Monday, January 14, 2008

Misses, Hits and Holy Sh*ts


- the atrocity that was the Golden Globe announcement ceremony. I don't even wanna talk about it. like kait said, it proves the need for writers, and shows the effect the strike is having. this cannot happen again. dear ampuhtuhpuh...fix it before the Oscars. stl shoutout for the guy from mad men. it was a toss up in the female lead in a comedy or musical, so i can be happy for marion, she did a great job. yay for fey. boo for sweeney todd tho. i liked it, but nowhere near as much as juno. ps dear billy bush and nancy o'dell, you suck at banter. and self tanning.


- The Savages. If you haven't seen it, do. It makes me glad I have siblings and makes me wish my parents would never get old. PSH is doing his best to make me forget the horror of the movie Happiness and I appreciate that.

- The Amazing Race. aka what you should have been watching instead of that primetime crap where Natalie Morales gave Amy Adams a hard time for working at Hooters way back when. I used to like you Natalie. anywho back to the race. there's a reason it's called amazing. go tk and rachel!!! i can't imagine being nate and jen and having to watch the way they behaved. i hope for their sakes they're no longer a couple.

- Hearing Hunter tell Melody to "do the right thing, mom" and make him mac and cheese for a snack.

- Hearing Hunter teach Rudy the chihuahua how to play duck duck goose. extra points for Rudy catching on and running when Hunter would say duuck, duck, goose!

Holy Sh*ts:

- U23D. I can't say enough about the experience that was seeing this movie. Hands down the best time I've had in a movie theater. I can't wait to see it again. But in IMAX. And you should see in IMAX too. It opens Jan. 25. I hope for your sake that's nationwide. It's literally like the greatest concert and movie experience rolled into one. They used every 3d camera in the world on this movie. When I say it's amazing, believe me. You've never seen anything like it. Ok, enough build up.


- the super hard hike at Runyon. I only thought I had done it before. apparently I had come down part of it, but there's nothing like going UP ALL of it. I did feel a sense of accomplishment once I got to the top. Thanks Kait. That being said, it wasn't like at any point I would have turned around to go back down (that looked even more treacherous).

- going to a bar to watch pro sports. on purpose. I like The Little Bar as a normal hangout, and when I used to live closer to do it, it was like my neighborhood place (2005's The Dime, if you will). They're big Boston fans there, so I went with Kait and her cousins to watch the Patriots play. I can appreciate an undefeated team. I don't pretend to understand football. I do get the basic concept and have been taught what a fair catch is. The experience was fun and funny. I'm more excited about seeing Red Sox nation in action tho. But don't worry, I've already pledged my allegiance to the Cardinals in any head-to-head battle.

This blog has a lot of Kait references.

- ooh. ooh. I also Wii'd for the first time this Wiikend. with Kait! (and others) I have a Mii and everything. I rocked at the bowling training exercise. the lane looks just like the one in There Will Be Blood. I had super fun mostly because I won. and they named a technique after me. My Mii has a medal. I do think I need to start practicing with my left hand lest my right arm get too much of a workout.

I laid out all my outfits to pack for Sundance. Not sure what I'm going to do because they don't exactly all fit in my ginormous suitcase. Sweaters are thick. 10 of them are thicker. add an extra coat, couple pairs of boots...what's a girl to do?

Oh and people are totally theorizing that more stars will be at Sundance this year since nobody's working because of the strike. That news makes me happy. I love walking down the street and seeing people (and when I say "people" I mean "famous people") so often that by like the 3rd day, you're just like, we might as well be friends.

Seeing In Bruges tonight. Excited about it. I was "in Bruges" in 06.

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Kait said...

Wow, Kait sounds really awesome. Reguardless of what you think, Kait definitely did NOT write this comment. Kait is a terrible liar. kait apologizes for referring to herself in the third person so many times.