, can contact me there.

You know it's hard out here for a blogger...

Onto bigger and better things:

1. Tickets and hotel are booked for Grand Cayman, so "Life is Beachy When You're 30" is officially on. I wish I could leave tomorrow. I consulted my "1,000 Places to See Before You Die" book and it says the area is a top snorkeling and diving site. I had already planned on snorkeling, but figure I should dive as well seeing as it's famous and all. I'll just try to keep the scenario of Open Water out of my head.

2. A couple of interesting sightings last night at the Lukas Haas show at the Roxy. Ben Savage (you know him from Boy Meets World and being the baby bro of my first crush Fred Savage) stood next to us acting crazy for a few minutes. Topanga was nowhere to be seen. And Bud from Married with Children (who would be better fitted representing the Lollipop Guild (seriously SO tiny!)) was hanging in the VIP section. The highlight of the evening was a band called Biirdie and their song "Who Were You Thinkin Of."

I have been sidetracked by work and can no longer remember what else I had to say here. Excited to see Priceless tomorrow. It's Audrey Tautou's latest movie. I heart Amelie.

A couple of firsts for this week:

KDL and I walked home from the Sunset Strip last night. I don't know the distance, but it was all down hill and super enjoyable. Previously the farthest I had walked from my neighborhood was WeHo. As Jonathan put it, I like to walk places.

In addition, Jonathan, Lauren and I went to see a couple of coworkers do comedy Tuesday night. The venue was also hosting an Obama party and speed dating. Prior to the comedy the stage in back was used for open-mike storytelling. Tuesday's topic was Love Hurts. I didn't get up there, but if I did I would have told the following story. Mostly because it always gets a good laugh. And yes, it's true.

Girl meets guy on Nerve. (I should say here that said girl's friends set her up with a Nerve account without her knowledge. (not that she's against online dating, but still..)) So first date is set for a downtown LA bar. Arrival time is set for 10p on a Fri night. Smoking guy who matches pic walks up to bar. Girl is slightly disappointed, but keeps walking. Walks up to guy. He - right off the bat - says "you don't smoke." She says "no, does it matter?" He says no. Then he tells her he lost his wallet. She helps convince the bouncer to let him in sans ID. A cashier asks for a $10 cover. Girl pauses (she has cash, but wants to make sure he has some too in light of the wallet absence.). He does. Pays. Tells girl "that's your drink." This guy is classy. once in, he immediately heads for the loo. She heads to the bar for some Grey Goose. She assumes the immediate potty break is a bad sign. He returns with an "ooh. you bought a drink." then he says "i just don't feel the chemistry." YES HE DID SAY THAT. And I have outlined the ENTIRE convo thus far. (just so you know, it's much better performed live.) she says "ok, then I'll just be finishing this vodka tonic." to which he responds "don't you feel awkward?" to which she (now shooting the vodka tonic like a kamikaze) replies "no." he also says something about not drinking (making his choice of a bar meetup a bit unusual). Wait, it gets better. So on our way out, he stops at the cashier and asks for the cover back. I - I mean she - looked at him like "you've gotta be kidding me" and said, "I'm out of here."

Grant it, we were nowhere near IN LOVE, so the topic of Love Hurts doesn't really work, but I guess I was just ready to tell you that story.

And people wonder why I don't enjoy dating. THESE are the sleeze, folks!

Anywho, I wish you calmed days and more fun than uncertainty.
If you need a little pick me up...check out the Family Ties Reunion. The Keatons are no Seavers, but they'll sure put a smile on your face. Sha la la la!

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