Sunday, January 4, 2009

Are You There God? It's Me Margaret...

I have no excuses.

I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging lately. But I miss the recollections as much as you miss the updates. In preparation for my annual to do list I looked at last year's to see what I had accomplished. In doing that I noticed that I had also given a play by play of my time spent at home. And here I sit having not even posted a blog on my whirlwind Ireland trip yet.

I guess I've kind of been in a funk. I'm feeling better these days and I'm not sure whether to attribute it to the trip home, the time off work, the return of the sunshine or a combination of the three.

An update on what I discussed last time. I've decided not to winterize my windows. After pricing what many considered the solution, I found it to be a waste of money for the month or so I have left of cool temps. I have to remind myself of that decision basically every second that I'm not in bed or in the shower because those are the only warm places in my apartment. I'm managing tho. My friends who visit? Not so much.

Oddly enough after mentioning Katy Perry and Zooey Deschannel (vicariously through her new movie Yes Man, which I enjoyed), I ended up sitting next to their hair dresser on my flight to StL. Oddly enough the guy who sat on my other side also ended up in the same spot on our flight home. I thought maybe that meant something until there was a girl waiting for him at baggage claim.

My trip home was good. It was longer than usual but I was able to see everyone and do everything I went to do. I spent a day Driving Miss Daisy (that's what we call taking my gma on her errands). I spent another day with my oldest nephew and Godson, Ned. Doing just whatever he wanted (Roman Holiday style). We ended up seeing Bedtime Stories, which neither one of us hated. I would like to personally thank whoever cast Russell Brand in that movie.

I was in town for two Sundays which means I got to go back to my old church one week and go to my gma and parents' church the next. I was able to dine with old friends on more than one occasion and randomly run into others while shopping.

I played hot wheels and Old Maid and Go Fish. (I don't know who enjoyed those card games more, me, my 4 yo nephew or my dad.) I watched my niece perform gymnastics while braiding another niece's hair while pointing "NeeNee" out to yet another niece. I made cookies with my mom!

I ate fried turkey and beef brisket and TOASTED RAVIOLI.

My dad's family had scheduled their Christmas for New Years, but that didn't stop my cousins from finding time to get together while I was in town. Which of course led to us trying in earnest to remember the order of things in our traditional family singalong: "We are SISTERS we are one!"

It was a good time and a much-needed break. I'll be back in a couple of months for my gma's bday (I promised her last year I would come back for her bday every year), but it won't be for nearly as long.

Best out of the mouths of babes moment:

Melody: Hunter, who do you think is older? Me or Aunt Mary Anne? (Note: I am by 16 months and one day.)
Hunter: Mommy.
MAB: Why? (secretly hoping she looks older or something ;) )
Hunter: Because she has kids and you don't. (zing!)

My favorite blog reaction from my mom:

"I don't like it when you say WTF."

Pictures uploading now.


On a completely different note. Have you ever totally loved a song only to find out that you probably don't really love what it's saying because you would never dream of speaking so vulgarly?

When I worked at E! I always used to sing the line "From the window, to the wall!" And all the girls sitting around me would laugh and I'd be like, what? All innocent like and finally they were like..."Do you know the next line of that song?" And I of course said no, so they enlightened me, and well, I still like the song, but I really only sing it loud and proud when I've been drinking. I moreso have it in my head as a humorous memory.

Anyway, so now the song in question is Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire." This song comes on and I wanna rock last night I can't sleep and I'm wasting time on the interweb and I look up the lyrics. Holy Mother of God. (Out of respect to my own mom I won't link to lyrics or youtube.) Then I watched the video which is also kind of weird. But I just can't get enough of a good feeling listening to it. It makes me wish I knew someone who had rock band so I could bang some drum sticks like whoa.


Movie time!

To recap:
Yes Man - yes
Bedtime Stories - sure. definitely better for kids than Marley and Me (which I loved, just not for kids.)

In preparations for covering (!) both the Critics Choice and Golden Globes this week, I've used my long weekend to see the rest of the award nominees. And buy this dress.

That one is for the GGs. I'll wear the one I wore to the Benjamin Button premiere to the Critics Choice Awards.

So back to the movies.

So far this weekend I've seen Revolutionary Road, Wendy and Lucy and Last Chance Harvey. I'm getting ready to go see The Reader and wouldn't be surprised to see myself at The Wrestler tonight. I'm feeling like skipping Gran Torino, but might watch a screener of it this week.

Ok, so Rev Road. I read the book first. I really found it helpful in not only prepping me for what would happen, but also explaining everything behind what we were seeing on the big screen. Performances are what stood out. I don't think it's Best Picture worthy. I'm not against it being nominated in that category, but I really think Slumdog Millionaire or Benjamin Button would - and should - win over it. Most enjoyable for me was the performance of Michael Shannon as John Givings. The entire audience I was sitting in loved every moment he was on screen. NDG and I agree that we're not sure why he hasn't seen a supporting nomination yet this awards season.

Wendy and Lucy. Obviously a Michelle Williams vehicle. And she's realistic and you're fine watching her do absolutely nothing for more than an hour, but then all the sudden I didn't get it. And when I say "it" I mean her motivation at the end of the movie. I won't say more than that. As someone who only occasionally wishes she had a dog, I understand I'm not exactly a pet person, but I don't understand why a pet person would make the decision she does. None of this makes any sense to you, the reader of my blog, but I just can't yet wrap my head around this one.

Last Chance Harvey. Probably my favorite movie of the weekend so far. SO relatable. I was in love with the dialogue. I loved Dustin Hoffman, and after one particular speech I wanted to hug him so bad I could barely stand it (that's the daddy's girl in me tho). I loved the way the two talked to each other and *got* each other. Emma Thompson said things that made me think the writer of the movie was somehow in my head, using my feelings for fodder. I don't consider myself middle aged yet. But I think all anyone is looking for is that companionship...that person that clicks. But I also agree that after not having it for so long, you're so comfortable in the disappointment that the possibility scares the sh*t out of you.

It makes me sad that this isn't playing wide yet. I think my parents would really enjoy it.

There are some really great performances out there this year. Dustin in that one speech garners a nomination. But Sean is amazing as Harvey Milk, and Frank Langella embodies that Nixon role. It's a tough call. Sean seems like the front runner, tho, and I'm ok with that.

Alright I gotta scoot to The Reader. As soon as the photos are uploaded and I come up with a to do list, I'll post them. I'll try to be better about blogging in general so that I don't have to complete these marathon sessions so often.


MWB said...

Please be better about blogging so they are not so friggin long!!!! LOL. Entertaining as always MAB. Wish you had mentioned me but I will settle for Ned. He enjoyed spending the day with you and we are already looking forward to your next visit. MWB

Anonymous said...

btw kings of leon rock