Friday, December 7, 2007

Those Are Rich People Problems

Setting: my apartment, less than an hour before I need to be out of the house dressed for my work holiday party

Me: There's a nasty black sludge in my kitchen sink. I'm half expecting to find a duck in there, you know, like in an oil spill? I wish I played with my hair more so I would be able to do more with it tonight. And I have no idea what shoes to wear. Should I even wear the snowflake dress? I'm gonna freeze.
Other End of the Phone: Those are rich people problems.

Fast forward to this morning, when the plumber showed up bright and early at 8a. I had a shoot tonight, so I had planned to sleep off my holiday party before heading into work, but nooooo. So I answer the door in all my morning glory and grumble to the plumber that the problem's in the kitchen before stumbling back to bed. Moments later I'm laying in bed when I hear the plumber gagging.

You know things are bad when the plumber is wretching. DEE-lightful.

I interviewed the Godfather of filmmaking himself Francis Ford Coppola tonight. I wasn't that impressed.

Nothing much else going on this week.

I'm so no longer into Grey's that it's not even funny. I half watch it, waiting for something that will redeem the show. It used to be I couldn't make it through an episode without tearing up. This week I was like, "Wait! That nurse that McDreamy just kissed is Elliot's suicidal ALS patient on Scrubs!"

In two weeks I'll fly back to StL for four days of highly scheduled family holiday fun. I haven't been back in more than 10 months, which I'm pretty sure is a record for me. I can't imagine how much the kids have grown.

Oh I forgot to mention the most funny part about my work holiday party!! It was held at this swank downtown lounge and they casted photogs and reporters to stage a red carpet at the entrance. I was sober and way too caught off guard to make the best of it. I walked with Egle and NDG. These people knew our names and random facts about us. It was hilarious. We haven't seen the pix yet, but I'm sure I'm either laughing or running away. Meanwhile Egle was posing and eating it up which was just making me laugh harder. Somebody yelled out to me "Where'd you go to high school?!" An obvious homage to my StL roots. One of our VPs is also from the 314, so we've had the convo. Yeah so I didn't even stop to pose. If I could have prepared more, I would have done better. I would have also told them they should yell "Over your shoulder! Over your shoulder!" because that's the number one thing the photogs yell out. It was a cute idea tho. I'll do better next time.

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