Friday, April 11, 2008

The Dude Abides

strikes and and downs...It's been a Big Lebowski kinda week.

I saw this this morning and love this song and really fell in love with this version:

I love collaborative concerts. Speaking of, my second Hotel Cafe show of the year is this weekend!!!

It's supposed to be hot (90s?) and sunny too which has me super excited. I've got business to do in the south bay (I have to make sure I'm medically cleared to start SCUBA training.) so perhaps I'll hit one of those beaches.

I informed my boss that I'll be taking time off for Jett's arrival. Special circumstances are involved, and he'll also be my last nephew or niece to be born. (After Jett it's up to me to keep the grandbabies coming, as everyone else has been fixed.) Anyway, my boss and I decided that I could probably do a little work in StL, and that way get a couple of day rates. I don't get vacation time, and after my Grand Cayman excursion won't have enough comp days to cover more than a week off, so it's super awesome that I'll get to do a little work and get paid while being where I need to be. I've thought up quite a few StL-centric story ideas to keep me busy. In addition, I contacted our affiliate relations personnel and it sounds like we'll launch on Charter in StL around the same time I'm there which could not be more perfect.

My use of run-on sentences in this blog is not enjoyable.

Anyway, it's all very exciting. I'm excited to show off St. Louis. I'm already envisioning a MFM (my favorite movie) with Mayor Francis Slay (Frannie!) as well as a tease with a whole bunch of kids (most of them related to me) yelling "Welcome to St. Louis!!" whilst standing under the Arch. PS You St Louisans should know that they do outdoor movies at Union Station. "Singing in the Rain" is showing when I'm there. I'm pretty sure that will be a story, as will the Moolah Theatre. There's also been several movies filmed/filming in the area, so just like that, three stories. Sweet.

I think I'm definitely learning some things from The 4-Hour Work Week.

Happy Birthday Avalyn!!!

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Carol Ann said...

You should know that Uncle Sam was a member of the Moolah Temple when he was a Shriner. They moved the temple to St. Louis County and sold the old temple building.