Wednesday, April 23, 2008

S.C.U.B.A. is H-A-R-D

Lots to talk about so I will just get to it.

Last night I went to my first SCUBA class. The first one. The orientation. All we did was discuss the schedule, plug the tank into the vest and put the wet suit on. Sounds pretty simple, huh?

Yeah, well I was the worst in the class of four. At one point the other girl in the class came over to help me with this one part that the teacher requested I practice at home. I finally am getting the hang of that task which is hooking the air tank into the valve that fills the vest. The problem now is that I am unable to unhook that thing when the air pressure is on. Like it's impossible. Now I would only have to perform that task if there was emergency, but still, I should be able to do it. It requires a lot of strength and coordination in my left hand which is not my dominant hand. We're not even in the water yet people!!!

The other part that really got me down was the wetsuit part. They gave me the size I should wear based on my clothing size and I couldn't get it on. 20 minutes later found me frustrated and sweaty which didn't help. I finally came out and was like, you have to give me the next size up. If I'm this upset just putting my wet suit on, I'm not going to be in a good mindset for the day.

I got the next size on with less difficulty. I asked if I was the worst they've seen, and my teacher was like, no, we've had to put people in their suits before. I told them that had I had full bottomed underwear on they would have been putting me in mine.

I was needless to say in quite a state when I left. I want to do this and I think I will enjoy it, but good Lord I had no idea I would struggle with it like this. We'll see how it goes after pool day #1 on Sunday.

I broke my no fast food rule and picked up some In N Out on my way home. For the first time (literally like ever) I skipped the shake (consolation for doing the fast food thing).

I was recounting the evening this morning at work and one of my bosses walked over and patted me on the back and was like, Come on Mary Anne, you can set your mind to do anything you want to do. He was really genuine about it, which was nice.

Later today I found out my Outdoor Screenings Segment about the various places and ways to watch movies outside has been sponsored. Thanks Zyrtec! It's a new weekly segment, and I think it will be super fun. The only thing is Zyrtec wants it to start next week. AHHH! Nerve wracking but exciting. This is my first regular thing that's really branded, so it's cool. I'm obviously going to feature Movies on the Moon Tower...duh...

Tonight I had the screening for Made of Honor. While I was standing outside before the movie, I was talking to another reporter when she was like, is that Paris? Sure enough it was. Paris Hilton and Benji Madden. She looked like crap and he was short and not as attractive as his babymaking brother.

It was funny because once inside I kept seeing people I knew and at one point said Hey to this guy I used to work with at E! He later said he looked over to me and Paris was right next to me and he was like "of course." I'm not wording that right for how casually it worked out (I wasn't saying Hey to him because she was standing next to me, she had walked up in the meantime), but whatever. She and Benji followed me and JuMaBr down the escalator and we were having a convo (me an J) so I was turned sideways and Paris was behind/next to me...then she leaned in and kissed Benji. Then we got to the bottom and they went into Forgetting Sarah Marshall and we went into Made of Honor.

that was the most convoluded way I could have relayed that celeb sighting. I did say how unfortunate that they happened upon a theater with a press screening at the same time as their movie. PS They purchased their tickets at the self service kiosk and not the box office.

Before I went into the movie I had joked to Sam Rubin that I liked it the first time when it was called My Best Friend's Wedding. Well it wasn't a total exact ripoff but it wasn't stellar either. Having said that, it was nowhere near as bad as 27 Dresses. I like Patrick Dempsey. And I like Michelle Monaghan. I just wish she would pick better movies. A couple of things made me laugh out loud. Sometimes I couldn't tell if I was laughing at or with it tho. It was of course predictable, but there were a couple of good lines. Truth be told they lost me when it's a movie set in New York City, and all of the sudden they were at a cafe in LA that I've been to (and like because it's Frenchy!). And there's not one in NYC. So average people won't notice that, but it bugged me.

Alright, I gotta get some scuba studying done. We're supposed to have our entire book done by Sunday.

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