Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tis the Season

I returned to my desk this morning to find a wrapped red gift tied with a bow sitting on my keyboard.

On the front of the card, a melted snowman with a picket sign that reads "Stop Global Warming" (an inside joke because our boss keeps trying to convince us that Al Gore is wrong and global warming doesn't exist). Inside, I find the personalized greeting "Merry Christmas to a great office mate! Ben"

I've referred frequently to Ben in previous blogs, and we've definitely got a friendly repertoire, but I was not prepared for the greatness I would find in that little red box.

photo by: NDG

Seriously. I ran around the office like it was 1983 and I was a 5 year old showing off my first Cabbage Patch Kid. The thought and effort that he put into it is so appreciated. I also like that he knows I'll hang it up in here (all year-round) and he's fine with it. I let him hang up his big movie posters everywhere and I get my corner to put whatever fun things on display. It works for us.

So in closing, thanks Officemate Ben. It was unexpected and put a huge smile on a face and skip in my step, and I think that's what this whole holiday gifting thing should be all about.

Of course, now I have to figure out what to get him...

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Nicole said...

that's an amazing photo. almost as amazing as your officemate.