Friday, March 21, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

everyone says it, and most everyone knows it's true.

I was reminded again of the statement's validity when I learned last night that my now deceased apartment manager (who lived across the hall one door down) kept a dead cat in his freezer and a casket full of bones in his apartment. I KNOW!

the crappy thing is that his stuff is still in the apartment. the building's owner gave his friends TWO MONTHS to remove his belongings. I don't want to be there when they pull that shit out into the hallway. Speaking of, NOW we know why it smells so bad in there!!

God knows what ELSE he kept in there!

I was talking to the new manager (as opposed to the one who was new last week and "accidentally lost" my rent check when it FLEW OUT OF HER CAR?!) and she filled me in on the detes. She also couldn't believe that I hadn't seen the gynecology chair sitting in the hallway. (I assume it was sitting out there while I was in Austin because that's something I would have noticed.) Lovely.

This new girl has a lot of good ideas for transforming the place. She said the owner is cheap so constraints are tight, but we agree on what needs to be done, so that's good.

I've still got my eye on Craigslist. And I watched two episodes of House Hunters set in Seattle last night. I'm saving up. Still leaning toward Portland. Yes. Even though I've never been there. Thinking about using Swell Season as an excuse to go. I loved Austin but who needs all that humid heat?

I'll leave you with this, which was sent to me from my friend Bo. I like it.

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