Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Taking cuteness (or should I say Knutness) to a whole new level

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Word is a movie producer is pursuing Suri Cruise to star in an animated tale about Knut the baby polar bear. Suri would provide the English speaking voice.
Hurts your ovaries doesn't it? SO cute!!
NDG had the best reaction. "I feel like I just won the lottery." She loves "knutie" and Suri.
Because I'm crazy, I just checked their birthdays thinking they were about the same age. Turns out Suri's a little older. She was born 04/06 (of course we didn't see her until 10/06). Knut was born 12-05-06, and was rejected by his mother.
Here's hoping this movie magic comes full circle.
If nothing else, I got this little tidbit of terrificness into our show for tomorrow.

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