Saturday, March 8, 2008

No rebuttals

Just got in from the opening night festivities. Even when the open bar part of the night ends, Grey Goose only costs $6. I love this town.

The big event of the evening tho was a great convo with Ashley Johnson. You know, Chrissy Seaver?? Even tho Ive seen her a couple times the past couple days, we had never spoke. So first we had to talk about the crazy girl behind Jon and I on the plane. Then she had to do her interview. And THEN I had to gush about Growing Pains. I told her about the tote. And the trading cards. She told me what she thought about Chrissy going from a baby to a 4 yo. I resisted informing her she was the Raven Simone of GP, brought in for cuteness purposes. She ended up liking me/us a lot, but understood we would rather go to parties than sit through the midnite screening of her movie.

We tried to see Harold and Kumar today but the screening was delayed until we couldn't stay for it. We did however get to experience the fun of a brew and view, wherein you order food and drink from your theater seat. i ordered fried pickles because i could and i like them and they were good.

there was air hockey, there was lobster bisque, there was jim sturgess, there was vanessa hudgens, there was abra moore (wow she looks familiar), there was an HOUR long taxi wait, there were vintage stores...i think you're all caught up.

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