Friday, April 11, 2008

We've Got Tonight

Because Dana threw the idea out there, and I apparently would prefer to write blogs today than work, I give you...MAB's Prom Story. Some of you may have heard it already. My only regret is that I don't have a picture available online to embarrass myself with. Perhaps I'll eventually scan one in. Probably not, but perhaps.

So heregoes.

The year: 1996
The theme: We've Got Tonight. Wait no, maybe that was Homecoming? All the sudden I get the feeling Prom theme may have been some obscure song none of us had heard of. Too bad I'm pretty sure I threw out the champagne flute commemorative candle.
The date: Doug Davis. Yes I'm using his full name. Without his permission. (gasp!) I haven't spoken to him since. You'll soon know why. He probably still lives in the St. Louis area. For all I know he could still work for Dierberg's. He's probably made some girl very sorry she settled. I kid. He probably matured into an ok guy. I actually appreciate the story now, as it's a fun one to tell.

How it came to be that Doug was my date: I didn't date much (read: not at all) in high school. When it came time for prom, it seemed everyone I knew had a date, so "stag-in-a-group-of-girls" wasn't really an option. Doug was best friends with my best friend's boyfriend. (isn't that always the case?) We had all four gone to a Cardinal's game in the weeks leading up to the big dance to make sure that it worked, and it had.

The day came, and in one of my favorite mom moments, she surprised me with the dark green version of my dream dress (a simple, empire waist style with velvet on top and flowing satin bottom) (I had wanted the green but had settled for eggplant as the green was not avail in my size). She had found it at another store or gotten it shipped in or something magical. So I was super stoked about my dress.

My hair. Dana mentioned the midwestern female's obsesh with baby's breath, and my updo was no exception. I remember my mom sticking the sprigs in. Otherwise, the look was good, the dress, the hair, the dyed-to-match shoes (?!) It all worked.

We had dinner at Bristols. I had shrimp cocktail. I can't eat when I'm nervous and fancy.

The dance itself was eh. There were songs we danced too. It was the 90s. Music was either good or bad. I'm fairly certain the Electric Slide and Macarena were performed. At one point in the night there was this thing called the garter ceremony. (did other schools do this?) The girls sat on the guys' knees and then the guy took the garter off your leg and wore it on his arm as a badge of conquest or something. I'm pretty sure my garter was probably below my knee so as not to disturb the chastity belt. Anyway, Doug and I partook in the tradition and then Doug disappeared.

We didn't ever find Doug that night. Little did we know we should have just searched the cars with steamy windows in the parking lot.

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it...I think he DID ask me if he could leave with this girl he worked with. I'm pretty sure of it. Yeah because that's how I know what happened. This girl came to the dance solo and with the plan to leave with my date. She's classy. I mean I realize I wasn't in a relationship with this guy, but still! (I obviously gave him permission to leave, who was I to stand in the way of someone who really wanted to date him?)

After my friends and I (sans my date) left the dance, I remember driving around to the various hotel parties in an effort to find one that wasn't busted or fun or something. Where we ended up was Denny's. The restaurant. And because it was packed, and there weren't any seats left, and I was the smallest, and in the last group to arrive...I ended up sitting in a high chair. In my prom dress. I wonder if anyone has pictures of that!

I love how when you start thinking about something you haven't thought about in a while all of these random details come back.

Things I should mention:

1. I still wish I would have taken my friend Justin.
2. I still fit in the dress. That was actually a rule I had. I said I would never go to my high school reunion if my prom dress didn't fit. I didn't go to my 10 year anyway, but last time I was in town I tried the dress on. It was actually a little big. My parents were all, "don't you wanna take it with you in case you have to dress up for an awards show or something?" They're cute.

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