Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm a farmer-loving album cover quotin' kinda girl

Yes that says "I know you're married, but I've got feelings too."

Not since Yo La Tengo's "I'm not afraid of you and I will beat your ass" have I loved an album title so much.

I saw Martha last year when she opened for Swell Season and I didn't really enjoy it. Fast forward to today when I'm listening to an advance of her album that comes out June 3rd...and liking it. For more than just the title.
I'm waiting for Seann William Scott to get here. (Aren't we all?) I have 3 stories to write but I would prefer to know what order I should write them in and I don't.
It's time I admit that I am officially ADDICTED to Farmer Wants a Wife. It started as "oh that's shot in an area I know and have been to." Now it's "that girl should win and I want to be friends with those girls." Last night I actually said aloud, "I think if Amanda doesn't win, I'm really going to be sad." She just seems really perfect. I also like Ashley and Christa and would like to be a member of their clique. I don't think I've ever cared about a relationship reality show more. It's really well done with the challenges and different eliminations each week. Two thumbs up. Good job CW.
In other news I'm joining my mom and Melody in a boycott of all things Best Buy related. (of course if something happens to my camera, it's still under warranty there, but fingers crossed I don't have to deal with them). My laptop is in worse condition having paid a visit to the Geek Squad. The guys there were super condescending and kept my computer for 8 days and lied to me over the phone despite having been able to diagnose the problem on sight when I dropped it off. Needless to say I got a refund for the diagnostic they supposedly completed. Sucks to not have the laptop to dump pictures onto before I leave for vacay tho. Wunh wunh. I'm just going to wait to deal with it when I get back.

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