Monday, March 24, 2008

The Season of Dreaming

I think it was my sister Melissa who used to say "Happy Easter! Happy Spring! Happy Happy Everything!"

This week she's called me three times to see if I have a Jonas Bros connection. I don't.

I had a good weekend. A great Easter. The pastor opened the service by saying "It's raining in Seattle, snowing in Chicago, but a beautifully sunny day here in Los Angeles." And it was.

(It was also snowing in the STL...where they experienced an Easter service sans "And God Cried." I can't imagine!)

On a completely unrelated note, I'm completely loving A Fine Frenzy right now. I think she's coming to LA soon. I think I'm gonna check it out.

Back to Easter. I went to church at the Hollywood Bowl again this year. Perhaps I'm starting a tradition. If so, it's a good one. Last year it was chilly and overcast. This year I got sunburned in the 85 degree morning heat. I couldn't cross my legs because I was beginning to sweat in my pink polyester pants.

The music was great. Classic hymns with full orchestra and band. The message was good and I remember now why I visited the host church again last year even tho its location isn't convenient.

Omg. A Fine Frenzy is at the Roxy next week. Sold out. Thank goodness for Craigslist...

So after church we had brunch at my favoritest LA restaurant Joey's Cafe. Fancy restaurants need not apply. Give me a corner cafe where the waitstaff recognizes me as a regular and I'm a happy camper. My fave waiter was working outdoors, and we sat inside, so he didn't wait on us, but he did stop by for a chat and an EXCELLENT beach recommendation.

El Matador Beach. North of Malibu.

I should post my own pix here. But I am at work and don't have them, so I'm gonna google image to see if I can find one that does the experience justice.

On a sunny 90 degree first-of-its-kind day of the year, PCH traffic is really yucky. It took us like 2 hours to get there. But it was worth it. We passed the time with singing, talking and homemade mad libs.

Ok so this guy Craig Wolf takes good pictures.

Gorgeous, right?? We didn't stay til sunset, but I've vowed to make this my beach for the summer. There are all of these caves and inlets and enough privacy that people sunbathe nude. (Not that I'm into that, but I do like a sparsely populated beach.) Part of the lack of people could be attributed to the short hike and 200 stairs that separate the parking lot from the beach. SO worth it tho.

Ended the night with Brat Pack flicks on the moontower. Temps were still in the 70s as we laid on blankets and watched first "Weird Science" and then "Say Anything." If yesterday was a hint at this summer...BRING.IT.ON.NOW.

Happy birthday Julie.

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