Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Never Trust a Fart

That's what I learned from Jack Nicholson in "The Bucket List." The line made me laugh so hard that I missed the next thing he said. I'll admit I enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh AND cry, which I like. It did, however, have the worst fake backdrops I've seen since some really old movie with really bad backdrops. Dear Rob Reiner, you have no excuse. I will, however, recommend your movie to my parents.

Dear Dunbar, Julie already knows you cheated on her. When will boys learn?

Today's set visit went well. I heart Louis Gossett Jr. (Just so you know, he obliged my Officer and a Gentleman quote request.) They took some production photos of us on the set, so I'll hopefully have those soon. I like being on the set. I like seeing the finished product and knowing that I was standing in the hall.

In other news, it's the coldest its been this year in LA right now and of course my heater picks RIGHT NOW to stop working. Fun. Worst thing about relying on a stuffed alligator and a stuffed elephant to keep you company in bed? They don't really emit any warmth. Wunh wunh.

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