Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good News Bad News Time

Good news:

Zach Braff breaks up with Shiri Appleby. (I didn't say it was gonna be good news for EVERYBODY.)

Bad news:

...because (acc to tabloid reports) she's ready to start a family and he doesn't want to get married until he's 40.

Good news:

Patrick Swayze is in the news.

Bad news:

...because he has pancreatic cancer and allegedly only 5 months to live. (this better not be some kinda sick publicity ploy!)

I interviewed (my old pal) Woody Harrelson, Chris Parnell, Ray Romano and Cheryl Hines this morning. Somebody forgot to tell them they're comedians. Except for Cheryl. She's always nice. And at least Ray tried. Woody and Chris were out of it.

I never mentioned how well the Married Life junket with Chris Cooper, Patricia Clarkson and Rachel McAdams went. I was really happy with it. Rachel has a super cute new do, and is just as friendly as you would expect her to be. Chris has a limp fishy handshake which I didn't enjoy, but he was nice enough.

I watched "Then She Found Me" last night. It was written, directed and produced by Helen Hunt, who along with Bette Midler and Colin Firth stars in the movie. It did nothing for my mood at the moment, but I enjoyed it overall. Bette and Colin were my favorites. The ending was not. Not that it's bad or anything that's not expected...I'm actually not sure why I didn't like it. Oh, Matthew Broderick is also in it.

I also tried to watch Mister Lonely (a movie about a Michael Jackson impersonator). It wasn't good and luckily the dvd broke like an hour into it, so I got to stop watching it.

Right now I'm watching a short that Josh Brolin wrote and directed.

In a couple hours I have back to back screenings. First "21" and then "Stop Loss." Lots o movies.

Then tomorrow it's off to Austin. I can't wait. Bring on the bbq. Fingers are also crossed for an overnight thunderstorm.

Ok this short just ended and deserves a big wtf. WTF?!

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