Monday, March 10, 2008

Quick Update

My favorite parts of the day have not been:

Seann William Scott bailing on the press day, forcing us to cancel our planned fun ice cream shop shoot.

Nor was it the - just moments ago - information that the Forgetting Sarah Marshall crew would not be having any sort of press line or interviews while here. In the words of Stephanie Tanner, HOW RUDE.

It's raining here, which is dreary, but I got to hear two claps of thunder, and it was the rolling kind, so I liked that.

I also ran into Mark Webber again. I told him I had been thinking about his movie Hottest State since we're in Texas. He said he thinks about it when he's here too.

Nothing much else happening. Just finished writing our daily story. Would like to see Battle in Seattle tonight, but not sure if that will be possible with the feed schedule as it is. Which is a huge bummer.

Tomorrow we're going to do a story about the popularity of shooting movies in Texas. Fresh off the heels of There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men, several movies are currently in production. Brad Pitt is in one of them (Angelina was spotted in a local Barnes and Noble today. Not by me.) So yeah, fun stuff. And then we'll have the awards and a big closing party and then I'll be on my own for the music portion of the fest. Yeah-uh.

The Hotel Cafe Tour show is obvi still my focus, despite stiff competition...(which makes me wonder, should I put forth more effort to see someone I haven't seen play more than three times??) We'll see...I'm also planning on exploring the "SoCo" (South Congress) shopping area I've heard about. I switch to a slightly less convenient, but slightly more fancy hotel room on Wednesday...hope the weather improves.

PS Austin is apparently the home of Whole Foods. There's like this huge flagship store that is likened to a museum. It's totes on my list of places to see. Oh, and today we shot in this loft that made me wanna have a loft and the guy had a beautiful golden retriever and it made me want a golden retriever. He also oddly had inflatable furniture in the fancy loft. I did not covet that. I did worry my furniture isn't hip enough for a loft, but I also know that one step into a bungalow or Craftsman home would reaffirm my desire to live in one of those anyway.

Perhaps I'll get to have a homey-decorated Craftsman in one place and a sparsely decorated loft in another so that both sides of my Gemini personality can be happy.

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