Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Idea Machine

I'm avoiding work for no reason. Waiting for my officemate to journey to an edit or screening so that I can check out Judy Greer's sitcom that I tivo'd. Ooh, maybe it's online!!!

Before I check it out tho, I'll tell you about Baby Mama. Well really I will show you the trailer in case you haven't already seen it, link you to Nicole's blog so you can read what she said, and try not to hype it too much whilst telling you how pleasantly surprised I was.

Here's the trailer:

I went in hoping to get at least 5 LOLs, perhaps an ROFL...and well, I ended up LMAO. That's all I'll say. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Dear Amy Poehler, Let's be friends. The kind of friends where I morph into you. Thanks.

It was the first screening of the movie, so Dax Shepard (along with his gf Kristen Bell) and Romany Malco were in our screening. (If you just watched the trailer, you would know that Dax and Romany are in the movie.) Dax and Kristen sat right behind us. Romany sat a couple rows in front of us.

I have met all three of these people. Dax has rubbed his bare foot up my bare leg and serenaded me. Kristen and I (along with others incl her ex Kevin) have hung out in Vegas. Romany has taken the opportunity to hit on my friend Nicole at an event where I interviewed him. (once we saw romany's date showing off a blinding engagement ring I leaned over to nicole and said, "that coulda been you.") What I am getting at is WHY DIDN'T ANYONE SAY HI?!?! Lol. Just kidding. Sorta.

At least Emily and Nicole finally agree with me that Dax is a blond Zach Braff and that his placement in my top five is perfectly reasonable. Even with a feminine headband holding back his golden locks, my brother has it goin ON. (For some reason I'm really into quoting Salt n Pepa lately.)

This has been a good week for the old top 5. Paul Rudd made a surprise-to-me appearance at the Judd Apatow panel the other night. He looked like this:

I'm not a bushy beard girl, but there is just something about him that makes me go mmmmmmm. Nicole held me back so that I didn't make a fool of myself.

The panel was fun. Tom Arnold brought the awkward in a big way. He was on some sort of drug and we learned way too much about his sex life with Roseanne. The highlight in addition to Rudd's presence had to be watching Jason Segel watch the naked break-up scene in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." (which stars one Kristen Bell, see how my week come fulls circle like that?) PS I would also recommend FSM. It really makes you wanna go to Hawaii. And Paul Rudd's hilarious in it.

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we're having a fun week.