Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I blame Steve Miller

I know I know. It's been a while. But don't worry. Lots of things to tell and share.

Title refers to the birth of my new nephew (shown here). I can already hear myself sing "oh oh oh big ole jet airliner" as I cuddle his nearly 10 pound, 2 foot self. Dear Jett, 9 lbs 8 oz and 22 3/4 in long is a one month old. Not a newborn!!!

Hunter's a big bro and that's exciting.

Melody's a champ. They had to do a c-section because he was so big. I talked to her less than an hour after delivery and she kept telling me how it was the best experience ever . She also kept saying "I love you, man." Ahh morphine.

I'm now an aunt 7 times over. 3 boys and 4 girls. Ned, the oldest, will be 10 (!) next month.

Several people were laid off at work today. Some say 17, some say 30. The trades have yet to pick the news up, so I'm not quite sure. We had a company wide meeting and they said everyone at the meeting was safe, and will be a part of the Reelz future. You'll be happy to know I was in the meeting.

So yeah, that happened. I'm hoping for more information as the days pass, but definitely not banking on it.

I'm writing this much-awaited blog on my new MacBook. That's right. So long PC world. I was left no choice but to buy a new computer after I accidentally - I swear! - misjudged a surface and DROPPED my other one. I mean it had its problems before the fall, but the fall broke the LCD in the screen and basically rendered it useless.

The silver lining is that I was able to get a sweet discount that included a FREE! Ipod touch which includes internet capabilities. It basically looks like an Iphone and does everything an Iphone does save make calls and send texts.

Note to new readers Janet and Robert: I should have sent my computer with you after all! Then I wouldn't have dropped it!

Speaking of Janet and Robert (my cousins), they came out for a visit last week. They're my first visitors since Melissa brought Lindsey out last August, so I cleaned up the place real nice for them.

We had a great time doing touristy things like the Hollywood handprints, and the Venice canals, and the Hollywood sign, and Mulholland Drive, and Santa Monica Pier. We walked from Venice to Santa Monica which is quite the haul, so Robert and I rode a bicycle built for two to go get the car for the return trip. I think the favorite restaurant was Tender Greens, but I'm pretty sure they enjoyed Elvis Thai as well. (Think cheap, but yummy thai food and an Thai Elvis impersonator.)

We also celebrated KDL'S bday this weekend. Loteria style. One of my highlights was hanging in the kitchen with the owner whilst preparing the vegan cookie platter.

So, I'm moving again. (I'm sorry this blog is all over the place). I love how my dad pointed out this will be the third apt I have had since returning from Paris in 2006 (and that doesn't include living with Moe for 3 months!). I'm pretty stoked about living in the area where I've found this new place. (A French cafe and privately owned bookstore are among the several shops and eateries in the area.) Best of all it comes with a parking space and my very own washer and dryer. In. My. Apartment. Who would have ever thought that could excite me so much??

The idea of moving isn't something I'm looking forward to, but it's a process, and I'll be excited when it's done and I'm in my new hood. Unfortunately I have to give up my beloved vintage fridge for the cause, but I'm trying to be a big girl about it.

I'll move in right after my extended vacay back home. I leave a week from today and will be in the StL for 2 whole weeks. (To help with Baby Jett.) It's the longest time I'll spend at home since I moved to San Diego 5 (!) years ago.

Just so you know I'm currently watching "The Other Boleyn Girl" while pop rocks sizzle in my mouth.

So back to my trip home. I've banked up enough comp days that I will be getting paid all but three days of my vacay which is exciting. In addition, I've talked them into letting me work from St Louis one of the days.

I'll be shooting a Cinewherever segment Aug 1 at Union Station. They do movies under the train shed. The movie is "Singing in the Rain." Come one come all.

What else what else what else is going on???


I watched Frozen River last night. It's a good drama garnering Oscar buzz. I do the junket on Monday. I'm also enjoying The Other Boleyn Girl. In addition I watched Dazed and Confused the other night. If you haven't seen that recently, it's time to watch it again. Thanks Linklater. and McConaughey.

Alright alright alright.

The only gossipy thing I'll reference is Suri Cruise's continued use of a bottle. I think I've talked about it before, but for the love of God get that kid a sippy cup! She's over 2 years old!

I'll try to be better about keeping up with the blog. But I've pretty much caught you up on everything.

PS If you were a part of the extravaganza that was my birthday cd. A million thank yous. It turned into a 5 disc set with something like 94 songs. (pix to come) Crazy.

I am loved. I am loved. I am loved yes indeed.

Oh - I am now totally caught up with Army Wives, and still addicted. I also now enjoy the weird game? show Wipeout! Thanks Julie.

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