Friday, March 7, 2008

Detangling SXSW

The rain seems to be over. It's sunny which is nice, the wind was a lil brisk, but definitely better than the rainy cold day yesterday. I still have to admit I am more ill-prepared for this trip clothes-wise than any trip I've ever taken.

I thought while I take a quick detangling break I would update on sightings and things.

First, the son of the guy who runs our feed facility is a savant about laundry. His wealth of knowledge on fabric softeners alone is amazing. He's like 4. He prefers Gain Free and Downy Cashmere, but said I didn't have to get the Cashmere kind, there's a floral one that he prefers the scent of. Hilarious.

Saw Chrissy Seaver again today. And we're going to interview her tonight. We interviewed Jim Sturgess this morning. He was super nice. Then we were sitting at the Four Seasons when TESS HARPER of Man in the Moon fame came in and sat down near us. I basically had a coniption (sp?) fit. I loved listening to her talk. We saw Illeana Douglas and Kevin Pollack too, and then MORGAN FAIRCHILD came and sat down with Tess. Girl was looking good too. All fixed up. Which was not what Tess was. I was bummed because had Morgan not come up, I would have said something to Tess. Something along the lines "I love your work."

Then we had some crazy weird Amazing Race taxi adventure. And then we secured a shoot location at a famous ice cream shop. I have a great plan for Seann William Scott and me. I hope it works out.

All right I gotta run to see Harold and Kumar. Looking forward to it. We've also got the opening party tonight. Yeah-uh!

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