Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Well, that happened...

Sometimes you come into work and find out you don't have a job after March 8th because your company that's all about movies has decided that the real Hollywood is in Alba ker key. (I refuse to learn how to spell it correctly.)

Read about it here.

This afternoon our company president bought us ice cream. Because we're four, and our big brother ripped the head off our baby doll. (I'm serious. They really did get us ice cream.) We ate it while I made jokes to said company president about the lunacy of it all.

I'm not as freaked out as someone who lives in an apartment that costs $1450 + utilities should be. I had been unsettled about the company for a while, and it's nice to finally know what is going on. I had also been getting the itch that it was time to move on, and I feel like today's envelope is proof that someone else agrees with me.

So what now? Well that's a big question. I have a lot of plates spinning in my head at the moment. (And I wonder why my insomnia has returned?!) Is it time to leave LA? Where would I go? Portland? Nashville? Somewhere else? What would I do once I got there? Am I ready to say goodbye to this industry? What else would I do if not this? True to my form, the answer to all of those questions is, at the moment, "I don't know."

I've got 60 days. A lot can happen in 60 days. I've put out a lot of feelers. Unfortunately it's just not a really good time for any industry, and mine is not exempt. I understand that. I understand that this is a sign of the times. And that it is what it is. I also, however, understand that unemployment will not pay my rent.

So I'm gonna tighten my belt. Save as much of my earnings as possible. This morning's $55 street cleaning ticket will not help. (PS Thanks a lot LA!) But seriously. I'm gonna be ok. I am looking forward to what life holds in store and the next adventure.

I feel really bad for my cleaning lady, who at this moment is likely scrubbing my toilet for the last time. I mean, if I'm gonna rationalize paying for my satellite and internet, I've got to give up something...Actually part of me thinks the satellite should be the first thing to go. But then I remember that whole digital conversion thing and that rabbit ears won't work. Quel domage!! It's definitely tempting. After all I could just keep the $12 Netflix membership instead, and pester my friends to let me come over on How I Met Your Mother and Mad Men nights.

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Lyndsay said...

Boo for Reelz. I'm not going to watch anymore.