Friday, June 27, 2008

Hey Baby Let's Go to Vegas

I am. Going to Vegas that is. Mostly because there's no place I'd rather be the last weekend of June than the middle of the desert! Yeah-uh! It's KBM's first time so that's exciting. I'm hoping to randomly pull a slot arm while walking by and get the big jackpot. It could happen. IT COULD!!!

I'm also hoping to see Beatles LOVE.
I'm also hoping to maintain my Caribbean tan.
I'm also hoping to drink fruity frozen beverages and sit next to blue haired ladies.

I just wanted to write a quick blurb to say:

Wanted is out this weekend. Don't forget I told you it was awesome and that you should see it.

Wall-E is also out. OMG you guys. I think it's more a date movie than a kids movie, but superlove. Seriously. Get ready for the cutest thing you've ever seen.

I'm interested to see how the crowds will split between these two movies because having seen them both, I would say they have a very similar audience. That is, people who like good movies.

American Teen. Definitely check it out. We all went to high school. Some of us went in the midwest. Be reminded of the angst and shittiness you felt and be glad you're in a different place now (hopefully). My quote to the studio for this movie:

"So relatable even I got a crush on Mitch."

Not a lie. He's 21 now, so I don't feel so awkward about it.

Dark Knight. Yes I saw it. God loves me that's why and how. In reality, I'll be working overnight here in a couple of weeks on a Dark Knight special so I had to see it. Here's the deal. It's good. Visually amazing. Christopher Nolan knows what he's doing. Christian Bale is a good Batman. He just is.

But the limelight in this movie goes to Heath. Not because he's dead, but because he is EFFING amazing. (sorry mom). Seriously. He embodies the Joker like Robert Downey Jr embodied Ironman. He'll get an Oscar nod because he deserves it. Depending on what comes out between now and then perhaps a win. It's the performance of a lifetime and it sucks that he's not around to bask in its glow.

As far as Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel...I love Maggie and I think it's just the fact that we haven't seen her in a movie like this that made it a little weird. Add that to the fact that I just watched Batman Begins the other night and Katie Holmes played Rachel. And she played her well. It was very reminiscent of the whole Roseanne Becky thing. They say she's the same, but she isn't the same.


Farmer Wants a Wife finaled this week. I've never been so ashamed and upset about a reality show. Ashamed I got so emotionally involved and addicted. Upset because who I wanted to win didn't win and I didn't like who did. Upset because the buzz on the internet is that it was all a farce and he really had a longterm girlfriend the whole time. I feel duped.

Except I can't be mad at Farmer Matt right now because he's filling sand bags and fighting off flood waters.


In "all because two people fell in love" news, Happy Anniv Mom & Dad! 38 years. Wowza! After I told you that I didn't think I could commit to anything for that long, my coworkers reminded me that I've committed to brushing my teeth and getting dressed for 30 years. So there's that. Thanks coworkers.

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Laurie Lou said...

about farmer wants a wife. One of Heather's friend is actually good friends with farmer and said the whole thing was pretty much a set up. She heard that he had a long time girlfriend too..and all the farm scenes were totally staged. no so reality afterall.