Thursday, January 3, 2008

Forget One Night in Bangkok, I wanna stay here!

There's the Botel in Amsterdam.
The Ice Hotel in Sweden.

And sure, I'd like to eventually spend a night in both. And I already had my list of places to go this year pretty cemented...but then I read about this.

WHAT?! One funky room situated atop the Palais de Tokyo?? Overlooking the Eiffel Tower? For ONE year only?!?!

How can you put a dollar value on this view??

Pretty easily apparently...let's see, 333E would be like $450. And really, wouldn't you expect to pay more for such a unique experience? If you just clicked that link, you can see that it's booked until March already and it seems they release a night at a time. I'm sure Valentine's Day won't be the only night available on Ebay.

But seriously...LOOK AT THE LOO!!!

It just looks fun and funky and IT'S IN FRANCE!
I can picture it now. I'd stock up on pain au chocolat and my favorite jus de pommes (apple juice), a jambon baguette (ham and butter never tasted so good), some grey goose, some champagne...I'd leave for dinner if I had to and wouldn't return to the room without a piping hot Nutella crepe. I can almost hear the accordion music on the turntable. Sublime.

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