Thursday, March 6, 2008

Austin's Weird...Weather

So yeah, I'm here. In Texas. FREEZING MY ASS OFF. Unfortunately I packed for sunshine, not Sundance and the weather is more like the latter. BIG wunh wunh. I have a feeling I'll be wearing a UT sweatshirt and coat with fringe in no time.

We gotta go do some maintenance things and hopefully eat some bbq, but first...the plane ride...

Chrissy Seaver boarded the plane behind me!!! I lamented not having my Growing Pains tote with me. I use it daily at work, but I brought my backpack on the trip. That being said, the whole scene might have been awkward had I had the bag on me, so who knows.

Then DURING the flight, a guy and a girl sitting behind Jon and I got to know each other better (they were strangers when they sat down). Alcohol was a factor, but good LORD. I apparently slept through a 45 min makeout sesh that culminated in some sort of under the coat activity. I was awake, however, when they tried the whole "mile high club in the bathroom" thing. Flight attendants caught onto them and interrupted. The rest of the flight consisted of her loudly singing songs about effing, demonstrating phone sex, and offering sexual favors. It was pretty awesome and horrific all at the same time. To each his or her own I guess. I mostly felt bad for the elderly gentleman sitting next to them.

Ahh young love.

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